Netflix Urges Users To Recommend TV, Movies Via Facebook

As part of its broader social marketing strategy, Netflix is now encouraging users to recommend particular TV shows and movies to friends and family on Facebook. Per the new feature, a user's Facebook connections will receive their recommendation the next time they log into Netflix. Those friends who have not connected Netflix and Facebook will receive their recommendation as a private message via Facebook ...


Bob Garfield: Garfield At Large
The Genius Glut

Verily, we live in a Golden Age of TV -- terrestrial, cable, streaming, telepathic, whatever. Unless you are devoted to the major networks, or stuff yourself on so-called reality TV, if you are seeking cultural treasure ...

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Interactive Or Die: Netflix And Pew Die Pie Take Two Roads

Netflix has announced that it will allow users to discreetly recommend films to their friends on Facebook -- a kind of interactivity that makes sense. On the other hand, Pew DiePie, the YouTube star with 30 ...

Video Insider
How Much Could I Save With OTT VOD Plan Rather Than Bundled Cable?

Today I am channeling my "inner Milennial" by doing an exercise to determine what would be a more financially responsible choice for my personal T/V viewing: OTT (over-the-top) options where I build my own unbundled VOD ...

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