Simmons Loses MRC Accreditation, 'Declines' Cited

In a potential blow to its credibility, Simmons has lost Media Rating Council accreditation for its National Consumer Study, including the National Hispanic Consumer Study. The MRC said the decision followed an independent audit, which found declines in its service performance and metrics. The study has been accredited since 2005. ...


Online Spin
Attention: Nothing Else Matters

There is a limited amount of human attention in the world. Every day the same amount of attention is created (number of people multiplied by number of conscious hours). Everything meaningful in life requires attention. Laughing, ...

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Twitter Focused On Audience-Targeting, Better Creative

Twitter has become synonymous with "real-time marketing" -- at least, or maybe only, in the marketing world -- but it made some moves this week that should remind everyone that the social media giant has more ...

London Blog
Millennials Exposed -- Why All The Fuss?

Sorry, but someone has to ask. Why are companies and marketers so apparently fixated on appealing to people just entering the workplace? Shouldn't it be the other way round? Why so much fuss about people who ...

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