Apple News Signs Up Dozens Of Publishing Partners

As Apple prepares to launch the new Apple News app, the technology giant is signing up publishing partners at a rapid clip. That reflects its central role in the media landscape and the growing importance of platforms to publishers in search of scale. ...


The Daily Blog
Consumers Unaware How Much Pubs Rely On Online Ads

Most consumers don't understand the business models which support their favorite publications. Specifically, the role played by advertising, now threatened by the growing use of ad blockers. ...

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Online Spin
3 Things TV Networks Must Do This Fall

While many question how TV will fare in 2020, there is still no question that it is still the 800-pound gorilla in 2015. But for that to continue, TV companies will have to work harder to ...

Barbara Lippert: Madblog
On VW's Golden Pond: The Shock Of The Old

It all started innocently enough: A friend posted an article on my Facebook page about the latest VW ads starring the Golden Sisters. She wrote, "I love these! Have you seen them?" ...

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