August 03, 2016
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Opening Remarks
Chuck Martin , Editor, Net Future Institute, AI & IoT Daily
10:15 AM
Marketers and brands need to prepare themselves to proactively overcome the challenges they are about to face in the Internet of Things. The first wave of connection was people to information and the second wave was people to people, leading to the threshold of truly connecting people to intelligent machines,  as AI and robotics come together to form a perfect storm. But with user attention and distraction already at critical levels, the cacophony of users' connected future may quickly turn toxic, forcing extinction on marketers and product designers who cling to interruptive strategies and outdated user interfaces. Fresh from his breakthrough presentation at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Haydn Sweterlitsch, global chief creative officer at HackerAgency, an Interpublic Group digital/CRM agency, will detail the four key strategies required for IoT marketing success.
Haydn Sweterlitsch , Global Chief Creative Officer, HackerAgency
10:45 AM

How will consumers interact with brands’ products in a home where appliances talk to each other, consumers run things without leaving the couch, supplies automatically replenish themselves and people buy things by spoken command? Where do marketing and advertising fit in this connected environment, which seems to disrupt, circumvent and rewire so many traditional channels and retail relationships? We open the forum by asking the relationship question. How does a connected home change how manufacturer, retailer, platform and consumer touch one another?

Michael Nicholas , Co-Founder | Partner, Born AI
Trevor Guthrie , Co-Founder, Giant Spoon
Dino Hainline , Lead Strategist, Midnight Oil
Greg Hedges , VP of Emerging Experiences, RAIN
Jeff Suhy , President and Partner, Mod op
11:30 AM

The first wave of wearables required the smartphone to be the information hub, central command for activities gathered from the wrist. Smart devices are now getting smarter, from smartwatches to fitness trackers. Smartwatches can trigger payments and fitness trackers thrive in entire ecosystems. While small screens on the wrist haven’t proven to be logical advertising devices, they do provide a treasure trove of marketing data. This discussion focuses on precisely how to obtain and use that information.

Jordan Greene , Partner/Mobile Media, Mella Media
Chuck Fletcher , Technology Director of Emerging Experiences, SapientRazorfish
Marley Kaplan , Head of Innovaton, Kinetic Worldwide
Rachel Pasqua , Practice Lead, Connected Life, MEC Global
Chad Vavra , Experience Strategy and Design Director, Isobar
12:30 PM
1:30 PM

Figuring out what the consumer wants before she needs it is the big promise of The Internet of Things. Location-based, personalized messaging via mobile was just a start. With billions of new data feeds from all sorts of connected devices, both worn and stationary, tied into CRM and point of sale systems, marketers will know what the consumer will need in advance and create appropriate messaging to help fulfil that need. This panel of experts takes a deep dive into what this will look like.

Ryan Pitylak , Chief Executive Officer, Unique Influence
Sara Bamossy , Chief Strategy Officer, Pitch
Greg Boullin , Strategy Director, SapientNitro
Jarrod Bull , Head of Account Management, iCrossing
Amir Sahba , Chief Executive Officer & Founder, Thinkingbox
2:15 PM
Coffee Break
2:30 PM
Smart Home technology is upon us but what are the implications that connected devices have on our lives? And how do we market its benefits to consumers? Samsung’s Vice President Smart Home Product Marketing Bill Lee will discuss what needs to happen to increase consumer adoption and address potential roadblocks. The presentation will look at the products in market now and some of the devices set to launch later this year.
Bill Lee , Vice President of Smart Home Product Marketing, Samsung Electronics America
2:45 PM
Under Armour Connected Fitness houses the world’s largest community of individuals focused on better health, fitness and nutrition and its media platform is home to 165 million unique users globally. “Healthy” is no longer about just about diet or exercise, but everything in a consumer’s life: sleep, fitness, activity and nutrition.This presentation is a dive into what this means for marketers and advertisers amidst this massive growth of connected consumerism. How can brands reach consumers in the moments that matter most to them?
Doug Ziewacz , Head of NA Media and Advertising, UnderArmour Connected Fitness
3:15 PM
New, connected in-store lighting can locate a shopper to within 8 inches. This isn’t a theory; it’s operational in Europe and coming to the U.S. This presentation from one of the executives who led this installation will describe how it works, the ad and deal messages that are being sent and shopper reaction.
Ravi Koul , Marketing Director, Retail and Hospitality, Philips Lighting
3:30 PM
With emerging technologies blurring the lines of what our reality looks like, marketers often are at a loss for how to apply those realities in effective ways that resonate with the consumer. Brands and marketers have to look beyond Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality and find a new mixed reality that encompasses a holistic approach to what the consumer needs and wants to experience. This presentation lays it out.
Thom Gruhler , Corporate Vice President, Brand and Integrated Marketing, Microsoft
4:00 PM
Conference Concludes

Reaching the Consumer Through The Internet of Things

While the Internet of Things may seem like the latest buzz of the day, there’s much more to it than that. Consumers can now talk to their Amazon Echo at home and have something delivered the next day.

Wearables on the wrists of many millions of consumers are producing a treasure trove of marketing data to those figuring how to tap into it and use it. And the world of sensors like beacons providing even more direct, location-based opportunities to add new value to the on-the-go shopper.

With technology embedded into appliances and printers, providing a direct connection between brand and consumers, what does the new world of messaging look like and how will brands and agencies adapt? When a consumer can simply push a button to place an order, how does a marketer influence the decision to push their button? 

This pioneering IoT Marketing Forum will delve into all the marketing and advertising issues and implication, with strategies and tactics for the insanely connected world that’s coming.

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