Lamar Acquires Alliance Airport Advertising

The airport advertising marketplace is undergoing consolidation, with Lamar Advertising Co.'s announcement that it has acquired Alliance Airport Advertising, giving it control of out-of-home ad assets in some of the country's larger airports. ...


Google Ads Reflect Sex Discrimination, Study Suggests

A new study by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University suggests that Web users' gender can determine whether they are served ads by Google that could lead to higher-paying opportunities. Google responds that advertisers can choose to ...

Events & Awards

Each year, all year, MediaPost hosts more than 30 events across a range of marketing disciplines ... including our OMMA events, Insider Summits and Creative Media, OMMA and Appy Awards. Chances are some are just right for you.

Advertiser Beware: You Need A Contract With Your Media Shop And Separately One With Its Holding Company

Media agency holding company deals with media owners generate discounts of which their own media agencies are unaware. These deals never enter the media agency trading systems. So the media auditor data never embraces them and ...

Bob Garfield: Garfield At Large

One of the cleverer gambits to avert the utter collapse of the media economy is the experiment by Google called Contributor. It enables users to block ads on their favorite Web sites by instead paying small ...

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