Senator, FCC And Others Support FTC In Battle Over AT&T Data Throttling

A recent decision by a federal appellate court will "greatly limit the government's ability to police unfair and deceptive practices," Senator Richard Blumenthal argues. ...


The Politicalization Of Television

There was a time when television was a unifying force in this country -- when nightly news anchors were respected figures of authority, and you could use the boob tube as an instrument of escapism, not ...

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Bob Garfield: Garfield At Large
AT&T Marketing Practices Part II: Zeroing In

If you are one of the handful of Americans who still watches commercials, you know that AT&T already offers subscribers of its recently acquired DirecTV subsidiary free streaming on its wireless network. You can watch a ...

Online Spin
America, You're Great (But You Might Be Surprised Why)

The first time I went to Washington D.C., I was struck by the extreme polarity I saw there. That day, the Tea Party was staging a demonstration against Obamacare on the Mall in front of the ...

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