Nielsen: Microsoft TV Campaigns Expand Social Presence

How does paid TV advertising affect a brand's earned social media? Drawing a direct link between the two, new research from Nielsen shows how a recent Microsoft TV campaign significantly increased the brand's social presence. Social TV activity -- as opposed to TV viewership -- is the key in driving earned media. ...


Bob Garfield: Garfield At Large
Utter Doom: The Anniversary

This week marked the tenth anniversary of the publication in "Advertising Age" of "The Chaos Scenario," which predicted the utter disintegration of the global media-marketing economy. Unsurprisingly, some of its apocalyptic prophesies were received a bit ...

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At NAB Vegas Show, Questions And Observations About The Future Of TV

Last week at the National Association of Broadcasters' annual convention in Las Vegas, the past and future were brought into sharp relief at the convention's opening session, as 89-year-old Jerry Lewis accepted a lifetime achievement award, ...

Online Spin
Nielsen's 'Screen Wars' Research Provides Reasons Why Every Screen Matters

Nielsen has recently published a study called "Screen Wars: The Battle For Eye Space In A TV-Everywhere World," and it is fascinating. First of all, the title indicates how we as an industry are struggling to ...

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