Alan Hart

ATOMCK Managing Partner

Alan B. Hart is the creator and host of “Marketing Today with Alan Hart,” a weekly podcast where he interviews leading global marketing professionals and business leaders. Alan advises leading executives and marketing teams on opportunities around brand, customer experience, innovation, and growth. An entrepreneur at his core, Alan has founded or served as an executive for eight startups.

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Panel: Channel Surfing: Mapping Goals Against Platforms
Date/Time: 9:45 AM

As the video options explode - across linear, VOD, OTT, addressable/programmatic TV and the vast online terrain, what is a media buyer to do? We ask a team of video strategists to share what they have learned about how each of these channels maps against specific campaign and marketing goals. Where are they finding the right targeting data, audiences, scale to justify their time and investment? Which of these channels integrates best with larger marketing plans and casts of the results data advertisers most need? Our panel of media buyers share how they are knitting together planning, creative and measurement approaches from a fragmented landscape. 

Panel: Data In: Building Audiences and Attention In A Distracted World
Date/Time: 9:30 AM

Audiences are not only fragmented but increasingly distracted. Where are planners finding and best using data to target their customers in places where it matters? Knitting together the data that accurately assembles these audiences among these screens is an improvised dance with on-boarding first party data, vaulting walled gardens and sorting through uneven third-party data. We ask a panel of seasoned cross screen buyers for examples of how they are knitting together targeted audiences from this mixed data pile.

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