FTC's McSweeny Reminds Advertisers To Disclose Paid Endorsements

The technology that advertisers use may have changed, but the Federal Trade Commission's mission remains the same. That was the main message in FTC Commissioner Terrell McSweeny's first address before the advertising industry Tuesday at the Association of National Advertisers annual advertising law and public policy conference in Washington. ...


Bob Garfield: Garfield At Large
P.R. Wild Pitches, Spring Edition

Tra la, tra la. Spring is here! And with it, daffodils and baseball and Easter Eggs -- and our semiannual shaming of public-relations incompetence! ...

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Sideswipes: Multiplication - Why The Next Big Thing Is Multiplying What We Have

What are the stems of meaning for data in advertising? We take for granted that data is valuable for acquisition, retention, and surprise and discovery. What if we established new stems that multiplied the meaning for ...

Online Spin
To The Graduating Class Of 2015: Don't Rely On Planning

My oldest daughter is graduating from university in a few short weeks. She's planning for the future. Her mother and I, being practical parents, have instilled this need for planning in her. It's what practical people ...

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