Rentrak Starts TV Ratings Service For Syndicated Programs

After many years of offering TV station ratings and TV network viewing data, Rentrak is starting up a data service for syndication TV programming. The service will report national ratings and impressions for live, C3 and C7 metrics for total TV homes as well as, automotive purchasing, retailer spend, creditworthiness and political audiences based on daily reporting from all 210 markets. ...


Bob Garfield: Garfield At Large
The Marketing Of Mayhem

In a society that does not distinguish between notoriety and celebrity, that makes icons and even anti-heroes out of villains, that rewards obscure, murderous misfits with instant worldwide recognition, the very process of basic reporting makes ...

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Barbara Lippert: Madblog
Weathering Advertising Week: Advertising For Good?

"(Fill in the blank) is about to change everything," tended to be the rough title of about 30% of the panels during Advertising Week -- it's an industry in transition, after all! Still, lifting the lid ...

Audience Buying Insider
AMC's Move To Programmatic Shows Evolution Of This Market

In a sign of how rapidly the so-called "programmatic TV" marketplace is evolving, one of the medium's most premium suppliers -- AMC Networks -- will begin selling some of its television commercial time programmatically. ...

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