MDC, Nadal, CFO Slammed With Shareholder Suit

The Plaintiff, filing for class action status, contends that the company and three of its leaders inflated the value of MDC stock with multiple "false and misleading statements" about the company's financial condition. ...


Bob Garfield: Garfield At Large
That's Orwell and Good For Mario, But...

The Right to be Forgotten cannot coexist with the actual Helsinki right of free expression and is merely a contrivance of a European Union that believes it can regulate away any unpleasantness of modern life. An ...

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Online Spin
The Break-up: Clients And Agencies Have Fallen Out Of Love

I am very sad, as it looks like I will soon be like the child of divorced parents. In my past life, I have been an agency man for almost as many years as I have ...

Ad-Blocking Companies And EFF Unveil New 'Do Not Track' Standards

The privacy group Electronic Frontier Foundation has released its own proposed definition of do-not-track, which requires Web companies to avoid collecting cookies, digital fingerprints or "supercookies" from users without their consent. ...

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