Steve Smith

MediaPost VP, Editorial Director, Events

Steve Smith is a lapsed media studies academic who converted to digital in 1995. He took his Ph.D. in American Studies at Brown and taught seven years at University of Virginia, where he developed the school’s first media curriculum. Leaving scholarship behind in the mid-nineties, he edited Access Intelligence’s Min’s New Media Report during the Web’s first boom. He is the weekly columnist on digital strategies for Media Industry Newsletter (MIN) and is the co-Chair of the magazine industry’s annual MIN Day conference.
His features on interactive marketing appear regularly in MediaPost’s Media and OMMA Magazines, and his Mobile Insider and Behavioral Insider columns appear weekly at An unrepentant geek, Steve also writes about every gadget he can get his hands on for Laptop, CPU and E-Gear Magazines.

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Opening Remarks
Date/Time: 9:00 AM

Keynote Interview: Conagra's Evolved Strategy
Date/Time: 9:00 AM

Like many CPG manufacturers, Conagra has always leaned heavily on TV to drive loyalty across brands. Media Manager Alannah Pawlik explores a major shift in thinking at the company that is driving a new strategy that dials up digital programmatic, OTT and other video channels to widen reach among fragmented audiences. But how does a multibrand company map product to buying strategy, evaluate these media opportunities, and unify their data and measurement methods?

Q&A: Video and the New Path to Beauty
Date/Time: 11:00 AM

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