Source Closure Hits Mag Newsstand Sales Hard

Until it closed in June of this year, Source Interlink Distribution was one of the country's largest magazine wholesalers, supplying around 30% of the magazine retailers. Publishers have taken a major hit to magazine sales in the third quarter. ...


Daily Online Examiner
Yahoo To Stop Serving Targeted Ads To Some Firefox Users

When Mozilla and Yahoo announced their blockbuster new search partnership, which makes Yahoo the default search engine on Firefox, the companies also said that Yahoo will honor do-not-track commands sent by Firefox users. But what the ...

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Social Media Insider
What's Up With WhatsApp? More Than You Think

WhatsApp, to most of us American social media guru wannabes, is pretty much that thing that Facebook bought last year for $19 billion, even though its founders detest advertising so much they wrote a manifesto about ...

Barbara Lippert: Madblog
Comedians Fighting For Control In Cars: Is Jerry Seinfeld Hyper-Aware?

"Sweet fancy Moses!" See that? Scooping up any random line from a "Seinfeld" episode makes this opener about 400 times funnier than anything I could have come up with myself. ...

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