AT&T TV Data Blueprint: More Is Better, Targets Mobile Customers Too

In what it claims is a TV audience targeting first, AT&T will enable advertisers to plan and buy TV shows based on the composition of wireless users who watch them. The data, which is one of two new audience segments being announced today as part of AT&T AdWorks' "TV Blueprint" system, will enable brands to target shows based on how many viewers they have ...


Bob Garfield: Garfield At Large
You May Already Have Won!

It's all about the relationship -- the bond of trust. Sometimes it works out better than others, as Dug Dugger can tell you. He's the general manager of Ourisman Rockmont Chevrolet in Rockville, Maryland and about ...

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Online Spin
Last Week's Watershed Marketing Moments, From Mediapost Headlines

There were a few news items last week that seemed indicators of the fact that the end of the old marketing world is really here. Now. This year. ...

Daily Online Examiner
FTC Urged To Protect Consumers From Secret Psych Experiments

Facebook's recent psychological experiment on 700,000 unwitting users should spur the Federal Trade Commission to examine the ethical issues raised by online research, two professors say in a letter to the agency. ...

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