Rentrak On Track To Gather Data From 26M Set-Top Box Homes

Growing TV-media measurement company Rentrak continues to add millions of TV set-top boxes it can access -- double its levels of three years ago. By the end of 2014, Rentrak will glean data from 26 million homes, helped to these higher levels through deals made with pay TV providers DirecTV and Cox. ...


Fearless Emmy Predictions And Preferences: Movies And Miniseries

Most of us focus on the excitement of the Drama and Comedy Series categories when watching the Emmy Awards. But this year the nominations for Movies and Miniseries and the actors who starred in them could ...

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Technology Is Moving Us Closer To Perfect Markets

Travel is just one of the markets that technology has made more perfect. And when I say "perfect," I use the term in its economic sense. A perfect market has perfect competition, which means that the ...

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The Perfect Viral Storm

You've no doubt heard about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. With its incredible success and somewhat annoying ubiquity, you'd think it would have kicked the you-know-what by now and left in the dust by some other, ...

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