A Tale of Two Perceptions, Identity Evolution Edition

What plans are you putting place today to deliver exceptional experiences in the future – with access to less consumer data? To understand perceptions and readiness of a third-party cookieless world, Adobe partnered with Advanis, a market and social research firm, to survey professionals and consumers on their outlook.

Professionals stated that 60% of their personalization strategies were dependent on third-party cookies, but only 37% of professionals felt ready if data deprecation were to begin immediately. Consumer understanding of cookie technology, not surprisingly, was limited. 72% of consumers claimed to understand how cookies work, but only 38% realized that multiple types of cookies exist. However, consumers indicated that they would be willing to share various types of personal data for specific offers.

Unlock additional insights from marketers and consumers as you begin transforming your customer data management strategy to be ready for a cookieless future. 

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