ANA Advises Advertisers To Make 'Measurably Viewable' New Digital Ad Currency Standard

In a move that could accelerate the shift toward so-called "viewable" ad impressions, the Association of National Advertisers this morning issued an advisory to its members, asking them to transition their digital investment strategies to pay for digital advertisements that are "measurably viewable." The request, which came during the CEO Bob Liodice's opening remarks at the ANA's Advertising Financial Management Conference in Phoenix, was ...


Bob Garfield: Garfield At Large
Death By Magic Beans

Hey, kids, let's play the Good News/Bad News game! At issue is the negotiations with BuzzFeed, National Geographic and "The New York Times" to host those publishers' content on Facebook itself -- not to link to ...

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U.S. Rebates: Stock Price Trumps Advertisers

Shareholders could prove more influential than advertisers in the U.S. rebate debate. As the ANA's Financial Management conference kicks off in Phoenix this week, I'm looking for signs of good will on both sides to make ...

Online Spin
Omni-Channel, Multi-Channel, And The One Magic Missing Ingredient

Lately, I have been reading a lot of omni-channel and multi-channel research papers. I shared some findings from Nielsen's "Screen Wars" study last week, but apart from the Nielsen study, I also read a Google/DoubleClick study ...

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