Google's Waze Real-Time Reporting App Criticized For Tracking Police

Real-time traffic reporting has made Google-owned Waze popular with drivers, but law enforcement question the importance of being able to track police officials. It not only puts their life in jeopardy, but could derail any undercover operations in the works. Real-time reporting may be important when tracking traffic to determine congested areas or for consumers who opt-in to ad targeting for specials and coupons, ...


Bob Garfield: Garfield At Large
Top 7 Things Nobody Will Miss When The Internet Disappears

The Internet will fade into the background, says Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google. Yes, it will just vanish, like Amelia Earhart or state anti-gay marriage bans or NBC's "Bad Judge." Poof. Up in smoke. Now ...

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'View,' 'Biggest Loser' Stories Demonstrate Futility Of Denials

Two TV stories in the news lately are great examples of the wide gulf that sometimes exists between reporters in the pursuit of truth and those who wish to quash or at least blunt those reporters' ...

Sideswipes: Nike+ Trust?

Don't worry if you draw a blank when I say "Giovanni Buttarelli." He's the data protection "watchdog" for the EU. Unless you follow privacy conversations, you won't know GB. But he set out his agenda at ...

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