June 06, 2011
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"Mark Walsh recently asked in MoBlog, ’If you’ve gotten a tablet recently, how much has it changed how often you use other hardware around the house, at work or in between?’  My short answer: A LOT. Mark’s column cited research from Nielsen on how tablets are eating into the use of PCs and laptops, as well as newer devices like e-readers. ’Yes,’ he wrote, ’the tablet drives another nail in the coffin of the traditional desktop computer in the era of cloud computing and portable machines.

Here at MediaPost, Editor-in-Chief Joe Mandese, who’s always ahead of the curve, has been wanting to stage a dedicated tablet show for some time now. Thanks to his efforts, we’re proud and excited to kick off Internet Week on June 6th with OMMA’s Tablet Revolution. Contact me ( for details and special member pricing!"

~ Robert McEvily, Director of Marketing, MediaPost 

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