• Facebook Collected Data On Insecure Teens
    Facebook collected data that would help advertisers reach teenagers who were feeling "worthless" or "insecure," according to The Australian.
  • UK Lawmakers Threaten Social Media Cos With Big Fines
    The prospect of major penalties in Britain is another red flag for social media companies operating in Europe.
  • Fyre Festival Failed To Disclose Deals With Social Media Influencers
    Vanity Fair got a hold of the leaked pitch deck for Fyre Festival's marketing campaign and publicized its contents as more grist for our collective schadenfreude.
  • 88% Of Consumers Heed Negative Reviews On Social Media
    The good news is that companies have a good chance of getting out of the doghouse if they deal with customers' problems expeditiously.
  • Most Teens Take Breaks From Social Media
    Additionally, 23% of teens who haven't taken a break from social media said they would like to.
  • Another Murder Video Puts Facebook On Defensive
    Facebook's system for policing prohibited content is garnering fresh criticism after another horrifying murder-suicide was broadcast live, this time in Thailand.
  • Payments On Social Media Near $3T In China
    A survey by the United Nations found that digital payments via social media across all categories reached an astonishing $2.9 trillion in 2016.
  • Alas, Poor Yik Yak: Social Net Loses Engineers, Users
    This week, digital payments platform Square Inc. bought Yik Yak's entire engineering team, paying under $3 million for a group of less than ten personnel.
  • Three In Ten Americans Don't Use Social Media
    Overall, 21% of U.S. adults say they don't use social media despite having Internet access, and another 10% don't use the Internet at all.
  • MLB Players Launching Social App
    The app, called Infield Chatter, is intended to give the players more of an independent voice online, distinct from the social media presences of their teams.
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