Omnicom Inks Landmark CineMedia Upfront Deal, Integrates Mobile, Video

Omnicom Media Group has entered into an upfront agreement with National CineMedia to bring Omnicom client brands to movie patrons across NCM's network. The deal, which will cover approximately $50 million in advertising during the next year, is the latest example of Omnicom Media Group's video-neutral approach to media-buying. ...


Online Spin
The Spreading Activation Model Of Advertising

"Beatle."I have just primed you. Before you even finished reading the word above, you had things popping into your mind. Perhaps it was a mental image of an individual Beatle: either John, Paul, George or Ringo. ...

Events & Awards

Each year, all year, MediaPost hosts more than 30 events across a range of marketing disciplines ... including our OMMA events, Insider Summits and Creative Media, OMMA and Appy Awards. Chances are some are just right for you.

Mr. Spock And Us

When I saw that Leonard Nimoy had died, I thought, oh, boy, here comes another social-media meltdown. Sure enough, Facebook and Twitter did not disappoint. For about 12 hours last Friday, about half the posts on ...

Bob Garfield: Garfield At Large
Why Google And Facebook Deserve Your Trust, Without Reservation

There are clearly two cultures occupying the same country, with very different ideas of what constitutes a gift, an agreement and perpetuity. I speak, of course, of the culture of Big Social on the one hand, ...

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