OOH Measurement is Moving to Real Time. Are You Ready?

Tuesday Oct 24th, 2023 - 1:00 PM

OOH measurement is progressing. A short while ago OOH was thought of as only a Brand Building/Awareness vehicle. The industry fought back. As technology reshaped the OOH landscape the industry knew OOH was driving performance metrics. Campaign measurement has backed that claim up and now we see advertisers using OOH to drive store traffic, web-based activity, and even in-app sales.

So now what? The next step is adding in-flight campaign measurement to post campaign studies. The benefits seem clear. Digital buyers and brands know very quickly how well their media spend is performing and if OOH wants to keep pulling dollars over from digital then providing faster performance data is critical.

How does this happen? That’s what our esteemed industry leaders are here to discuss today. There are some technical and behavioral issues to be overcome. Can we? Let’s find out.

Our Panelists:
Adrien Sossa, VP Partnership, Audience Data and Measurement, Adomni.
Jon Frangakis, Chief Commercial Officer, Reveal Mobile.