December 8 - 11, 2013
Deer Valley, Utah

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Sunday, 12/08

Vahalla Room, Stein Eriksen Lodge

Monday, 12/09

7:00 AM
Registration Opens
8:00 AM
8:45 AM
Opening Remarks
Rob Griffin, Co-Founder, Rise-Alliance 
9:00 AM
Keynote: And Then There Was Weather
Welcome to a new eco-system built and managed around the most primal and powerful of consumer triggers--weather. All of us use it to make daily decisions such as when to wake up, what to wear and eat; how to shop, manage our kids or get to work; where to work or go on vacation. Now marketers will use it to drive campaigns. There are very few analytic predictive technologies that work as well. Vikram Somaya, the General Manager of WeatherFX, a division of the Weather Company will explore how marketers use various kinds of weather-derived models to understand consumer behavior ranging from purchase intent to emotional response and then taking action on it across media channels from network TV, online display, mobile and social to search bid optimization and in-store display.
Vikram Somaya, General Manager, Weather FX, The Weather Company 
9:30 AM
Panel: How Search Events In 2013 Will Change Marketing In 2014
What happens when best practices backfire? Google and Bing expect marketers to become nimble and quick to change, as they integrate search technology into their operating systems ... relying on data repositories Google Knowledge Graph and Microsoft Satori. Enhanced Campaigns was the most obvious change this year, but let's not forget Hummingbird, and Product Listing Ads. This panel of experts will discuss attempts to conquer these changes with new best practices, where they personally failed, challenges posed by mobile and content marketing, and predictions on change to digital marketing in 2014.
Janel Laravie, CEO, Chacka Marketing 
Jeff Allen, Director of Paid Search, Hanapin Marketing 
Rob Crigler, VP of Digital Marketing, Rooms To Go 
Tim Daly, CEO, Vincodo 
Michael Griffin, Adlucent Founder and CEO, Adlucent 
Yi-Bing Zhang, Global Search Marketing Manager, Netflix 
10:15 AM
Presentation: Making Search Work Harder
Online marketers care about real business objectives, particularly driving conversions and online sales. Paid search has historically been the dominant channel for marketers to achieve these goals online. Join Rob Creekmore, Facebook attribution lead, as he explores research (conducted by a leading search engine marketing partner) that shows how various multi-touch models influence click-attributed results on search and other channels, including Facebook. Creekmore also will reveal some new research that demonstrates how social made paid search work harder for one large retailer in a recent market test.
Rob Creekmore, Attribution Lead, Facebook 
10:45 AM
Panel: Leveraging Social to Drive Search and Vice Versa
How do marketers make the most of search signals to improve social advertising and vice versa? Panelists will explore best practices for using search keywords to target Facebook and Twitter audiences, and will debate ways to leverage social assets to improve search visibility on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Discover what the intersection of search and social will mean for marketing campaigns in 2014.
Aaron Goldman, Chief Marketing Officer, 4C 
Gerry Bavaro, SVP, Enterprise Solutions & Strategy, Merkle 
Nevia Chiclacos, Director of Marketing, Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design 
Holly Maust, Director of Analytics, Engauge 
Michelle Prieb, Sr. Account Supervisor, Social Integration and Strategy, Edelman Digital 
11:30 AM
Panel: The Marketer's Paradox: Solving the False Dilemma Between Art and Science
Quantitative vs. qualitative, data vs. intuition, and art vs. science. Marketing is in a tug-of-war between age-old brand goals and direct response requirements. Increasingly, this has been true for search as well. For some of the world's most effective digital marketers the answer is a balance of both. When search marketing becomes data-driven, it can still recognize Einstein's wisdom that everything counted does not necessarily count, and everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted. This panel will share their insights and experience and relate the paradox to your search marketing campaigns.
Gord Hotchkiss, EIS Event Programmer, Out of My Gord Consulting 
Craig Berdie, Senior Manager Search, 3M 
Joy Billings, Director, Analytics and Optimization, Experian Consumer Direct 
Scott Linzer, Vice President, Owned Media, iCrossing 
Michael Lummus, Digital Marketing Solutions Manager, Teradata 
David Rodnitzky, CEO, 3Q Digital 
12:15 PM
Weather and Geographic Triggers – Table Lead: Roger Barnette, President, IgnitionOne
How will the Search Events of 2013 Change Your 2014 Marketing? – Table Lead: Janel Landis Laravie, Co-Founder, Chacka Marketing
The Social Triggers that Drive Search Campaigns – Table Lead: Aaron Goldman, Chief Marketing Officer, Kenshoo
How Search Engine Marketing Can Leverage Both Art and Science – Table Lead: Gord Hotchkiss, Founder, Out of My Gord Consulting
1:00 PM
Skiing at the Deer Valley Resort
Ski Competition Sponsored by Magnetic
Snowshoe Tour at the Deer Valley Resort
Snowmobiling at Garff Ranch
Troll Hallen Bar, slope-side at Stein Eriksen Lodge
Olympic Ballroom Foyer, 1st Floor

