Consumers Say Ads Are Now Less Informative About Products

The percentage of Americans who say advertising helps them learn about products and services has dropped from 52% in 2005 to 41% in 2014, according to a new Mindshare study. Likewise, those that say they read ads in magazines out of curiosity has dropped from 31% in 2005 to 23% today and people who like TV ads that make them laugh has declined from ...


Bob Garfield: Garfield At Large
Top 7 Things Nobody Will Miss When The Internet Disappears

The Internet will fade into the background, says Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google. Yes, it will just vanish, like Amelia Earhart or state anti-gay marriage bans or NBC's "Bad Judge." Poof. Up in smoke. Now ...

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Online Spin
Would You Want To Be A Media Agency CEO In 2015?

Last week I spent time with a number of senior media agency execs from several different markets, and discovered that their challenge is daunting. The current media agency income model heavily relies on fees. This model ...

The Social Graf
Brooklyn Teen Arrested For Emoji Threats

Emojis may just be content-free signs that allow users to inhabit discourse without actually saying anything, but they can still totally get you arrested. That's what happened to Osiris Aristy, a 17-year-old from Bushwick, Brooklyn, who ...

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