TV Upfront Forecast To Be Weak

It looks like there will be a repeat of the weak TV upfront marketplace this season -- and a mediocre TV market overall -- according to one new estimate. Vincent Letang, director of global forecasting for Interpublic Group's Magna Global, forecasts that the national TV advertising market will inch up just 0.4%, excluding major events. ...


Barbara Lippert: Madblog
The 'Mad Men' Set-Up: How Will We Deal?

"Mad Men" resumes next Sunday, April 5, and the final seven episodes of the series are fittingly called "The End of an Era." As I mentioned last week in my maudlin musings, I'm obsessed with -- ...

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Google Fiber Ads Vs. Facebook Audiences

Separate news from Google, Facebook and this week highlight different approaches to advertising on different media. While the focus for television advertising will remain around brand-building among relatively broad audience, the Web will increasingly be ...

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Keep On Truckumenting: Nissan Documents New Approach To Brand Content

In a surprising twist to the rapidly evolving art of brand storytelling, a top Nissan media executive unveiled a new hybrid form of brand content -- the truckumentary -- and how it can be used to ...

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