Google Goes For 100% Ad Viewability

Google will introduce 100% viewable ads in the next few months, bringing all campaigns bought on a CPM into view across the Google Display Network. Although the announcement doesn't say whether the latest metric will support ads blocked by ad-blocking software or the ones that sneak through whitelists, Google wants to ensure that the media dollars spent will have the most impact. ...


Barbara Lippert: Madblog
Weathering Advertising Week: Advertising For Good?

"(Fill in the blank) is about to change everything," tended to be the rough title of about 30% of the panels during Advertising Week -- it's an industry in transition, after all! Still, lifting the lid ...

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AMC's Move To Programmatic Shows Evolution Of This Market

In a sign of how rapidly the so-called "programmatic TV" marketplace is evolving, one of the medium's most premium suppliers -- AMC Networks -- will begin selling some of its television commercial time programmatically. ...

New Tool Blocks Content, Allowing Ads To Load Faster

Silicon Alley tech startup used New York's schizophrenic Advertising Week to announce that it has launched a browser-based program that blocks all online content except ads. ...

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