Havas Board Approves Bollore Group Tender Offer

The decision by the board came after reviewing the report of an independent advisor who concluded the tender offer is "fair," and is urging shareholders to tender their stakes. Bollore owns about 36% of the company and intends to acquire a majority stake but not 100%. Havas CEO Yannick Bollore did not participate in the vote, being a member of both the Havas and ...


Millennials Have Become Generation Fear

Today's students are scared to voice an opinion in class because one of their peers might broadcast a goofy answer on Instagram or Twitter, attach a shaming hashtag, and ruin their fake, digital reputation.These are students ...

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The Ultimate Accountability For Marketing Is Sales

For a very long time, marketers developed strategies to achieve marketing objectives like awareness, perception and efficiency. The pendulum shifted recently, with marketers now starting to take a more significant seat at the C-level table, realizing ...

Sideswipes: Flat Media

Some are calling Contributor a new way to pay for the Web. I'm calling it a flat media model because it pushes content creation into the mold of a new media concept called "hyperemployment," where all ...

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