Rethinking the Basics: Restoring The Direct-To-Audience Relationship

No more go-betweens. No more "disintermediation." Publishers have woken up to how platforms and ad tech spent a decade getting between them and their audiences - shaving off trust, user experience, and revenue along the way. At the spring edition of MediaPost's Publishing Insider Summit media brands share their learnings about restoring a more direct connection to their consumer. 

As the trust and reliability of social distribution model falters, we explore the levers (email, search, apps, paid media) brands are pulling to drive more direct traffic.

As programmatic ad tech extracts more from "working media" in the ad spend, how are media restoring direct relationships with advertisers via private exchanges, branded content and social media extensions?

Meanwhile, media are learning some new tricks from the wave of direct-to-consumer brands - about packaging content and e-commerce via affiliate models, subscription goods lines, and commerce partnerships.

And they are internalizing the lessons of social - to embrace and leverage influencers, to cultivate editorial voice and personalities. 

Video and audio can deepen the direct connection between brand and audience, but media companies are learning how to produce, distribute and measure these extensions in smarter, more efficient ways.

It is all part of building (or rebuilding) a user experience via site and app design, cleaner ad presence, coherent multimedia environments.

And as the traditional patrons of media rethink their digital ad investments, how are publishers themselves revisiting the consumer-direct revenue stream, through paywalls and memberships?

At the Spring Publishing Insider Summit, we disrupt the disruption. It is time to get back to basics and back to direct relationships with audiences, back to building media experiences.

Reasons and Benefits of Attending

* Unparalleled access and knowledge sharing with the leading minds in the Industry

* Morning Sessions – a marketers-only agenda of peers sharing with peers their best practices, case studies, and newest tactics which can all be applied to your marketing strategies

* Noon Roundtables – open, off the record, discussions of the morning’s topics and how they relate to marketers’ own business and experience.

* Afternoon Activities allow attendees to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings while forming relationships that last well beyond the conference

* Cocktails and evening dinners bring the group together over casual conversations and delicious meals

* Be part of driving the Publishing Channel forward as a key component of marketing campaigns, within your company and the industry

* Unlimited access to stay in touch with the office: WiFi enabled conference room and quiet office area; opportunities in morning to stay up to date at the office; afternoon five hour break in order to stay on top of duties

* Congenial, relaxed experience. Attendees are working together to move the industry forward

* Enhance your Publishing initiatives with new solutions learned and partnerships gained

Summit Attendee Testimonials

“As I sat at this Summit with top thought leaders and marketers from some of the top companies in the world, I gained perspective on opportunities we have yet to leverage. The discussions and conversations, both during the sessions and offline, extended the value of the event and were just as valuable as the sessions themselves.  One cannot help but come away from this Summit with a renewed invigoration for this channel along with a list of action items to bring back to their programs.”
- Ryan R. Sagan, Senior Marketing Consultant, InterContinental Hotels Group

"Having been jaded from other conferences where I hear much of the same thing every time, I'm glad I went against my instincts and attended MediaPost's Insider Summit.  I learned a great deal from industry peers at panels, but probably even more so at casual events where people felt able to talk freely. The venue and environment was perfect for that.  A terrific, one-of-a-kind conference for industry leaders to learn from one another."
- Bob Chandra, Sr. Product Manager, World Wide Marketing, Amazon

"The was a great Summit to get focused in the space, hear case studies of how others are activating, and to share perspectives on how to keep moving strategies forward."
- Barret Roberts, Senior Manager, Unilever