JC Penney Launches Media Agency Review

The retailer hasn't conducted a full-blown media agency review in over a decade, when Omnicom's OMD was awarded the account. Word of the review comes after the company confirmed that a new CEO was taking the helm of the company in November -- Marvin Ellison, former executive vice president of U.S. stores for Home Depot. ...


Social Media Insider
What The Ello! This Ad-Free Social Net May Be Onto Something

Not that I've gone on it again since registering a few weeks ago, but Ello is starting to get more interesting, what with the news it just received $5.5 million in funding from real, live venture ...

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Barbara Lippert: Madblog
Being The Change, Seeing The Change -- And Not Shutting Up

These days, ad people like to think that things are pretty gender-neutral in advertising city. It goes along the lines of "So stop your yapping about that whole gender gap-flap already. It hardly matters which bathroom ...

Audience Buying Insider
How Unbundling Content And Audience Will Negatively Impact Advertisers

As a reaction to the news last week that HBO and CBS plan to offer direct-to-consumer subscription models, Joe Marchese does a great job in last week's Online Spin explaining the impact of the cable bundle. ...

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