James Chanter

m/Six Senior Partner

James Chanter brings more than 10 years of media management experience in both the U.S. and the U.K. to his role as senior partner at GroupM-backed media agency m/SIX.
At a time when many media agencies are looking wobbly, 31-year-old James has helped lead GroupM-backed m/SIX North America to three straight years of triple-digit growth. A British import who joined the firm’s New York office as the 13th employee, James has carved out a unique role spanning new business, client management and overall agency strategy. He’s also m/SIX’s resident thought leader, regularly penning articles for outlets like Ad Age, Adweek and The Drum, speaking at industry events and providing commentary on items in the news. 
James excels in helping clients move from marketing at consumers to creating programming for consumers that they actively choose to engage with.

Meet James at:

Panel: Bridging the Media/Creative Divide - No, Really This Time
Date/Time: 9:15 AM

"Bringing media and creative closer together" has become a tiresome mantra in advertising for decades. But as ad formats now range form 6 seconds bumpers to half hour brand epics, scroll-stopping social clips to skippable pre-rolls, it becomes imperative that media and creative work more closely and earliest in the process. We drill into examples of how this works when it works.

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