Television News Daily Editions for March 2016
Television News Daily - Thursday, March 31, 2016
Morgan Freeman Goes Globetrotting In Search Of God
Hallmark Upfront Emphasizes Family-Friendly Programming, Focus On Holidays
Playing Their 'Cards' Right
Cablevision Media, FourthWall Team For Data Analytics
Looking For Towels - Or TV? Shopping For The Best Value Right Now
FilmOn Urges Court To Reject TV Broadcasters' 'Luddite Argument'
Fullscreen Goes OTT, A Play For YouTube Fans
Jason Statham Hams It Up For LG's G5
AT&T's New Data Caps Could Prove Costly For Cord-Cutters
'People,' Investigation Discovery Partner For Crime Stories
Hillary Clinton Takes Aim At Donald Trump In New York Ad
GOP Candidates Waver On Loyalty Pledge At CNN Town Hall
'Today' Green Room Starts Live Telecast On Facebook
Synergy At Last: Disney XD Packaging Some Maker Videos
Television News Daily - Wednesday, March 30, 2016
Patty Duke And The Lost World Of 1960s Television
Live TV, DVR Viewing Rises, Even As Pay TV Shrinks
Virtual Reality TV: What We Really Need In A 360-Degree Marketing World
Scripps' Upfront: Our Viewers Buy What They See
FCC Commissioner Wants Netflix Investigated For 'Misrepresentations'
Fox News Channel, Cable News Nets Soar In Viewers
CNN Town Hall Comes After Wild Week In The GOP Race
Google Adds Telephone Fiber Service To Internet, TV
No Joke, McCann Japan Hires First Artificial Intelligence Creative Director, Starting April 1
7 Things Buyers And Sellers Need To Know About Programmatic
Netflix Lets You Be As Bad As You Wanna Be
Next 'Cult Obsession'? Could Be Hulu's 'The Path'
Millennials and GenXers Catch Up With VOD
Ace Metrix Says Native and TV Ads Good Together
Television News Daily - Tuesday, March 29, 2016
The Sitcom Wanderings Of Saint George Lopez
NBCU Inks More Than $1 Billion In Rio Olympics Advertising
Content Marketing For TV? You Need To Work Harder
NCAA Scores $755 Million For TV Networks
A Fond Look Back At The Republican Debates
Starz Rebrand, New Messaging Unifies Its Pay TV Network Brands
FCC Urged To Curb 'Toll-Free Data'
Marketers Eye Multichannel Networks For Content Distribution
New Tech Can Manipulate Faces, And Mouths, In Real Time
The Streamers Fight For Position
Millennials Prefer Streaming For Watching And Social For Purchase Influence
HYFN Hyping New Pro Rugby League
Discovery Taps Virtual Reality For Show Promo
FCC Should Investigate Netflix, American Cable Association Says
Television News Daily - Monday, March 28, 2016
Shandling And Seinfeld: Two Comedians Talking About Death
Nielsen Shaves 2.5% Off Cable Nets, Erosion Appears To Be Accelerating
What Does FCC Want From Charter/TWC Merger?
Traditional TV Moving To Digital: Similar To Music Biz Disruption, Or Calmer Notes?
FilmOn Loses Bid For Cable License In Illinois
Hulu Launches Personal TV App For Samsung VR Headset
Addressable As PTV Gateway And Television 'Democratizer'
Walton Isaacson Tackles Trump In Racial Stereotype Effort
Yahoo Will Tone It Down For NewFronts
How Mobile Is Transforming The Marketing World
Apple Developing Non-scripted Series About Apps
Digital Engagement Index
Netflix Dupes Smartphone Users With Secret Slowdowns
Innovate, Don't Imitate
The GOP Race Goes 'Full Caveman'
If You Want Hispanics, Buy Hispanic
Television News Daily - Friday, March 25, 2016
Total TV, Video Consumption Grows Slightly In Q4 2015
TV's Tiny House Craze: Is This The End Of The American Dream?
We Fascinate Us: Apple TV Preps Show About Apple Apps
TiVo, Rovi Reportedly Talking About Merging Their Patents
U.S. Ad Market Forecast 2016: A Good Year, But Some Slowdowns For TV, Radio
Netflix Dials Back Bitrates For Verizon, AT&T Users
Local Stations All Smiles For Political Advertisers - Fewer Grins For Other Marketers
Rovi Reportedly Looking To Buy TiVo
Should Advertising Be Punishable As Aggravated Assault?
