ANA Members Call For 3rd-Party Measurement Of Digital -- 61% Would Shift Spending Without It

The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) surveyed its members to understand marketers' perspectives on viewability verification procedures used by digital media owners and found that the majority of respondents (97%) believe all digital media owners' inventory should be measured by a third party. The need for third-party verification was reinforced by an overwhelming 90% of survey respondents who said they're not confident that their ...


Bob Garfield: Garfield At Large
Faith, Fear And Marketing

How do you get people riled up -- so riled up as to surrender all their democratic values, their Christian values, their ability to process facts, their very human rationality? ...

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Online Spin
To Procurement Or Not To Procurement

I realize the headline for this article is not proper English. But I decided on it because Pepsi made headlines last week by announcing it was abolishing marketing procurement, and moved decision-making to a marketing Center ...

Barbara Lippert: Madblog
A Modest Proposal: Create Snapchat Counterinsurgence

I have a very tiny and modest proposal: How about creating a digital ad industry army dedicated to creating content to counter ISIS' massive, global, social media efficiency? ...

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