FCC Passes Broad Privacy Rules, Limits Behavioral Advertising By Broadband Providers

The FCC passed sweeping privacy rules on Thursday that prohibit broadband providers from drawing on data about subscribers' Web browsing activity and app usage for ad targeting. ...


Y&R Examines Brand Affinities Of Trump, Clinton Supporters

The agency was able to segment the respondents by their political affiliation, Republican or Democrat. Not surprisingly, respondents from each party saw the opposing candidate in far more negative terms. ...

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ANA Vows To Fight 'Misguided' Broadband Privacy Rules

"ANA is committed to seeing these rules undone, either by court challenges or action on Capitol Hill to reverse this extreme overreach by the agency," the organization said Thursday. ...

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Confessions Of An Ad Blocker

I did it. I installed an ad blocker. I'm sorry. If you knew my pain, you might forgive me. Here's what happened. ...

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