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Tuesday, March 6, 2012
  • Jim Beam Devil's Cut Spot: Another 'Bold Choice'

    The new 30-second spot shows a 20-something male first being exposed to the concept of the "angel's share" (the bourbon lost to evaporation as … Read the whole story

  • 'NCIS' Grabs Popularity, But 'Modern Family' Snags Key Ad Demo

    Which TV show is No. 1 these days in broadcast TV? Increasingly, it depends on your point of view: popularity, advertising-wise, or something in … Read the whole story

  • Get Rid Of Bland TV Sitcom Stars; Get Some Charlie Sheen

    DirecTV's campaign "Get Rid of Cable" goes to great depths in picking on the cable industry -- it's about the chain reaction when things … Read the whole story

  • Pressing For Advanced Advertising: Full Steam Ahead, Or A Bunch Of Whistling Tea Kettles?

    Publicity hounds for new "advanced advertising" efforts are just warming up. As news of Canoe Ventures' demise -- more or less -- continues, a … Read the whole story