IAB Estimates 'Untrustworthy' Cost At $8.2 Bil, Consumer Ad Blocking To Prevent Malware At $781 Mil

The cost to the ad industry of consumers using ad blockers to protect themselves from digital malware is $781 million, according to findings released this morning by the Interactive Advertising Bureau. The figure, which the IAB attributed not to the cost of all ad-blocking, but just the portion motivated by consumers seeking to protect themselves from malware, was developed by an IAB-led task force ...


Bob Garfield: Garfield At Large
I Hate Cyber Mondays

You cannot have a quality user experience and an advertising model in the same universe. The restrictions imposed to ensure a pleasant user experience are choking off the ad revenue the publishers need to keep the ...

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Online Spin
This Message Brought to You by... Nobody

A bigger part of my world is becoming ad-free. My TV viewing is probably 80% ad-free now. Same with my music listening. Together, that costs me about $20 per month. It's a price I don't mind ...

Red, White & Blog
Chris Christie's Final Push

'The New Hampshire Union Leader' has backed Gov. Christie for the Republican nomination. Publisher Joseph McQuaid wrote, "Gov. Christie is right for these dangerous times. He has prosecuted terrorists and dealt admirably with major disasters." ...

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