NBC TV Revs Drop, Films And Theme Parks Rise

Overall revenue for NBCUniversal sank 4.0% to $6.6 billion. Excluding any sports programming gave NBC nearly an 8% rise to $6.2 billion. Total NBC broadcast revenue was down 14.2% to $2.2 billion. Cable networks were also down 5.9% to $2.36 billion. ...


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Mind The Gap: Agencies Are From Venus, Clients Are From Mars

Following on from the gap we identified last week between brand marketing and the sales/trade/shopper marketing teams, the ANA has delivered a different gap analysis in a new report called "Enhancing Client/Agency Relations 2015." Before we ...

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Programmatic Mobile Video Getting Its Legs

Marketers are in the process of learning and perfecting mobile advertising, video advertising, and the art of using programmatic technologies -- all independent of one another. But there is also overlap between the three -- i.e., ...

Google Opens Door To Mobile Search Competition

The mobile algorithm that many businesses feared would send them plummeting in search rankings might become the very reason that Google will see some up-and-coming niche competition this year. For Vurn, it takes common queries like ...

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