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Wednesday, August 10, 2022
  • Nielsen Boosts National TV Panel To More Than 42,000 Homes, 101,000 Viewers

    Nielsen says all its media panels have seen growth -- including its highly scrutinized national TV panel, which has grown to more than 42,000 … Read the whole story

  • Trade Desk Sees 35% Higher Q2 Revenue, Strong CTV Business

    "CTV is evolving faster than anyone predicted," said Trade Desk CEO Jeff Green on an earnings call Tuesday. The company was up 35% in … Read the whole story

  • Walmart In Talks With Big Streamers To Tie Into Its Membership Program

    The retailer reportedly is seeking to bundle in streaming content to drive Walmart+ membership growth. Read the whole story

  • Media Profanity: Don't Call My Business 'Cable'-Like

    Some analysts are saying that FAST networks -- free, ad-supported television -- are the new "cable." Read the whole story