Now Madison Avenue's Traders Can Trade Wall Street's, Data Makes Financial Pros A Biddable Commodity

In what may be the most ironic development since Madison Avenue began trading audiences the way Wall Street pros trade commodities and equities, agencies and their trading desks can now buy and sell Wall Street traders. In a deal announced Tuesday, Targeted Victory, a data management platform (DMP) specializing in political media campaigns, said it is licensing data from Dean Media Group that will ...


Bob Garfield: Garfield At Large
You May Already Have Won!

It's all about the relationship -- the bond of trust. Sometimes it works out better than others, as Dug Dugger can tell you. He's the general manager of Ourisman Rockmont Chevrolet in Rockville, Maryland and about ...

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RTB Insider
GroupM And The (Not-So) Hidden Power Of Scale In Open RTB

GroupM's public departure from the Open RTB market was a big discussion topic at the OMMA RTB Conference. In a more general discussion but with (tacit) reference to GroupM, I said that any large advertiser that ...

It's The Golden Age Of Audience Data, Stupid

I've used some version of the "It's The Data, Stupid" line at least a half dozen times in the past year to make the point in columns or public speaking that audience data has become the ...

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