Nick Schenck

FloSports SVP, Customer Acquisitions

Nick Schenck is the SVP of Customer Acquisition and Marketing at FloSports. Nick works to grow premium content subscriptions across all of FloSports’ sports verticals. He oversees earned, owned and paid media channels, including email and content marketing, social media strategy, SEO and communications.

Nick joined FloSports in March 2015 from Green Mountain Energy Company, where he was responsible for digital sales and marketing. Previously, he worked in the NFL for more than a decade, most recently as Senior Director of Integrated Media at the Houston Texans. 

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The Offline Opportunity: The Event Landscape
Date/Time: 9:15 AM
From pop-up media experience to issue-driven conferences to live podcasts, publishers are exploring multiple models for interacting in-person with their audiences. We ask several executives on the leading edge of this charge to share how they are organizing these efforts internally, packaging them for both editorial and advertisers, and measuring their impact. How important are partnerships? When and where should you bring your media brand live?

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