Teresa Caro

Shoutlet SVP/Industry Solutions

As Senior Vice President of Industry Solutions at Shoutlet, Teresa Caro brings over 20 years of strategic marketing experience in the digital and traditional space, including email, social, and analytics. Her focus lays in helping brands put the right teams and processes in place for exceptional customer experiences. Teresa plays an instrumental role in defining ways brands can improve sales and customer retention, strengthen loyalty, and increase advocacy through the use of social and social technology. Prior to joining Shoutlet, Teresa held two leadership roles at leading agencies: Senior Vice President of Social and Content Marketing for Engauge, as well as the head of strategy for southeast region of Razorfish. She is also a past-president of the Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association (AiMA).

Meet Teresa at:

Panel: From 180 to 360: Merging Social and CRM Data to Get a Complete View of the Customer
Date/Time: 10:45 AM
It wasn’t so long ago that marketers, agencies and analytics companies talked confidently about getting a 360-degree view of the customer, a complete, holistic look at what customers wanted, and where, when and how they wanted it. But counter-intuitively, the rise of social media made the 360-degree dream more like a 180-degree reality, with social and CRM data not being merged together to form a perfect circle. Fortunately, that’s changing, as leading solutions providers begin to cobble the pieces together, making for more targeted, effective advertising. At this Social Media Insider Summit session, panelists will look at best practices for merging social and CRM, and what connecting these two data streams can do for overall marketing objectives.

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