Biggest Brands Led U.S. Ad Slowdown, Autos Plummeted Through Q3

The slowdown in U.S. ad spending appears to be more pronounced among some of the nation's biggest advertisers, according to estimates released this morning by WPP's Kantar Media unit. Half of the top 10 advertisers decreased their ad budgets through the first three-quarters of 2014 vs. the same period in 2013, including double-digit reductions by the nation's two largest advertisers: Procter & Gamble and ...


Bob Garfield: Garfield At Large
This Story Will Restore Your Faith...But Not Your Phone Service

If you're going to choose a customer to be unavoidably detained from five times in one week, wouldn't be wise to check him out? Is he someone willing to rally the faithless into demanding better -- ...

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Barbara Lippert: Madblog
Sony's Surrender: The Sound And The Fuhrer

It's hard to believe that the backstory surrounding "The Interview," the dimwitted bro-mance road movie that Sony Pictures ended up pulling from theaters Wednesday, could have achieved such levels of worldwide crisis and stupidity. Yet it ...

Search Marketing Daily
The Apology Marketing Roadmap

Make a racist comment? No problem. Post something embarrassing to your company's Twitter feed? That's a net positive. Comment on a celebrity's talent? No one really cares. Call someone out for stealing? No sweat. ...

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