• How To Brand A TV Network: Q&A With Turner's Jon Marks
    Jon Marks has had a long and successful career in media, starting out of college at Young and Rubicam, where he worked for industry veteran David Marans in the media research department. Research is a passion with Marks; he believes that it is a great place to absorb and learn about our business. From the advertising world, he moved to Telemundo, when the network had just signed on for Nielsen measurement. Ultimately, his career path led to Turner Broadcasting, where, as senior vice president, he is responsible for programming, marketing and digital research for TNT, TBS, TruTV and TCM. In ...
  • Why Can't TV Get it Right?
    The Aug. 25 episode of "The Newsroom" offered a line of dialogue that amused the small fraternity of geeks who think about media measurement. Sam Waterson, playing the news division president at the highly fictionalized Atlantis Cable News, gleefully tells Jeff Daniels, the new anchor, that the "fast nationals" for the previous night's show reported a whopping 5.8 million viewers. He goes on to say, "That's going to double when they add Live Plus Same Day and Live Plus Seven." What's funny about this comment is the notion that the ratings for a news show would ever double over the ...
  • Local Television In 2018: More News On The Go
    As viewers continue to acquire tablets and smartphones, there will be ample opportunity to deliver more news to the engaged and mobile viewer. The television continues to be the primary source for local news, while mobile screens can serve as a complement. The busy, commuting viewer will consume more information on all screens, and we believe there are more opportunities to connect with these viewers.
  • Will The New 'American Idol' Dream Team Bring Back The Magic?
    The official start of the 2013-14 broadcast television season is still two weeks away, but its biggest story is already beginning to play out: the announcement earlier this week of the new Dream Team of judges on Fox's "American Idol," as well as long-time "Idol" judge Randy Jackson's decision to remain with the show as mentor to the contestants, a position vacated by the departure of music producer Jimmy Iovine.
  • Local Television In 2018: News Less Linear, More On The Go
    The local news hour is coming to a screen near you, even the one in your pocket, throughout the day. Over the next five years, TV stations will produce fewer hours of news for their linear, broadcast channels, while increasing focus on mobile platforms for news delivery, allowing consumers untethered access to what's going on in their communities. To fill the gap in their programming schedules, broadcast stations will experiment more with other types of local programming such as talk shows, variety shows, and local sports in efforts to draw wider audiences.
  • Mobile TV, Clean Data: Q&A With TVB's Stacey Lynn Schulman
    Stacey Lynn Schulman discovered research through her college internships. In fact, she is a great proponent of internships as a way for students to explore different career opportunities and to make important contacts for employment after graduation. She launched her career at the rep firm Katz Television, followed by stints at CBS, ad agencies, Turner -- and ultimately at the TVB, where she is CRO. Her responsibilities include supporting the marketing and sales efforts of member television stations across all of their platforms.
  • Miley Cyrus And MTV Make A Late-Summer Bummer
    What more is there to say about that profoundly disturbing performance by Miley Cyrus at this year's MTV Video Music Awards that hasn't already been said, as the resultant late-summer controversy rages on?
  • T-Minus 1 Million, And Counting
    It's 6:13 AM EDT.One million seconds from the moment this column posted, the face of TV game shows - and possibly television as we know it -- could change forever, thanks to what clearly is one of the most ambitious TV programs ever to make it to network prime-time TV: NBC Universal's "The Million Second Quiz."
  • 'Leave It To Beaver' And The Joys Of Nostalgia
    You may have seen the recent New York Times story claiming that nostalgia is good for you That was all the justification I needed to embark on a mini "Leave It to Beaver" marathon. NetFlix, God bless them, is a veritable time machine, with more than enough shows to make me nostalgic for every period of my life. But "Beaver" is special.
  • Controversial 'Dads' Is Already The Most Talked-About New Series Of The Fall
    Fox's "Dads won't debut until Sept. 17, yet it is already the most talked-about new series of the 2013-14 broadcast television season. That isn't necessarily a good thing, unless the old saying that "there is no such thing as bad publicity" proves true in the case of this unsurprisingly controversial sitcom, which its critics are insisting will be an affront to everything that is good and decent in our society. I'm not sure that's true, but many things about it are certain to offend many people.
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