EU Parliament Votes On Google, Search Engine Breakup

The European Parliament has recommended that Google search be split from other parts of the business -- not just Google, but any search engine tied to the respective company's other businesses. On Thursday, the Parliament passed a vote pointing to the online search market as particularly important in supporting "competitive conditions" within digital online markets in an effort "to prevent any abuse in the ...


Barbara Lippert: Madblog
If You're Happy And You Know It, Stuff Your Face

With the big gobble-gobble weekend approaching, it's probably a great time for Weight Watchers to debut this new 60-second spot, timed for prime family viewing on our first Post-Turkey Sunday. (AKA, when the stuffing hits the ...

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Video Critique
Stove Top Should Have Done More With Its Thanksgiving Video Campaign

As a brand director, then, I would marshal all my resources around Thanksgiving. Brand loyalties can't be forged or cemented in or around a holiday without much of a specific retail bent, you say? Hogwash! Betsy, ...

Daily Online Examiner
Twitter's Data Grab: Company Wants To Know What Other Apps Users Install

In the latest data grab by a Silicon Valley company, Twitter said today that it will start collecting information about which other apps are installed on its users' phones. The company says it is doing so ...

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