October 15 - 18, 2017
Austin, TX

Audience Is King: The New Math of Media 2022

After advertising as usual, then what? As marketers lose faith is traditional interruptive formats, and even start to doubt the effectiveness of digital to build their brands, media companies that hope to see 2022 need a five-year plan that look beyond the usual "content is king" mantra.

In the new math of digital media economics value is at the intersection of audience and attention. Quality content remains the indispensable product and identity of publishing. But understanding and monetizing the audience that content secures is the key to business survival in the shadow of the digital behemoths. At the Fall edition of MediaPost's Publishing Insider Summit we lean forward to the audience-centric media models of 2022. From data-driven marketing products to native advertising, social influencer partnerships to e-commerce, long form video production to live engagements, we will explore the emerging revenue streams both legacy media brands and digital natives are riding beyond the familiar advertising model.

In an intimate, peer-to-peer environment, MediaPost's Publishing Insider Summit challenges media brands new and old to share their plans and early lessons from the new revenue streams that will bring them beyond advertising as we have known it.