NFL Plans To Change Player Conduct Policy As P&G Cancels Promotion

With the backdrop of yet another NFL marketing partner suspending activities or promotions, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell now says he got it wrong when he stated that the league isn't close to losing any sponsors. On Friday, Procter & Gamble said it was canceling a major breast cancer awareness promotion it had been planning with the NFL, the latest sponsor responding to the NFL's ...


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Breed A Bully, And Guess What? That's What You Get

I find it fascinating that fans of the NFL who scream for blood and loudly cheer career-ending hits on Sunday are surprised when players carry that instinct -- and training -- to inflict pain into their ...

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CMOs Just Aren't That Social. Question Is, Why?

There are plenty of things I've never understood about CMOs -- like why they'd take a job that seldom lasts that long -- but chief among those things I just don't get is their often-willful ignorance ...

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A Prospect Ignored Isn't Really A Prospect

I've ranted about this before -- and, oh yes, I shall rant again! But first, the back story. I needed some work done at a property I own. I found three contractors online and reached out ...

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