Sen. Leahy Asks Comcast For Net-Neutrality Promise

Comcast should vow to refrain from charging content companies higher fees in exchange for speedier delivery of their material, the head of the Senate Judiciary Committee said on Monday. The lawmaker is asking Comcast to promise to avoid paid prioritization arrangements -- regardless of whether its pending $45 billion merger with Time Warner Cable is approved. ...


Snapchat Ads Could Change Everything

Snapchat just made online ads interesting and new. Snapchat ads give us an entirely new problem: we now need to make ads that people want to see, and we can make them any length, but they ...

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Bob Garfield: Garfield At Large
Someone Please, Please Whelm Me

Let's just say the future of TV is pretty well established by now. The news that HBO is untethering itself from exclusive cable distribution and CBS will offer a paid-streaming service for its broadcast offerings more ...

Online Spin
The Unstoppable Growth Of Programmatic Is Going To Kill Jobs

Darn it, I really wanted to write a rant about Twitter profiles from people that put a #hashtag #in #front #of #every #word #in #their #profile. Or people that qualify their profile with monikers like #thoughtleader ...

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