55% of Consumers Prefer Next-Day Delivery to Store Visit - Omnichannel Overdrive Shopper Study

Consumers have made a dramatic shift to eCommerce over the past three years as the pandemic reshaped shopping behavior. While physical retail has bounced back somewhat, new habits have formed and the “bounce” has not been complete.

SCS’ latest study polled US consumers about changes in their shopping behavior, identifying two large behavioural groups: Amazon Acolytes and Brick & Mobile shoppers. Some highlights:

  • 68% estimate that they spend 50% or more of their shopping online

  • 54% have made their purchase decision online, then purchased at retail

  • 40% look for better prices on mobile while in-store

  • 61% have used Buy Online PIck-up In-Store (BOPIS)

  • 34% have returned items to the store they purchased online

Learn what the new retail journey looks like, what consumers prioitize, and differences between categories with exclusive data, alongside recommendations for how you as a marketer can adapt to shifting consumer behaviors.

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