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Previous Event Agenda
Publishing Insider Summit: Jun 2018

6:30 PM Welcome Cocktail Reception
7:30 AM Day 1: After Advertising

Now that the scalable ad-fueled digital publishing play has faltered, media brands are charting more targeted, diverse paths to profitability. We open the Publishing Insider Summit exploring overall revenue stream strategy, but also diving deeper into the major streams: e-commerce, licensing, paid media. 

8:00 AM Registration & Breakfast
8:15 AM Sponsor Breakfast Presentation PostUp - 2017 Transparent

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9:00 AM Opening Remarks
Steve Smith , VP, Editorial Director, Events ,MediaPost
9:15 AM Keynote Interview: The Pivot: From Reach To Relationships

For years digital media strategy, infrastructure, culture revolved around increasing reach via platform distribution and leveraging that scale with advertisers. But pivoting towards more direct relationships and monetization with consumer behaviors is not simple. As Hearst newspapers is exploring in a series of pilot projects, this requires a reorientation towards product development, user identity and behavior. It is not just a business model shift; it is a cultural shift as well.

Rob Barrett , President, Digital Media ,Hearst Newspapers
Steve Smith , VP, Editorial Director, Events ,MediaPost
9:45 AM Panel: That Paid Content Panel: 2018 Edition

Consumers are finally ready to pay directly for their content, right? Well, maybe. Beyond enterprise journalism benefiting from a heightened political environment, how is the range of publishing content (news, lifestyle, enthusiast, fashion, sport, etc.) leveraging this renewed focus on direct-to-consumer revenue? How are media in various categories creating value-added packages and marketing appeals that lure their users from two decades of free Internet habits?

Sara Guaglione , Reporter ,Mediapost
Bill Allman , Chief Digital Officer ,Smithsonian Enterprises
David Grant , Associate Publisher ,Christian Science Monitor
Chris Krewson , VP, Strategy ,Spirited Media Inc.
Julianne Markow , Chief Operating Officer ,Voice of San Diego
10:15 AM Presentation: Advertising With A Cause

Today, brands are faced with an increased demand from consumers that they be authentic, transparent and, most importantly, that they stand for something. National Geographic shares how they have partnered with major brands like Microsoft, Stella Artois, Sprint and Airbnb to bring brand purpose to life in the name of action. Through these cases we explore why brands are taking the path of purpose-based storytelling in lieu of traditional advertising, and how they can perform both for publisher and client.

Tammy Abraham , VP, Corporate Partnerships ,National Geographic
10:45 AM Coffee Break & Sponsor Spotlight Parsely - 2018 PNG
11:15 AM Panel: E-Commerce: Aligning Strategy and Tactics With Your Brand

Media e-commerce takes a range of forms - from simple affiliate links, to licensed e-shop brands, on-site "shop" tabs to full-blown fulfillment centers. And none of them is a turnkey solution. We assemble a range of publishers pursuing some of these different models to share their strategic thinking and tactical learning. How did they settle on a specific model for their brand, and what have they learned about implementation? How have publishers been using site design, new content/commerce strategies, dedicated buyers' guides and deeper partnerships with retail to make a business?

Justin Barton , Managing Director, Strategy & Analytics ,Group SJR
Luke Edson , CRO ,Future plc
Greg Mason , Chief Executive Officer ,Purch
Christine Petersen , CEO ,Time Out Digital
12:00 PM Roundtables

Paid Content - David Grant, Associate Publisher, Christian Science Monitor
Cause-Driven Advertising - Tammy Abraham, VP, Corporate Partnerships, National Geographic
Content and Commerce - Luke Edson, CRO, Future plc

12:45 PM Networking Lunch
2:00 PM Afternoon Activities
5:30 PM One on One Meetings
6:30 PM Cocktail Party
7:30 PM Dinner Reception LiveRamp
7:30 AM Day 2: Advertising Next

Advertising is still driving revenue for the bulk of publishers, but its shape is changing. On Day 2 of the Publishing Insider Summit we explore the ways in which data-driven product
is now at the center of media’s portfolio. How are publishers leveraging automation to get closer to clients rather than further from them? Does the audio and podcasting channel represent the next great business opportunity? And as their relationships with Facebook falters, how are they reconfiguring social distribution strategies and definitions of scale?

8:00 AM Breakfast
8:45 AM Keynote: Podcasting: Building Consumer Connections & Revenue for Publishers

Last year, an estimated $220M was spent on podcast advertising, where direct-to-consumer brands found huge success in building connections with consumers and helped usher in a culture shift in the way brands communicate with audiences. With ad spending on podcasts expected to surpass $500M buy 2020, what should publishers be thinking about as they build a revenue stream around podcasting? What business models have emerged, and what trends developments are affecting podcast monetization? Hear guiding business practices and case studies from Gina Garrubbo, who leads the sponsorship sales team for the top podcast publisher today, NPR.

Gina Garrubbo , President & CEO ,National Public Media (NPM)
9:15 AM Panel: Scale After Facebook: What Is The 'Social Network' Good For Now?

