Walmart Selects Haworth For $900 Million U.S. Media Account

The two firms had been in talks since April, shortly after the agency relinquished the Target account, which was taken over by GroupM (which acquired a 49% stake in Haworth two years ago). ...


FCC Postpones Vote On Plan To Replace Set-Top Boxes With Apps

The cable industry got a reprieve today when the Federal Communications Commission delayed a vote on a proposal that would have enabled consumers to shed expensive cable boxes. ...

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The Ad-Tech Tax

There is some research, and a lot of loose talk, about the so-called ad-tech tax. The term suggests that selling advertising with technology has a hidden, possibly unjustified, cost. Not true. As in every supply system, ...

HAL: 'I Am Sorry Frank, This Doesn't Compute'

That talkative computer from "2001: A Space Odyssey" takes on the advertising world. ...

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