Ad Trade Groups To Form New Anti-Fraud Unit

This new collective organization will build upon the initial work laid out by the IAB Trustworthy Digital Supply Chain Initiative. The new body will have its own board and leadership, the organization will monitor the ad-marketing ecosystem for compliance and develop incentives for broad industry participation and consequences for fraudsters and other bad actors. ...


A Brief History Of Audience Targeting

Audience targeting and buying may appear to be the hot, (relatively) new terms of the ad industry, but Brian Wieser, senior analyst at Pivotal Research, contends the roots of audience targeting go back -- way back. ...

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Key to Cross-Platform Advertising Is Creating A Single Metric

There is a path for our industry to make true cross-platform measurement a reality - one that can bring both buyers and sellers together through the use of a single, unduplicated metric on which both sides ...

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Setting The Industry's Sights On Viewability

For many people in the digital advertising industry, 2014 is turning into "the year of viewability." This has certainly been a hot topic of discussion among ANA members for many months. However, it's important to understand ...

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