AOL Launches A Data Management Platform, Unveils TV Ad Targeting Tech

Big Data just got much bigger at AOL. At its second annual "Programmatic Upfront" event in New York on Monday, AOL announced the launch of a data management platform (DMP) with multi-touch attribution using technology from Convertro, the consumer tracking platform and attribution tech firm that AOL acquired in May. ...


Bob Garfield: Garfield At Large
P.R. Wild Pitches, Autumn Edition

This is fall, which means three things: The NFL is back, more corrupt than ever, Congress is useless (the other three seasons, too), and it's time for the semiannual P.R. Wild Pitches. Publicity worst practices in ...

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Sideswipes: Say Hello To ello

The anti-ad brand model that ello is defining is different than simply "being against advertising revenue." Ello is the first conversation to drop on the public radar about whether we, as a collective consciousness of digital ...

TV Watch
Traditional TV Ad Revs: Still To Grow, Perhaps At Expense Of Digital Platforms

So what if we got it all wrong? Maybe more money than realized will land on traditional TV than on digital services in the future years. This isn't to discount digital advertising growth -- just to ...

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