FTC: Machinima Broke Law, Starcom Deal For Microsoft Cited

Online gaming network Machinima violated laws against deceptive advertising by secretly paying video bloggers to tout the Xbox One, the Federal Trade Commission said in a complaint unveiled on Wednesday. ...


Wikipedia Identifies, Bans Blackhat Editors

Wikipedia has banned 381 blackhat editors getting paid to post and maintain promotional content to the online encyclopedia after the site's CheckUser group identified "sock puppet" editors creating promotional articles, and inserting promotional external links. ...

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New Late-Night War Heats Up With Trump, Biden Bookings

No sooner did a press release arrive on Tuesday announcing that "The Tonight Show" had booked Donald Trump for next Friday's show than another announcement came that Joe Biden would appear a day earlier on "The ...

Bob Garfield: Garfield At Large

For ironic good measure, the particular terminology for this sort of news segment is "live shot." Deranged killing as performance art. A perfect, premeditated metamurder. ...

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