Rentrak Starts TV Ratings Service For Syndicated Programs

After many years of offering TV station ratings and TV network viewing data, Rentrak is starting up a data service for syndication TV programming. The service will report national ratings and impressions for live, C3 and C7 metrics for total TV homes as well as, automotive purchasing, retailer spend, creditworthiness and political audiences based on daily reporting from all 210 markets. ...


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Blocking The Blockers - Are Publishers Preparing To Call Time On Digital Shoplifters?

It looks like we may be on the verge of a major publisher barring the ad blockers. Let's applaud them -- and hope that common sense is contagious. ...

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Next On Consumers' To-Block List: Content Marketing!

It was Advertising Week in New York last week, and the discussions about ad blocking, content marketing and media revenue models were manifold. In one session, Google's head of advertising, Sridhar Ramaswamy, said that the reason ...

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If You Rebrand Advertising, Would Creatives Or Consumers Be Impressed?

Sir Martin Sorrell has a strong point of view on the names of things. Here he is on linking his own company with the term "advertising": "We need to rename it because it encourages people to ...

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