4As Rejects ANA/Ebiquity Recommendations

The 4As has rejected the guidelines issued last week by the ANA and Ebiquity on how to proceed in business relationships with media agencies. Instead, the 4As is urging its members to rely on the guidelines it issued earlier this year, which the ANA has already rejected. ...


Thrilla In Phila., Day 4: The Coronation Of Hillary

This week at the four-day Democratic Convention, which wrapped up Thursday night with Hillary's coronation, Trump was accused of many things -- some deservedly, some not. ...

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Barbara Lippert: Madblog
Trump's Bump: The Scary Appeal Of The Authoritarian Father

Trump's persistent stickiness in the polls shows that we are hardly one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Rather, we are two warring tribes, hugely divided. And now more than ever, each side preaches ...

'And President Of The United States Of Love'*

I read a story this week about a PR agency that plans to appoint three CEOs. I was ruminating on the wisdom of that when, further down in the story, it was revealed that the firm ...

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