EU Parliament Could Call For Google Breakup

The European Parliament is working on a proposal that could force Google to unbundle search engine services from other commercial services like Gmail and Google Docs or YouTube, as a potential solution to the company's online dominance. The document, seen by the "Financial Times," has the backing of the parliament's European People's Party, and Socialists. The news agency calls for a vote to single ...


Online Spin
It's Time For Industry To Change The Way TV Is Measured

It may seem a bit like piling on, but I think that it's finally time for the TV industry to change the way audience and ads are measured, bought and sold. Its measurement is broken and ...

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Broadcast Networks Opt Out Of The Presidential Speech Business

When the broadcast networks chose not to air President Obama's immigration speech, they were just acknowledging what everybody else already knows: Speeches like this are available to watch in a thousand other places, so why should ...

Barbara Lippert: Madblog
Comedians Fighting For Control In Cars: Is Jerry Seinfeld Hyper-Aware?

"Sweet fancy Moses!" See that? Scooping up any random line from a "Seinfeld" episode makes this opener about 400 times funnier than anything I could have come up with myself. ...

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