In Zaneis Madison Ave Trusts, Will Head Accountability Group

The ad industry's Trustworthy Accountability Group has tapped Interactive Advertising Bureau executive Mike Zaneis to serve as the organization's new president and CEO. Zaneis, who has been interim CEO since taking over from Linda Woolley in March, says he will leave the Interactive Advertising Bureau once the organization hires his replacement. ...


Bob Garfield: Garfield At Large
It's All Greek To Me

We are told we are in a golden age of content, ingenuity and utility. But we are not. Because almost nobody has located the gold. Call it the Geek capital crisis. ...

Events & Awards

Each year, all year, MediaPost hosts more than 30 events across a range of marketing disciplines ... including our OMMA events, Insider Summits and Creative Media, OMMA and Appy Awards. Chances are some are just right for you.

Online Spin
A Few Words On Memories

It's been a highly emotional weekend for me. After a long battle, my Mom slipped quietly away in the middle of the night last Thursday. My dad, my sisters Laurel and Heather and I held her ...

Media Agency Reviews-Ad Tech Buyer Beware

It's hard to keep up with all of the major brands reviewing their media agency assignments. The reasons are varied, but it can't be a coincidence that the worlds of traditional and programmatic media planning and ...

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