Time Inc. Shakeup Continues, Magazines Grouped Into 4 Editorial Divisions

The publisher's newly appointed Chief Content Officer Alan Murray announced a new round of promotions and appointments as part of a new editorial structure. Press reports indicate that the company may soon do away with the traditional position of "publisher" for individual titles. ...


The End Of Advertising, As We Know It

Eighty-eight percent of Fortune 500 companies that were around in 1955 no longer exist today. Industries get disrupted. How's that working out for advertising? Until relatively recently, the ad industry has been dominated by the same ...

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Barbara Lippert: Madblog
The Ladies And The Trump

In all great political dynasties -- say, the Trumps, Bushes, Kennedys, Corleones,and Clintons, among others -- there are always "I, Claudius"-meets-"House of Cards"-like elements of infighting, intrigue and betrayal. ...

Time To Play The Trump Card

I put off writing this column for a very long time, thinking that Americans would eventually come to their senses and reject Donald Trump for the nearly illiterate huckster that he is. But with the election ...

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