Bud Light Taps W+K For Lead Creative Chores

Anheuser-Busch brand Bud Light has selected Wieden+Kennedy as its new lead agency, the brewer confirmed Thursday. The incumbent was BBDO. W+K also picked A-B's Corona beer brand for markets outside the U.S. Bud Light spent a little over $300 million on ads last year in the U.S., according to Kantar. ...


Barbara Lippert: Madblog
Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy: The Death And Life of 'Happy-ish'

Let's face it: With the (crushingly disappointing) ending of "Mad Men" (apple trees and honey bees, anyone?) lo those many weeks ago (not that I'm bitter), I found it hard to light upon a replacement that ...

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Online Spin
Your Brand's Biggest Competitor: Apathy

Coming back from Cannes, some people are jealous. They see the augmented reality, the glossy case studies, the hacks and the "best ever" results. They rightly think, how is it that I've missed out? Why isn't ...

Online Publishing Insider
It's An Arbitrage Media World -- Premium Publishers Just Die In It

Market forces are funny things. They travel in the direction they want to travel, no matter how much they are told not to. Despite trying to reverse the direction of these market forces, they have not ...

Online Media Daily
British Postal Service Aims Low With Retargeted Snail Mail

Royal Mail is the primary postal service for the U.K. (think USPS, but with cute British accents). It was founded -- get this -- in 1516 by Henry VIII, so it is not like they are ...

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