Facebook Improves Mobile Ad Targeting To Specific Devices

Facebook announced a unique improvement to its mobile ad-targeting powers. Advertisers and developers will soon be able to reach the owners of specific mobile devices, from the Samsung Galaxy S5 to the iPhone 5s. The change should also put users of Facebook's Mobile App Ads in a better position to identify which devices are working best for theirs apps. ...


As They Head To Comic-Con, 'The Flash' And 'Gotham' Have Everybody Buzzing

The annual San Diego Comic-Con kicks off tonight and will be in full mad swing by noon tomorrow. So what better time to take an early look at the two new network series that will likely ...

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A Different View Of The Customer Lifecycle

The customer lifecycle is almost as hot a buzzword as "big data" -- but what exactly is a customer lifecycle? Is it really a circular journey? Is it linear? ...

Listen Up! The Digital Audio Channel Is Still A Missed Opportunity

The digital audio channel gets in our heads and in our lives in ways that are unlike any other media form. We need to explore ad and promotional formats that take advantage of these patterns. ...

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