Super Bowl Auto Ads Increase Searches On Edmunds

Edmunds released data Sunday during Super Bowl 50 showing how television commercials from automotive manufacturers running prior to and during the game affected searches on its Web site for automakers and their brands. The data analyzed searches on desktop and mobile. ...


Bob Garfield: Garfield At Large

The history of Super Bowl ad fiascos is rich with malpractice, and Sunday gave us some more. But the only thing worth discussing is Audi, and the spot called "Commander." ...

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Mobile Insider
The Trump-ification Of 2016: The Super Bowl Implodes

Like our politics this year, the advertising around Super Bowl 50 may be sad indications of institutional decline - just how detached the rituals have become from their original purpose. ...

Barbara Lippert: Madblog
Super Bowl Ads: The Glory, The Greatness, The Marilyns

Back in 2010, BBDO, one of the foremost agency makers of Super Bowl spots, rejiggered the use of celebrity in a way that won the game for Snickers. So I was primed for more Snicker's "Hungry" ...

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