Monet Analytics Offers to Crisis Calibrate One Video Up to :60 in Length at No Charge

by Anurag Bist, CEO at Monet Analytics

People became more sensitive to content, virtually overnight.

People are at home more, with more time to consume TV, movies and social media. Those of us with children are watching together as a family. Entertainment remains the preferred choice to de-sensitize us from the negative news happening in our background, but we’ve become more sensitive to the content we consume. The subconscious has new layers of conflicting-conditioning, and conscious thoughts rationalize survival instincts. Audiences react to content differently now, and there is a new disconnect between subconscious and conscious feelings, so creatives must quickly adapt. Fortunately, one thing has not, and will never change, you can always find the truth in people’s spoken, and unspoken, emotions.


Adapt and create content without looking opportunistic.

You had a different mindset when you created the campaigns and shows queued for Spring. Now you must evaluate if they are appropriate in this environment. What can be salvaged from an environment quickly fleeting into the past, what gets painfully tossed into the can, and what can you do to move forward feeling in synch with the nation and individual’s changing focus and emotional desires?


It’s not just the brands, what are the networks and studios supposed to do? With no new productions, they fail-safe back to utilizing existing libraries, and debate which content to use based on the current climate. Choosing which should be un-archived, and which should go straight to streaming, the uncertainty is undoubtedly going to cause stagnation and missed opportunity.


People’s unspoken, unarticulated feelings reveal surprising creative guidance. 

While people’s conscious thoughts and reactions are highly intuitive to marketers, we can look behind their eyes for actionable insights. We retested several commercials and movie trailers on the Monet AI humanized data platform to understand the implications of COVID19. Here are the conclusions for audience behavior and creating content moving forward:

It’s a lot harder to keep people focused, even though they are paying more attention.
2.      Humor is a great way to engage, and the most likely to be shared.
3.      Sincere and somber tones have a higher risk of crisis-misappropriation
4.      There is a significant decline in recall, so keep your message simple.
5.      People are more sensitive, making it easier to trigger good and bad emotions.

So what does it mean to create content right now? You get to choose from a funny skit helping America through the crisis, and try to evoke joy. Or you can choose a somber story that holds people’s attention, is engaging, but people might feel you’re just promoting yourself. The public is going to be hard to read and easy to potentially offend, but with Monet you can be more in control.


Crisis calibrate your content for tough choices and undoing conflict.

There’s never been a more important time to calibrate your messaging with people’s feelings.Monet gives you true reads of people’s subconscious and conscious reactions. Pick any piece of creative, and we will passively capture and contextualize people’s emotions so you can see if they have a positive response, or you come across as opportunistic. We can also segment the audience by income, gender, age and near areas with larger reported cases of the virus.


Even if you have great instincts, everyone’s instincts need a gut check in this time period. So you have to take a pulse of where people are at now. Monet guides you on what you should create based on the new environment you are in. It shows you what people believe versus what they say. Know what’s the right line up, which character to lead with, or if a slogan is still effective. Monet is your creative guidance system for choosing the best themes, messaging, scenes and programming.


At this time Monet will conduct a free Crisis Calibration Content Test for any video up to :60 seconds in length, including tv commercials, movie trailers, PSAs, branded videos, or political messaging to the first 30 organizations who submit their information on our website before April 30th, and we will contact you with details. You can also connect to us directly for a private demo at human@monetnetworks.com. Create more compelling, engaging content calibrated for the world today with Monet.

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