Bollore Group Makes Tender Offer For A Majority Stake In Havas

The French conglomerate has effectively controlled Havas since CEO Vincent Bollore staged a boardroom coup of the French ad holding company in 2005. Now Bollore Group, which has owned a little more than a third of Havas since that time, has made a tender offer to buy majority ownership of the company. The move comes amid speculation that Adland will continue to consolidate. Havas, ...


Social Media Insider
Tell Me This: Is It Possible to Still Get Organic Reach?

The Social Media Insider has (yet another) confession to make: if she could write about just anything this week, it would be the news that HBO and CBS are both planning to offer subscriber-based streaming services. ...

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Barbara Lippert: Madblog
Poached Eggs And The New Corporate Toast

Earlier in the week, Apple and Facebook each revealed a new perk for their female employees: egg freezing and storage as a path of reproductive management for 20- and 30-something women. To me, it sounded straight ...

Online Spin
Nope, Sorry, You Should Still Shut Up And Love the Cable Bundle

Everyone seems to be cheering yesterday's announcement by HBO CEO Richard Plepler that, starting next year, its content will be available as a standalone over-the-top streaming service. Boom! No cable or satellite subscription needed for "Game ...

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