Ted Bongiovanni

Consumer Reports Director of Product

Ted is Director, Product at Consumer Reports, where he leads the non-profit organization’s digital product strategy on new services, advocacy, and mobile apps. Previously, he led the development of CR’s new membership program, which anchors the organization’s effort to build new revenue models, deepen its engagement with consumers, and drive positive change in the marketplace.
Ted has more than 20 years experience helping mission-driven organizations embrace change. He led the development of new community outreach programs at NYU Abu Dhabi, part of the university’s broader effort to build a global presence. Ted oversaw the national expansion of programs for MOUSE.org, a non-profit that empowers kids by building their tech skills and placing them in leadership roles in urban public schools. He helped launch Fathom.com, a pioneering online learning experiment at Columbia University that made courses and resources available before MOOCs became a part of the zeitgeist, and New York Today, a city-guide from the New York Times. Earlier in his career, Ted served as an English Education Peace Corps Volunteer in Lithuania. He developed a passion for policy and politics as a legislative aide on Capitol Hill. 
Ted earned his his Masters in Public Administration at Columbia University and a B.A. in political science from Susquehanna University.  He is a part-time doctoral student in Education and Communication Technology at New York University’s Steinhardt School of Education, Culture and Human Development. 

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Panel: Subscriber-Centered Publishing
Date/Time: 11:30 AM
Everyone is chasing direct revenue streams from consumers, but what have publishers learned about growing and maintaining their subscriber base? How is the new emphasis on product development tied to subscription revenue? Is "customer service" more important than ever? Is a path to purchase emerging among media customers? And what does the customer acquisition landscape look like now?

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