Madison Avenue Calls On Nielsen To Address Diaries, Billions In Local TV Ad Buys At Stake

As Nielsen begins implementing some of the biggest changes to its TV ratings methods since the introduction of the people meter, the world's biggest media buyers say the researcher is ignoring a vital part of the mix that is putting billions of TV advertising dollars at risk: the paper-and-pencil diary that is still the currency for most of America's local TV markets. In a ...


Mr. Spock And Us

When I saw that Leonard Nimoy had died, I thought, oh, boy, here comes another social-media meltdown. Sure enough, Facebook and Twitter did not disappoint. For about 12 hours last Friday, about half the posts on ...

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Bob Garfield: Garfield At Large
Why Google And Facebook Deserve Your Trust, Without Reservation

There are clearly two cultures occupying the same country, with very different ideas of what constitutes a gift, an agreement and perpetuity. I speak, of course, of the culture of Big Social on the one hand, ...

Daily Online Examiner
Comcast Merger Still Poses Threat, Critics Warn

If Comcast's $45 billion merger with Time Warner Cable goes through, the deal will extend the company's broadband footprint, leaving it as the only option for high-speed broadband in many U.S. homes. Critics say that even ...

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