• Advertising Week Is One Of The True Industry Bright Spots
    With all the changes happening in our industry, conferences like this offer the chance to learn about some of the new, hot topics. Like social media. No, wait, that's becoming old hat already. I meant programmatic buying, or perhaps native advertising, the ad ingnue of the week.
  • Newsflash! Church Marries State In Shotgun Wedding
    Native advertising that is poorly done will be ignored by consumers. But if editors apply the same standards to advertising that they apply to journalism, then they are performing a valuable service.
  • Super Bowl Now A Bargain @$3.7 Million A Spot
    The machinery that merchandises and amplifies the SB spot is now worth more than the spot itself. And that's why $3.7 million is a bargain today.
  • The Agency Of The Future Is Here (Almost)
    The agency of the future will be based on a 100% performance model, and that will usher in a Golden Age for agencies and clients.
  • Can Good Karma Be A Balance Sheet Item?
    We've all seen this movie before: Small agency has seasonal lag in revenues and guts staff. Morale nosedives. The agency balance sheet is not just affected by revenue loss, but by the curse of 'bad karma', which in our business, can be even harder to overcome than depleted cash reserves.
  • The Elusive Jesus Model
    We all know the agency business is rough these days. But there are still a few people happily living the Mad Men life, completely immune to hazards of the trade such as procurement, endless spec pitches, and continuous assaults on one's self-esteem.
  • Why The Industry Analysts Are Wrong
    For the past few years, analysts have been looking carefully at holding companies' migration to digital as an indicator of future growth. But the big problem with agencies today is their business model.
  • Do The Sexiest Brands Have To Pay For "It"?
    The "it" of course is media. If you are a great brand today, you get a lot of "free" earned media and a lot of activity on your owned media assets as well.
  • Are Developers True Creatives?
    I recently had lunch at a well-known private club, which brands itself as exclusively for people in the "creative community." I thought nothing of inviting a guest who was a very famous and accomplished tech developer. Not surprisingly he showed up in typical 'business nerd' attire. He didn't look much like the typical creative guy you'd find in an agency, film studio, or the media business. Not surprisingly, I got a call from the membership director shortly thereafter about my guest not adhering to the club's 'casual hip' dress code. Basically, he didn't look cool enough. This got me thinking....in ...
  • The Real Story Behind Publicom
    What is the real deal here? You know it's not in the press release or the interviews the executives are doing. The truth won't even be in meetings between the merged companies, and maybe not even between those of the executives on either side. I think the true incentives are buried deep within the individual psyches of the key people. Publicis had it planned for years. Could it be that Maurice has finally found the perfect exit? One that culminates his career in a place that cannot be topped? Number one in size. For a company built on deals, this ...
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