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Monday, August 13, 2012
  • Chrysler Drives Town & Country To BabyCenter

    If there is one consistent trend in the auto business, it's moms and minivans. There has been a defection to crossovers in recent years, … Read the whole story

  • Ben & Jerry's App Finds 'Partners' for Facebook Fans

    This time, to promote B&J's new Greek Frozen Yogurt line, agency Amalgamated has developed an algorithm that scans Facebook, searching dozens of categories to … Read the whole story

  • Q&A: A Social Olympics? Or Mobile?

    "Marketing Daily" wanted to take the full measure of the most digitally driven Olympics ever. We asked Elena Perez, director of marketing for Medialets, … Read the whole story

  • Making Mobile Security A Snap

    SnapMyLife, a company that develops cloud-service applications for consumers, is launching a first salvo in a bid to gain an early foothold in this … Read the whole story

  • Social Signs Signaling Relevance In Search

    Similar to Google's announcement Friday that it would downgrade sites with a high number of copyright takedown notices, the engine continues to focus more … Read the whole story

  • Tweet My Ride: London Taxi-Riders Sample Electric Cars

    Before the Olympics invaded London, Nissan LEAF offered Londoners and tourists alike discounted cab rides in electric taxis. Read the whole story