'Sports Illustrated' Lays Off All Staff Photographers

While digital media is becoming more visual, that doesn't necessarily spell good news for professional photographers, many of whom are being forced out by a combination of shrinking budgets and cheap digital cameras. "Sports Illustrated" confirmed that it has laid off all six of its remaining staff photographers -- a particularly drastic move for a publication that relies heavily on images. ...


Is This TV's Worst Show?

It's possible to come upon a show you find so appalling, you might wonder if you have stumbled upon the "worst" show on TV. Consider "Little Women: LA," which started its second season on Lifetime earlier ...

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A LUMA-style Depiction Of TV As It Collides With Digital

The "LUMAscape" charts can often be a confused marketer's best friend when it comes to deciphering which company does what and when, and with the digital video and TV worlds colliding, WideOrbit, an ad management firm, ...

Barbara Lippert: Madblog
I Cried That I Had No Bread Bags For My Shoes -- And Then I Met A Man With No Feet

To be fair, all politics is theater, and certainly a televised occasion like the State of the Union speech, and its follow-up, is all performance. Whereas the follow-up part of the ritual - the ostensible honor ...

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