Google Takes Backseat To Facebook's Digital Display Ad Revenue

Google takes the No. 2 position in digital display advertising revenue behind Facebook, with its share of the U.S. market dipping from 13.7% in 2014 to 13.0% this year, and down to 11.1% by 2017, per data released Thursday. ...


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Dear Sir Martin Sorrell - The Transparency Needed in Advertising Isn't In Financial Reporting, It's In Agency Bills

When Martin Sorrell claimed the industry needs transparency, you can imagine how many clients would agree, only to hear he meant in financial reporting. Many may suggest that he looks at the industry's real transparency crisis ...

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FCC's Ajit Pai: Competition 'Best Tonic' To Blocking By Broadband Providers

Ajit Pai, one of two Republicans on the Federal Communications Commission, has made no secret of his dislike for the new net neutrality rules. Not only did he vote against the rules, but he has spent ...

'Mad Men': Remembering The Good Old Days

The final seven episodes of Season 7 of "Mad Men" begin on Sunday, April 5. "Mad Men" proved one of my favorite sayings: "Stars don't make shows, shows make stars." ...

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