Your Guide on Using CTV to Inform Omni-Channel Ad Strategies

While marketers know that CTV drives strong campaign performance on its own, many still aren’t using it to its fullest potential. From audience insights to creative testing, this dynamic advertising channel executes double duty to help brands work smarter, not harder.

In “Your Guide on Using Connected TV to Inform Omnichannel Advertising Strategies,” MNTN dives into the many ways CTV can be used as a key piece of a full-funnel ad strategy. Also included is a case study about how one brand ran outcome-based A/B tests with CTV and beat its website visit goals. Insights include:

  • Surpass segmentation standards: CTV allows advertisers to be extremely precise with the types of consumers they target, down to interests and intents.
  • Leverage creative insights: CTV gives advertisers plenty of time to see what’s working and what’s not ahead of their next round of creative messaging.
  • Drive performance across channels: Use the results of your CTV strategy testing to repurpose your best CTV ads for social media or other video channels.

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