Tuesday, 12/10

7:30 AM
Registration Opens
8:00 AM
8:45 AM
Keynote: It's More About Customers and Less About Channels
The future is less about channels and more about potential customers. Cezanne Huq, online acquisition and business strategist at Intuit, will share best practices that apply to practical management of search in 2014. It's about making potential customers consider the products early in the decision process. Huq will share how Intuit turned customer data, brand value, shop/buy behavior, channel insights and analytics into tools that delight existing and potential clients.
Cezanne Huq, Online Acquisition and Business Strategist, Intuit 
9:30 AM
Panel: When Search Marketers Go Native
So you want to "go native"? You'll have to walk a fine line. Much of the debate will be familiar to search advertisers, such as 'authenticity matters.' While native advertising takes on many forms, exists on various platforms, and means something different to just about everyone, our experts will explore the similarities with search. We'll discuss ways to scale up campaigns, dig out measurement techniques and mine performance data ... and we'll explain how CAPTCHAs play a role. Search is arguably the original contextual ad, but how can these new native ads complement existing efforts? Panelists will explore unique new opportunities for publishers and brands, as well as the discuss trade-offs and challenges in scaling up campaigns across Facebook, Yahoo's in-stream ads, and Twitter.
Blessin Lam, Director of Client Analytic Services, 
Ryan Durham, Senior Brand Manager for Digital, Dish Network 
Alok Jain, Co-CEO & CMO, eZdia 
Jason Lehmbeck, Founder, DataPop 
Joe Stephens, Director, Native Demand Strategy, Yahoo! 
10:15 AM
Presentation: Video killed the Radio Star. Will Mobile Kill the Desktop?
Mobile has fundamentally changed how people interact with the Internet and influenced media companies and advertisers to shift their business models to leverage the mobile-first approaches of Google, Facebook and Twitter. The proliferation of mobile advertising and commerce will continue in 2014, but will it come at the expense of desktop search engine marketing? Join CRT Capital Analyst Neil Doshi in a look at a proprietary survey of 1,700 Twitter users. He will share recent insights gleaned from the survey that can help brands capture the attention of Twitter's mostly mobile users.
Neil Doshi, Corporate Development and Strategy, Samsung Electronics 
10:45 AM
Panel: Missed Data and Attribution Signals, and How to Find Them
Attribution modeling tells a great story on the consumer's path to conversion, but the biggest problem for online advertising has been missing data and technology. Optimize around the wrong metrics and you're almost guaranteed to fail. Data has become critical to a campaign’s success but defining success remains one step most marketers don't spend enough time perfecting. If your competition understands how media and marketing combine to drive sales, registrations and profit but you don't, they will take your customers. In this session experts will discuss the tradeoffs when moving from a last click attribution model to a holistic campaign optimization model. Perhaps it’s time that you value micro-conversions, quantify brand lift and attribute the value of paid, earned and shared media across the digital and analog ecosystem.
Jim Yu, CEO and Founder, BrightEdge 
Phil Barrett, Former SVP Ecommerce, 1-800 CONTACTS 
Adam Crutchfield, Digital Analytics Manager, Axcess Financial 
Lars Hirsch, Group Product Manager and Head of the Bing Ads Advertiser Analytics Team, Microsoft 
Kevin Lee, Chairman and CEO, Didit 
Sid Shah, Director of Business Analytics for Advertising Solutions, Adobe 
11:30 AM
Panel: Mobile First: How it Changes Cross-Channel Messages and Media Buying
Nearly one in two searches are impacted by the presence of local and/or personal data. The path to purchase--a complicated infinite loop--creates challenges and opportunities for marketers. Recent algorithmic changes to organic search have led some to believe the tables have turned in favor of local merchants. How can local marketers leverage mobile advertising? Panelists will define mobile and discuss options for data integration to find the metrics to allocate resources to succeed.
Andrew Shotland, Founder of Local SEO, 
Dan Boberg, Partner at Tallwave and CEO of SyCara Local 
Greg De Haaff, Sr. Director, Product Management, Adchemy 
Jonathan Kagan, VP, Search, 9Rooftops 
Joelle Kaufman, Head of Marketing and Partnerships, BloomReach 
Marc Purtell, Director of SEO, Matomy Media Group 
12:15 PM
Sometimes It's More About Customers and Less About Channels – Table Lead: Cezanne Huq, Online Acquisition and Business Strategist, Intuit
The Native Part of Search Engine Marketing – Table Lead: Blessin Lam, Director of Client Analytics Services,
Missed Data and Attribution Signals, and How to Find Them – Table Lead: Jim Yi, CEO and Founder, BrightEdge
How Mobile First Changes Cross-Channel Messages – Table Lead: Andrew Shotland, Founder of Local SEO,
1:00 PM
Skiing at the Deer Valley Resort
Ski Competition Sponsored by Magnetic
Tubing at Gorgoza Park
Yoga in the Wellness Studio
Troll Hallen Bar, slope-side at Stein Eriksen Lodge
Stein Eriksen Ballroom Foyer, 2nd Floor
7:30 PM
Dinner at Butcher's Chop House, Park City
No Name Saloon, Main Street, Park City

