WPP Has Found Its Next Chairman: Roberto Quarta

The UK executive will join the WPP board on Jan. 1 as non-executive director and Chairman-designate. In June at the company's annual meeting he will stand for re-election and succeed Philip Lader, who has been WPP chairman since 2001. ...


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The Sony Watchman Finally Proves Itself

Video content can't get off the desktop fast enough, it seems. In the process one has to wonder how the greater personalization of the viewing experience will ultimately change TV as we have known it. ...

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The Sorry State Of Online Publishing

Dynamic tension can be a good thing. There are plenty of examples of when this is so, but online publishing isn't one of them. Publishing's plunging transaction costs and its increasingly desperate attempts to shore up ...

The Next Big Thing Is Small

We're in a battle between legacy providers and new incumbents, and the assets that made companies of the past succeed now appear to be liabilities. How do companies best equip themselves for the future? The most ...

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