Mediasmith Drops 4As Membership, Issues 'Client Bill Of Rights'

Mediasmith, an independent digital agency based in San Francisco, has pulled out of the 4As, citing the trade association's failure to support the Association of National Advertisers' media-buying transparency recommendations. The move marks the second agency to do so, following Cincinnati-based Empower Media's withdrawal. ...


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CPG And The Lure Of Direct-to-Consumer

For anyone in the CPG industry still unclear about the power of direct-to-consumer models, Unilever's July purchase of Dollar Shave Club for $1 billion in cash was a deafening trumpet blast. The five-year-old startup, which had ...

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An Outsider's Guide To Ad Week

At last count, next week's navel-gazing Advertising Fest in New York consists of 126,543 ways to kill an hour of your time listening to people who really are no smarter than you talk about problems they ...

Fun-Loving President Obama Is America's Chowhound In Chief

There he goes again -- turning up on TV in the kind of show you never saw a president appear in previously. In an effort to liven up the season premiere of his show, Anthony Bourdain ...

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