The great disruptor has been disrupted. Algorithm changes, serious reputation hits and repeated bait and switch initiatives with media partners (live/long form video, Instant Articles, etc.) have seriously shaken media's relationship with Facebook. How are publishers reconfiguring their social strategies? For content distribution, audience extension/arbitrage, and video? Is this an opportunity for media to leverage other channels and reassert a direct relationship with their users?

Sara Guaglione , Reporter ,Mediapost
Vince Errico , Chief Digital Officer ,Trusted Media Brands
Rithesh Menon , Vice President, Monetization & Account Management ,GOOD Worldwide Inc
Greg Morrow , COO ,Ranker
William Won , Director, Concert Marketplace Operations ,Vox Media, Inc.
10:00 AM Discussion: Media Future: Welcome to 2025

What will the sustainable business and editorial models for media look like five or seven years out? More to the point, what should they be? Veteran media and advertising critic, host of public radio’s “On the Media” Bob Garfield explores where the media industry is going right and wrong in trying to survive digital duopoly, the collapse and diffusion of traditional advertising, the distracted media consumer – and at the same time find a way to, you know, serve a democratic citizenry?

Bob Garfield , Co-Host, On The Media/Host ,“The Genius Dialogues”
Steve Smith , VP, Editorial Director, Events ,MediaPost
10:30 AM Coffee Break & Sponsor Spotlight Datorama - 2018

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11:00 AM Panel: The New Programmatic

Publishers have taken back control of their programmatic inventory even as they have expanded automation and enhanced their direct relationships with advertisers. With header bidding in display and now video, private marketplaces, and smarter contextual targeting of native campaigns, programmatic clearly has risen above its bottom-feeder past. But how are publishers now leveraging automation more strategically at the center of their ad business? What does the new sales staff and organization look like? And what are the next steps for automation?

Jason Tate , Director, Programmatic Partnership Development ,Digital First Media
Nick Ames , Direcor of Programmatic Advertising ,McClatchy
Kate Calabrese , Senior Manager, Programmatic Sales ,SheKnows Media
Marcus Witte , VP, Integrated Marketing and Demand Generation ,SourceMedia
11:45 AM Presentation: Beyond Millennials: Meet the 38 Million People Who Are Really Changing the World

For years, both publishers and marketers have targeted audiences based on demographics. A new research report, co-produced by Insider Inc. and Digitas, rethinks this traditional approach. Learn how Insider Inc. has refocused attention away from Millennials and uncovered a more action-minded segment who are truly driving engagement and disruption: The Transformists.

Jennifer Tonti , Director of Research ,Insider, Inc.
12:15 PM Roundtables

Facing Down Facebook - Greg Morrow, COO, Ranker
The New Programmatic - Kate Calabrese, Senior Manager, Programmatic Sales, SheKnows Media
The Next-Gen Media Consumers - Jennifer Tonti, Director of Research, Insider, Inc.

1:00 PM Networking Lunch
2:00 PM Afternoon Activities
6:30 PM Cocktail Party
7:30 PM Dinner Reception
7:30 AM Day 3: Audience 2.0

Your users do not want to be your product. They want to be engaged and involved. We cap off the summit by putting the audience at the center of publishers' businesses. How are media companies both expanding their base and at the same time deepening the relationship? And how is the digital experience changing to capture and retain that precious currency of a fragmented mediascape - attention?

8:00 AM Breakfast
8:45 AM Keynote: Data-Driven Transformation of a 125 Year Old Company

Your audience provides valuable data that can be leveraged to help your organization and your customers. Conde Nast’s first Chief Data Officer explores how the company used technology and data science to build its Spire platform to turn audience engagement to profitable revenue. How can you build a system to better understand your audience to create actionable insights that provide revenue opportunities and give advertisers one-to-one relationships with their customers?

Karthic Bala , Chief Data Officer ,Conde Nast
9:15 AM Panel: New Rules of Engagement: Creating the Direct Relationship

The new audience development strategy requires channel diversification, niche content development, as well as authentic, more personalized connections between media brands and their users. We bring several different media companies together to explore what is working for them on all of these fronts. 

Eli Lippman , Director, Digital ,American Media
Finola Austin , Brand Strategy Director ,Refinery29 Intelligence
Dan Barker , Head Of Content - Global Portals ,Perform Media
Justin Hergianto , Senior Director, ESPN Platform Client Solutions ,ESPN
Hayden Lynch , SVP, Ad Solutions & Innovation ,Group Nine Media
9:45 AM Coffee Break
10:00 AM Presentation: Working as an Influencer

As publishers map strategies to build audience and engagement, they should also be thinking about how they can evolve as an influencer themselves. Putting the publisher at the center of the conversation creates higher engagement and more authentic interactions with its audience. It's attractive to brands and opens opportunities to expand the business in new an innovative ways. Complex Networks, SVP Audience Development Dan Ghosh-Roy shares insights into Complex's successful strategy to engage with millennials and gen-z online and IRL.

Daniel Ghosh-Roy , Senior Vice President of Audience Development ,Complex Networks
10:30 AM Roundtables

Audience Development 2.0 - Finola Austin, Brand Strategy Director, Refinery29 Intelligence
Managing GDPR - Patrick Engelhart, Senior Director, Business Development, BounceX

11:00 AM Conference Concludes

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