WPP Divests Ad Servers, Invests In AppNexus: Will Focus On Data And Software

After years of struggling with the fundamental ad technology question -- is it best to build, buy or rent -- WPP has decided it may actually be better to divest and invest. That explains the deal announced early this morning spinning off some of its most rigid and capital intensive ad technology -- the stacks of computer ad servers it owns -- as part ...


Bob Garfield: Garfield At Large
A Voyage To Uranus

We have our answer: 9 1/2 years. That is how long the entire agency business lives in denial after being informed, politely but firmly, that it is living on borrowed time. That's how long it took ...

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CMOs Just Aren't That Social. Question Is, Why?

There are plenty of things I've never understood about CMOs -- like why they'd take a job that seldom lasts that long -- but chief among those things I just don't get is their often-willful ignorance ...

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A Prospect Ignored Isn't Really A Prospect

I've ranted about this before -- and, oh yes, I shall rant again! But first, the back story. I needed some work done at a property I own. I found three contractors online and reached out ...

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