Video Daily
Wednesday, February 15, 2012
  • Lexus Launches Curvy Swimsuit Sponsorship

    Lexus is continuing its up-shift to a more masculine, performance-oriented proposition with a highly, um, anatomical sponsorship of "Sports Illustrated" Swimsuit Launch Week. Read the whole story

  • Poor Attribution Models Waste Billions Of Ad Dollars

    Collective has developed a model to determine online ad attribution and plans to release a study Wednesday pointing to flaws in methods marketers use ... Read the whole story

  • That's Entertainment: Screen Size Doesn't Matter

    Consumers are using their tablets and smartphones to stream video programming at an increasing rate, and they're doing it in their homes, where televisions ... Read the whole story

  • Akoo Acquires Theater For DOOH Network

    Akoo, which operates AkooTV, a digital out-of-home video network delivering entertainment content and advertising, is adding to its capabilities to create original entertainment content ... Read the whole story

  • The Shifting Tides Of Video Advertising

    We don't use travel agents to book flights anymore, we can do all of our banking digitally, there's no need for record stores since ... Read the whole story

  • Cartier's "Painted Love," Deconstructed

    It's Valentine's Day, the day in which Big Chocolate, Floriculture Inc. and Baubles 'R' Us conspire to pressure oafs and oafettes into treating their ... Read the whole story