Time Inc. Rolls Out 'Paid Content,' First To Make Transition From Totally Free

Time Inc., the world's largest publisher of magazines -- printed and otherwise -- has officially unveiled its new "paid content" strategy, which will effectively establish a so-called "pay wall" for visitors to its magazine Web sites who aren't also subscribers of the magazines. Time Inc. chief Joe Ripp said the strategy will begin with Entertainment Weekly's, but will be rolled out to other ...


Barbara Lippert: Madblog
Once More Into The Brief, Don Draper

At the risk of beating a dead finale, I do have a few recent revelations about "Mad Men" to chew over -- straight from the horse's mouth, so to speak. ...

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Online Spin
With Home Address Identification, Reveelz Takes Targeting Too Far

As ads become more and more ubiquitous, and as advertisers become more and more sophisticated in the use of technology and big data to cut through the clutter, everyone is forced to continue upping their game ...

Online Media Daily
Useful Vs. Creepy: The Jury Is Still Out

Serving "the right ad, to the right person, at the right time" has become the industry mantra for the 21st century, with the underlying assumption being that if you do that, people will buy your product. ...

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