Google DoubleClick Network Hit With More Malvertising

Researchers at Malwarebytes Labs have discovered another malvertising campaign, likely from the same group responsible for the recent attack on The Huffington Post and Zillow. An advertisement was used to deliver the Cryptowall ransomware via an ad built in Flash. ...


Online Spin
Can Awareness and Attribution Live Together?

For years, many folks in media have questioned whether brand advertising and ROI can live together well. Awareness, a key metric of brand advertising, has for many been seen as mutually exclusive from a metric like ...

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Online Media Daily
The Next Ad Blocker: Social Media

A new global survey from Nielsen reveals that 33% of American TV viewers said they engage with social media while watching, and 62% of North Americans browse the Internet while watching video programming. None of this ...

Content Marketing Insider
GE Burnishes Content Marketing Legacy With Nat Geo Series

The front page of Tuesday's New York Times business section trumpeted a story about how General Electric chairman Jeffrey Immelt had retooled the company. In doing so, he was shedding the "shadow" of his legendary predecessor ...

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