Yahoo Under Attack, Say Security Researchers At Malwarebytes

Security researchers at Malwarebytes Labs have uncovered a large malicious advertising attack on Yahoo's advertising network, which they say began on July 28. Yahoo took down the campaign Monday. Still, many Web site visitors may already unknowingly feel the brunt of being infected, ...


Online Spin
Why Agencies And Clients Are Calling It Quits

In yesterday's Online Spin, Maarten Albarda signaled the imminent break-up of agencies and clients. Communication is close to zero. Fingers are being pointed. The whisper campaign has turned into outright hostility. ...

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Bob Garfield: Garfield At Large
That's Orwell and Good For Mario, But...

The Right to be Forgotten cannot coexist with the actual Helsinki right of free expression and is merely a contrivance of a European Union that believes it can regulate away any unpleasantness of modern life. An ...

Thursday Night Irony: Stewart Says Farewell As GOP Holds First Debate

Like two ships passing in the night, the "Daily Show" will sail right by the first GOP get-together of this type in the current election cycle -- and never the twain shall meet. ...

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