From Spend to Staffing: A Holistic Look at Connected TV Advertising

An estimated 110.8 million households will have viewed content on connected TV (CTV) by the end of this year. In July, streaming services surpassed cable networks to claim the largest share of TV viewing in the US for the first time ever, according to Nielsen. It’s no wonder why advertisers are taking advantage of CTV advertising.

While the pace of streaming viewership continues to evolve, so does the technology that’s built to support this industry shift. So how can marketers best utilize CTV advertising to drive performance? From staffing to technology, it’s vital that brands have a holistic understanding of how best to use CTV advertising.

This report will highlight the challenges, the opportunities, and where CTV advertising is headed. Download “From Spend to Staffing: A Holistic Look at Connected TV Advertising” from MNTN to learn:
  • Where advertisers are prioritizing and serving their CTV ads
  • How to preserve ad budgets while maximizing and measuring performance
  • Strategies and insights for building the right CTV performance team

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