April 16, 2015


In its second Marketing Healthcare event, MediaPost brings to the field a decade of experience in clarifying digital challenges and opportunities for marketing professionals. We map the contours of a radically changed landscape. 

Digital channels truly change everything (and everyone) in the health marketing chain. Marketing Health will tackle the subjects that every agency and brand is dealing with. 

Patient journeys that are now omnichannel

Super-educated consumers now drive health conversations 

Media buying and planning tools are vastly different from those in other industry segments 

Social media where health misinformation often rules the day?


Your Questions Answered

How must all aspects of health marketing flow from assessing the new health consumer who is empowered and hyper-educated by digital media? 

What does traditional digital media planning and buying look like in this vertical? 

Is there room for creativity amidst the restrictions inherent to the field? 

How has the Affordable Health Act opened opportunity and changed the conversation for the insurance industry? 

How will next generation of mobile devices change yet again the relationship among health providers, marketers and consumers?