2020 Vision: Media Trends for the Next Decade

Technology helps empower all of us to achieve more. But technology alone can't make business decisions for us—people still matter in the world of strategic media planning.

At Microsoft Advertising, we strive to be your partner in technology, advertising and design experience, and help you create intelligent connections. We believe the following trends outlined in this report will have the greatest impact for your clients and your media planning organizations in 2020 and beyond.

Researched and written by the Microsoft Advertising Brand Studio, "2020 Vision: Trends to Define the Next Decade” explores what trends will define the next 10 years of the century. We're interested in the intersections of advertising technology and people's behavior, and how these intersections impact your media practice.

For this report, we've defined five categories of influence: Culture, Marketing, Media, Technology and Economics. We will examine what media planners and marketers need to understand about each category, and how they intersect with each other to influence behavior. Additionally, we'll look at some lessons learned from the past decade that may help us determine what happens next.

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