Yanna Wilson-Fischer

The Economist Circulation Marketing Director

Yanna Wilson-Fischer leads acquisitions for real world marketing channels including experiential, brand partnerships, subscription agents, and other core offline channels in North America.

Under her leadership, The Economist has surpassed North American offline subscription targets  and global experiential subscriptions increased by 84% year on year.

Prior to joining The Economist, Yanna lead the media division at Digital Brand Architects, where she worked on influencer marketing, content creation, and large-scale experiential events for brands including Volvo, Toyota, and Tiffany & Co. Yanna is also a VICE alumni, where she developed key business relationships with licensing brands such as Kellwood Company and Iconix Brand Group. Yanna joined The Economist in February 2016.

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Panel: Product Is The New Content
Date/Time: 9:45 AM
In order to develop more direct relationships with customers, publishers are thinking more like CPGs. There is a new focus on product development, customer mapping, packaging and service. There is a new focus on developing specific new media products that users will pay for, that will immerse them in new experiences, that service very specific tastes and needs. How are media companies rethinking and reorganizing their businesses towards putting customers, not just content, at the center of their priorities and operations?

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