Wednesday, 12/11

7:30 AM
Registration Opens
8:00 AM
8:30 AM
Keynote: Looking Past the BS (Blindspot) In Search
Online search can only reveal what's known. What if the most stable growth opportunities are unknown or hidden and have yet to surface? What if the biggest asset for brands is understanding what humans have yet to discover about themselves? Join us as Heidi Therese Dangelmaier, founder of Girlapproved, takes us on a journey to explain the Hidden Human Dimension, a missing critical component to 'epic growth' she discovered after working five years in an underground lab with fellow digital natives.
Heidi Therese Dangelmaier, Founder, Girlapproved, a New York Think Tank 
9:00 AM
Panel: Leveraging Data for Search Campaigns
Data has become the hottest topic in digital marketing, but search remains the most important tool for digital marketers. Do they truly intersect? Most marketers depend on search data to target display ads, but do you know the new ways marketers will use data in 2014 to drive return on investment for search? First- and third-party data examples abound such as modifying search copy to maximize bids, optimizing landing page content and leveraging competitive buying strategies. Experts will share tips and reveal rarely used strategies for utilizing search data to improve performance in search campaigns.
David Mihalek, Senior Vice President, Digital Strategy & Innovative Solutions, Universal McCann 
James Mathewson, Distinguished Technical Marketer, Search, IBM 
Daniel Olduck, Search Marketing, Acronym 
Ben Straley, VP of Social Technologies, Rio SEO 
David Wiener, Director of Product & Platform Strategy, BlueKai 
9:45 AM
Presentation: Multi-Platform: The Incremental Opportunity for Marketers
Mobile tablet strategies will not cannibalize investments in PC campaigns, but rather lead to rising overall budgets and investments in search. comScore EVP Mike Hurt will take marketers on a journey across multiple platforms, exploring m-commerce as one component of search campaigns. He'll also discuss emerging technologies and new advertising techniques based on recent trends. Join us as he reveals new data and explores the next phase of search marketing.
Mike Hurt, Executive VP, comScore 
10:15 AM
Panel: Can You Hear Me Now?
It's become obvious that conversations impact intent. We began to see the influence of voice search on conversations around April 2012, about the time Evi founder William Tunstall-Pedoe spoke with Search Insider Summit attendees from London. Since then Amazon acquired the natural language voice assistant technology. Google offers voice search for desktop and mobile. Microsoft, working on Cortana, supports similar capabilities but adds gesture controls through its Kinect technology. Apple offers Siri. And, don't forget about Google Glass. Voice search and natural language interfaces take marketers away from typing toward natural language. Panelists debate the evolution during the past year to determine how far we've come.
Grant Simmons, VP, Performance Marketing, 
Erik Ford, VP Marketing & Chief Evangelist, BoostCTR 
Rob Garner, Director of Content Services, North America, iProspect 
James Green, CEO, Magnetic 
Colin Jeavons, CEO and President, Vertical Search Works 
11:00 AM
BS (blindspot) in Search and Finding Epic Growth – Table Lead: Heidi Therese Dangelmaier, Founder, Girlapproved, a New York Think Tank
Leveraging Data for Search Campaigns - Table Lead: David Mihalek, Senior Search Manager, Universal McCann
Can You Hear Me Now? - Table Lead: Grant Simmons, Director, SEO and Social Product, The Search Agency
12:00 PM
Conference Concludes


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Park City, Utah, 84060

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Located at Deer Valley® Ski Resort, in Park City, Utah, guests are greeted with exquisite views and powdery ski slopes in the winter and away-from-it-all outdoor activities in the summer for the ultimate getaway. Choose from many other local activities such as heli-skiing, fly-fishing, bobsledding and more.

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