Senate Democrats Reintroduce Bill To Curb Data Brokers

Four Senate Democrats have re-introduced a bill that would enable consumers to wield control over how information about them is used by data brokers. The Data Broker Accountability and Transparency Act empowers consumers to stop the use and sale of their personal information by data brokers. ...


Online Spin
Data Will De-Commoditize TV Advertising

There is no question that data and digital approaches are going to reshape the future of the TV advertising industry. Just look at the headlines this past week. Nielsen, the TV measurement company, is buying eXelate, ...

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Barbara Lippert: Madblog
Dakota, Isis, And 50 Shades Of Cray-Cray

Last weekend, Dakota Johnson's appearance as host of "Saturday Night Live" sparked intense shock, despair, and agitation -- if not high dudgeon -- all over the Internet. But not for the expected reason: her role as ...

Why Marketers Are Not Ready For The Internet Of Things

Sorry, it's true. Most brand marketers -- especially in search -- are not mentally ready for the Internet of things, and their company's infrastructure is not physically ready. That doesn't mean the strategy isn't high on ...

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