Optimism Index Climbs To Highest Level Yet: All Media Except Print And Portals On The Rise

In another encouraging sign for the advertising economy, the optimism of ad executives -- both marketers and agency counterparts -- is at its highest level since an industry researcher began tracking it seven years ago. The data, which comes from the Perception Group's Advertiser Optimism Index, is based on the self-reported perceptions that ad execs have for increasing or decreasing their ad budgets in ...


The Post-Fragmentation Marketing World

Advertising is a $300 billion a year global industry that's working for nobody, consumers, media owners, agencies or brands, yet, the softly beating pulse of the global recovery means that few have the urgency or brevity ...

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Online Media Daily
Say Bye-Bye to Good Ol' Boy Alpha Dogs

Apparently people of the female persuasion are performing far better than men on almost all effective leadership key attributes. So says the annual Ketchum Leadership Communication Monitor, which polled 6,509 people in 13 countries for their ...

Barbara Lippert: Madblog
Selling T-shirt Feminism: Whose F-Bomb Is It, Anyway?

I've written before about "Fempowerment," the current advertising and marketing trend filled with you-go-girl messages about breaking down barriers and building confidence and power. And I think I can safely say that with "Potty-Mouthed Princesses Drop ...

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