National TV Ad Dollars Dip, Digital Rises

Although double-digit percentage TV scatter revenue gains in April helped counteract major declines in upfront dollars placed, total national TV dollars placed on TV networks declined for the month. Cable TV networks were down 7%, with broadcast networks off 8%. ...


London Blog
Can McDonald's Really Be This Dumb?

The answer to McDonald's flagging global sales is so simple it is literally staring them in the face. Just putting something they already make into a box they already have by the cash register could earn ...

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Online Spin
Ad Injection Could Be The New Ad Fraud

Mobile operators' threat to block online ads in Europe, reported last week, was startling. The assumption was that, jealous of the pie they'd been missing, operators would hold Google up for ransom. This could be the ...

Online Media Daily
Unsolicited Advice To The Graduate

I am scheduled to be the "parent speaker" at a dinner for the seniors graduating from my son's high school. This is like getting the "$10 for second place in the beauty contest" card in Monopoly ...

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