Lawmakers Struggle With Data Breach Proposals

Last year was "the year of the data breach," with Target, Home Depot and Sony the most prominent in a long list of compromised companies. Never letting a good lawmaking opportunity go to waste, an equally long list of legislators in the 2015-2016 Congress have signed on to more than half a dozen data breach and data security bills, with more in the wo ...


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Mind The Gap: Agencies Are From Venus, Clients Are From Mars

Following on from the gap we identified last week between brand marketing and the sales/trade/shopper marketing teams, the ANA has delivered a different gap analysis in a new report called "Enhancing Client/Agency Relations 2015." Before we ...

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Programmatic Mobile Video Getting Its Legs

Marketers are in the process of learning and perfecting mobile advertising, video advertising, and the art of using programmatic technologies -- all independent of one another. But there's also overlap between the three -- i.e. mobile ...

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Media Agencies Aren't Going Away -- But Being 'Agents' Might

The business of media has changed so much over the past few years that the notion of media agencies being "agents" of advertisers may no longer apply. That's the message that Irwin Gotlieb, CEO of WPP's ...

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