MRC Weighs In On Mobile 'Viewability,' Adds 'Loaded Ad' Criterion

The ad industry's media ratings watchdog, the Media Rating Council, has issued its first ever guidance for a "mobile viewable" ad impression, maintaining similar guidance for online display and video ads, but adding a new criterion that the mobile ad actually loaded. The MRC described new criterion as "interim guidance," but said the new "loaded ad" metric requires the "measurement of both pixels and ...


'Traditional' Upfront Season Gives Way To Anything-Goes 'Content' Bazaar

When the upfront presentations finally conclude on May 14, they will have been going on for 13 weeks. They have taken many forms, ranging from big multimedia presentations staged in cavernous auditoriums to much-smaller presentations staged ...

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Sideswipes: Collaborative Media

The landscape of media is predominantly about the visual -- pictures, video, gifs. What's underneath that landscape we rarely ask. But of course it's code. Yet we rarely think about that code until something happens that ...

Online Spin
Mind The Gap: Agencies Are From Venus, Clients Are From Mars

Following on from the gap we identified last week between brand marketing and the sales/trade/shopper marketing teams, the ANA has delivered a different gap analysis in a new report called "Enhancing Client/Agency Relations 2015." Before we ...

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