Magazine Industry Guarantees Ad Effectiveness

Major magazine publishers are mounting an ambitious industry-wide initiative to guarantee return on investment for print advertising, with a promise of additional free advertising placements to make good any shortfalls. The new program, called the "Print Magazine Sales Guarantee," was announced by the MPA - The Association of Magazine Media late Monday. ...


Guns And Posers

The return of "The Walking Dead" -- America's favorite paranoid brew of dystopianism, reanimation, and survivalism -- is a reminder of the powerful role that television plays in promoting the popularity of firearms. "The Walking Dead" ...

Events & Awards

Each year, all year, MediaPost hosts more than 30 events across a range of marketing disciplines ... including our OMMA events, Insider Summits and Creative Media, OMMA and Appy Awards. Chances are some are just right for you.

Bob Garfield: Garfield At Large

Fraud. Non-viewability. Low CTRs. Banner blindness. For years they were treated as nuisances, transitory and manageable. What we now face is a bona fide existential threat. ...

Extraordinary 'Fargo' Makes Case For Best Show Of The Year

The new season of "Fargo" has everything -- great acting, writing, locations, cinematography, and a story that seems to grow more believable the more farfetched it becomes. ...

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