While Progammatic TV Inventory Is Minimal, The Ad Opp Is Huge
comScore Redefines 'Households' As 'Devices,' Says There Are 10-12 Per
Forget MTV; Millennials Want Their YouTube (And Netflix And Social Media)
Frontier Communications Finds A Vantage
Be Alert To The Changing Urban Content Viewers
YouTube Political Campaign Videos Are Yuge
Netflix Launches Mobile Data Saver, Reveals How It Has Been Capping Data All Along
Key Political Moments Cause Spikes In YouTube Search, Video Views
Google And Microsoft Weigh In On TVEyes' Battle With Fox News
Toyota's Phillips On How 3 Spots Brought On An Evolution
Television News Daily - Thursday, March 24, 2016
Judge Palin: From The Wilds of Alaska To The Wilds Of Daytime TV
Young TV Consumers May Be Delaying Traditional Pay TV Services
Programmatic TV? Not In 2016, But Data-Driven TV Buying Is Hot
Streaming, Binge-Watching Take Hold In U.S.
Comcast TV Remote May Join IoT
Discovery Communications Rolls Out One Discovery, New Marketing Unit
Rovi Close To TiVo Takeover
Visit Seattle Ups The Content Ante With Fire TV App
FCC Delays Decision On Charter-Time Warner Merger
Tobaccowala: Why Is The Industry So Insecure?
Justice Palin?! Judge For Yourself
Another Entertainment Biz Disruption: Have We Read This Story Before?
Television News Daily - Wednesday, March 23, 2016
Here's 'The Catch': New ABC Show Reveals Con Games Are Complicated
OTT Emerges As Fastest-Growing Source Of Ad Views, Accelerates Redefinition Of 'TV'
Vizio Builds Google SmartCast Into TVs
TV-Movie Companies Keep Considering Consolidation
TV Usage Falls In February; OTT Grows Overall
Pause To Read This: 70% Of Us Binge-Watch
Adobe's Primetime Lets OTT Get A Little Personal
Millennial TV Watchers Average 4 Non-TV Activities
CBS Interactive Ratchets Up Native Programmatic Ad Game
Zimbalist Leaves NYT For Simulmedia, Will Lead Marketing
The GOP Fight: "Trumpism" v. Republicanism
Videology Partners With Unruly To Diversify Inventory
Bohan Conjures Up 'Eagle Steve' For U.S. Pest Protection
Digital Engagement Index
Television News Daily - Tuesday, March 22, 2016
NBC's New 'Heartbeat' Heroine Is A Miracle Of Modern Medicine
March Madness: Soft Early Ratings, Higher Ad Sales
Vice Media ComScore Feb. Tally Falls, A Lot
Emotional TV Shows: Good For Marketers And Social Media?
Majority Of TV Consumers Want 'Skinny' Package, Less Than 20 Channels
UK To Boom Due To Internet Advertising Adoption, ZenithOptimedia Predicts
Trump Attracts Support From Great America PAC
comScore Partners With Adobe For Cross-Device Measurement
Science Reveals What Makes A Memorable Ad (Hint -- It's Not A Call To Action)
AppNexus Expands Video Buying, Adds New Video Demand Partners
Oregon Uses Charming Humility In Latest Visitor Invite
Television News Daily - Monday, March 21, 2016
Debate Over Media's 'Unfair' Attention To Trump Is Hogwash
Viacom Inks Big Cross-Platform Deal With comScore
Will Beefing Up Network-Owned VOD Services Hurt Netflix -- Or Summer Reruns?
Pop's Upfront Pitch: We're Growing, And Our Competitors Are Not
NBCU Starts Content Studio For Branded Advertisers' Content
Presidential Candidates Fuel Late-Night TV Comedy
Twitter Engagement During TV Shows Leads To Higher Rate Of Ad Recall
What's Programmatic TV's Acceptance Level In Agencies?
Microsoft Gives Marketers Video Rating Data On Par With Traditional TV
TVEyes Battles Fox News Over Downloads, Asks Appeals Court To Nix Injunction
Zenith Downgrades Its Global Ad Spend Forecast
Acura Ties March Madness Effort To Social
TV Makers Well Positioned For Ad-Tech Upside: Lotame's Doron Wesly
Mobile Ad Spend Catches TV In 2020
Television News Daily - Friday, March 18, 2016
The Return Of David Hasselhoff: One Man Making A Difference
Digital Video Advertising For Traditional TV Tops $2 Billion
Turner Plans At Least Two Subscription Services
What About Digital Revenues For Trad TV Nets?
Republican Debates Draw More TV Viewers Than Democratic, But Reach Is The Same
It's Time To Connect TV & Social Advertising At The Hip
March Madness: Experts Say Playbook Has Changed
Still Foggy About Donald Trump? Read This
TV Show Complements 'Anglers Journal' Magazine Launch
FTC Warns Mobile Developers About SilverPush Eavesdropping Software
Videology Launches Education, Client Feedback Portal
Trump Almost At $2 Billion In Free Media Coverage
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