Native Optimism Remains High, But Begins Eroding: Agencies More Bullish Than Clients

Ad executives remain bullish about spending more of their budgets on "native" advertising formats, but their enthusiasm is beginning to temper, according to a survey of marketers and ad agency executives responsible for buying media. Importantly, agency media buyers are far more optimistic about increased spending on native ad formats than their client counterparts. ...


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What Can Brands Do With Virtual Reality As It Gets Real?

Is virtual reality the next big thing? If so, what can we do about it now? More than at any other time, our industry needs to navigate a path between the profound opportunities in the world ...

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A Q&A With Jay: Leno On Kimmel, Fallon, Colbert And Letterman

Jay Leno still keeps tabs on the current crop of late-night stars -- except for Jimmy Kimmel, who has been so vocal over the years about his disdain for Leno. ...

Verizon Revises Behavioral Targeting Program, But Privacy Concerns Persist

Verizon Wireless has narrowed a controversial ad-targeting program that relies on "supercookies." But advocates say the company needs to make the program opt-in only. ...

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