IAB Estimates 'Untrustworthy' Cost At $8.2 Bil, Consumer Ad Blocking To Prevent Malware At $781 Mil

The cost to the ad industry of consumers using ad blockers to protect themselves from digital malware is $781 million, according to findings released this morning by the Interactive Advertising Bureau. The figure, which the IAB attributed not to the cost of all ad-blocking, but just the portion motivated by consumers seeking to protect themselves from malware, was developed by an IAB-led task force ...


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This Message Brought to You by... Nobody

A bigger part of my world is becoming ad-free. My TV viewing is probably 80% ad-free now. Same with my music listening. Together, that costs me about $20 per month. It's a price I don't mind ...

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Climate Action Means Industry, Government And People

Thomas Paine wrote that government is inherently punitive, a necessary evil consequent to the "inability of moral virtue to govern the world." That comes to mind this week, as the 21st Conference of the Parties to ...

Bob Garfield: Garfield At Large
I Hate Cyber Mondays

You cannot have a quality user experience and an advertising model in the same universe. The restrictions imposed to ensure a pleasant user experience are choking off the ad revenue the publishers need to keep the ...

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