New MDC CEO To Get A Fraction Of Nadal's Lucrative Pay

Scott Kauffman, who replaced Miles Nadal as CEO of the company last month, won't receive anywhere near what his predecessor received. Meanwhile, a class action suit against the company is proceeding in New York. ...


Bob Garfield: Garfield At Large

For ironic good measure, the particular terminology for this sort of news segment is "live shot." Deranged killing as performance art. A perfect, premeditated metamurder. ...

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Each year, all year, MediaPost hosts more than 30 events across a range of marketing disciplines ... including our OMMA events, Insider Summits and Creative Media, OMMA and Appy Awards. Chances are some are just right for you.

Blame TV For Trump

The rise of Donald Trump should not shock the political class as much as it does. Just four years ago, Herman Cain and Michelle Bachman led the GOP pack of nominees before the party settled on ...

Online Spin
Love! Deceit! Disasters! Our Industry Sounds Like A Telenovela

The Albarda household quite likes "Jane the Virgin." I am not sure if we are in the demo for this show, but actress Gina Rodriguez and her TV family, friends and enemies make for wonderful entertainment. ...

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