As a sponsor of the Search Insider Summit you’ll have the opportunity to spend three unforgettable days connecting with leading Brand marketers and Ad Agency decision-makers in a unique and intimate setting - all in-market for the latest technologies and solutions for effective Search marketing campaigns.  There are dozens of high-impact sponsorships to choose from that will make a huge impression on our attendees — leading marketing and agency executives using Search as a key way to market their brands and companies they represent.  Gain high-profile exposure via Main Stage presentations, Networking functions, Premium branding placements, Group activities, and many more creative options in front of buy-side executives who WANT and NEED to learn more about the latest trends in Search marketing.  Contact Jon Whitfield to reserve your sponsorship today at 212-204-2025 or email jon@mediapost.com.

Please DO NOT contact Jon Whitfield for speaker consideration. If speaking is of interest, please complete and submit the Speaker Proposal form found under the Speaker tab on this site.

What some past attendees are saying about the Search Insider Summit series...

"There is an almost familial feel about the Search Insider Summit. The incredibly high bar in terms of attendee quality both from the vendor and the brand side and the intimacy of a small group in some fabulous locations seems to elevate the conversation while allowing it at the same time to percolate far more completely. Would recommend this over any other conference in the space for its ability to create very fundamental value for the attendees." - Vikram Somaya, General Manager, Weather FX, The Weather Company

"Having been jaded from search conferences given that I hear much the same thing every time, I'm glad I went against my instincts and attended MediaPost's Search Insider Summit.  I learned a great deal from industry peers at panels, but probably even more so at casual events where people felt able to talk freely. The venue and environment was perfect for that.  A terrific, one-of-a-kind conference for search industry leaders to learn from one another." - Bob Chandra, Sr. Product Manager, Search, World Wide Marketing, Amazon

"Great conferences and summits are as much about the networking as they are about the content. The MediaPost SIS is a near-perfect balance of the two and the panel-discussion in particular are great because great moderators and speakers get beyond the superficial stuff typically covered in PPTs.  I'd recommend the SIS to any significant search spender that is looking to learn from both peers and SMEs."
- Kevin Lee, CEO & Co-Founder, Didit

"It was a pleasure meeting with experienced marketers who daily deal with the significant complexity of search in large scale operations. Top notch presentations made me think and gave me much to explore."
- Craig Berdie, Search Marketing Manger, 3M Corporate Marketing

"The Search Insider Summit was a wonderful Summit for me because I am new to SEM. I was able to learn from experienced search marketing peers, hear about real case studies to learn about successful optimization, and get inside info on trending and where SEM is headed for the future."
- Diane Devlin, Worldwide Advertising and Media, Brocade

“SIS was a fantastic mix of valuable industry thought-leading content, networking and relaxation. By far, the best atmosphere for an industry event.” - Dan Fleetwood, Director, Search, SAP Global

“The MediaPost Search Insider Summit was a first-class event that successfully balanced healthy debate around search strategy & the future of the industry, and plenty of time to mingle with other Search professionals. I highly recommend it for those who care to take the industry to the next level.”
- Olivier Lemaignen, Director, Consumer Marketing, Invisalign

“I've been to many conferences over the years but really appreciated the size and scale of this conference. When you don't have to deliver a message to the masses it makes it much easier to dive in and have a real discourse about what's important with other industry experts.”
- Jeff Day, VP Search Marketing, Barnes & Noble

"I’ve never been to any event where the exchange of business cards felt so immediately personal and deep, like we both knew that next week we’d certainly continue the conversation towards the real possibility of friendship and working together… sooner rather than later.  Believe me, I’m adding MediaPost's Search Insider Summit to the annual must-attend list" - Marty Weintraub, President, aimClear

“I would trade 100 SES, Ad-Techs, or other “trade shows” to be at one SIS.  The relationships built, and the thought provoking conversations which you are a part of are invaluable.  It’s awesome to see that the Summit recognized and focused on how search really was more than the “click” or SERP.  Looking forward to the next one!” - Bryant Garvin, Program Manager, Paid Search, Choice Hotels International

"There is no conference I have ever attended in our industry that has this level of executive talent.  What a wonderful experience and amazing event...Really a career high for me.  I learned so much and networked like never before.  Thank you to the exceptional MediaPost team for putting on the best digital marketing event ever featuring THE top-tier executives in our space." - Ian Lopuch, VP, Search, eHealth Insurance