More Negative TV Spots Against Trump Than Clinton

A new survey shows there were more than seven times as many negative TV commercials against Donald Trump than against Hillary Clinton in a recent seven-month primary season period. ...


Thrilla In Phila., Day 1: Comedian Wags Finger, Lectures Democrats

Somewhere between the Al Franken, Sarah Silverman and Paul Simon appearances at the Democratic Convention Monday night, I began to wonder if Lorne Michaels was producing this thing. ...

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Bob Garfield: Garfield At Large
Sorry, Stuck In Traffic

While Microsoft (finally) built up its cloud business and Google took over the world with search, Yahoo stood pat on content. Lots and lots of content viewed by lots and lots of people creating lots and ...

Australian Rules Advertising

Your favorite Chief Tomorroist (and Mediapost contributor) Jon Bond recently sat down with Sean Cummins of Cummins&Partners to discuss a new concept hitting the agency world: Australian Rules Advertising. Fresh off a Mumbrella Agency of the ...

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