FCC Bans Broadband Providers From Blocking Traffic Or Creating Fast Lanes

The Federal Communications Commission voted on Thursday to impose net neutrality rules that prohibit broadband providers from blocking or degrading traffic and from creating online fast lanes. The FCC's three Democrats voted in favor of the order, which reclassifies broadband service as a utility, while the two GOP commissioners opposed the move. ...


Online Spin
Six Signs We're In The Postdigital Age Of Advertising

One day, advertising will enter a "postdigital age," when the concept and word "digital" will move into the background, where agencies and titles remove that moniker, where conversations switch from the pipes to the content. We're ...

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How Advertisers Can Lead the Fight Against Digital Piracy

For marketers, our brands are our most valuable possessions. Most advertisers would gladly remove risky sites from their campaigns, but until now, there hasn't been an easy process to ensure it will happen. ...

Barbara Lippert: Madblog
The Oscar And The Helix: Changing The Academy's DNA

Hey, Oscar. These days, your whole campy, top-hat-and-jazz-handsy dance is wildly out of step. You've become your own Botoxed, bloated parody. So what's a stiff old gold guy to do? ...

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