Advertising During Economic Uncertainty: A Marketer’s Guide

Brand marketing teams and agencies play a crucial role in advocating for their campaigns and budgets to finance and company leadership.

How can you advocate for your plans and defend your budgets in the face of economic turmoil? 

This definitive guide arms you with 100 years of irrefutable data, marketing principles and real-world case studies that clearly demonstrate how maintaining or increasing ad spend will grow your share of market, both in near and long term.

What this guide will prepare you with:

  • Why pulling back spend is so detrimental to a brand’s short- and long-term financial success.
  • The inextricable connection between share of voice and share of market, especially in a recessionary period.
  • How brands like Amazon, Walmart, T-Mobile, General Mills and Hershey used the ’08 recession to catapult their growth– and the lessons for other advertisers. 

While we’ve seen nothing like our current pandemic, the marketing principles and historical examples of how brands thrive – and fail - in times of crises surely apply. 

Defend your budget and learn how to turn a recessionary period into a catalyst for growth.

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