Upfront Marketplace Could Return Low Single-Digit Growth

Somewhat echoing what senior TV and media executives have been saying during recent financial earnings phone calls, one veteran media analyst believes the advertising upfront deal-making will be a decent -- but perhaps not great -- market. For many networks, strong late first- and second-quarter scatter markets have been a harbinger of strong upfront markets to follow. ...


Barbara Lippert: Madblog
Anger, Bitterness, And The Beyonce Bump

Hate, anger, division, bitterness -- leather? Just a few of the emotions and questions stirred up in the wake of the Super Bowl 50 halftime show. ...

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Online Spin
Machines Of Loving Grace: Messaging, Personalization & AI

On Feb. 1, WhatsApp announced a major milestone: 1 billion active monthly users, sending a total of 42 billion messages per day. Facebook, which owns WhatsApp, also has 800 million active monthly users for its Messenger. ...

Why Is The Super Bowl Still A Thing?

I suppose that when you put up numbers like almost 112 million viewers, it's hard to say that the Super Bowl is over as a thing. But there is a certain stink coming off this one ...

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