• Newsflash! This Article Is Not About Super Bowl Ads!
    So yeah. The Super Bowl. It happened Sunday night, right? Did you love the ads? Did you hate the ads? Which one was your favorite? That Heinz ad was pretty cute.
  • IBM's iX Scoops Yet Another Digital Shop
    The ad agency wannabe has scooped up design agency Ecx.io. It's all to bolster the tech company's in-house agency Interactive Experience or iX.
  • Local Agencies: Want More Business? Pitch A Franchisee

    A recent BIA/Kelsey report released this week found more than 70% of franchisees work with an advertising or digital agency, the majority of which are small local agencies.

    The report, part of the BIA/Kelsey’s Local Commerce Monitor Wave 19 survey of small and medium-sized businesses, shows franchisees have increased their adoption of technology, using more digital media and platforms, including sponsored content, native ads and video display ads.

    Of the finding, BIA/Kelsey VP of Analytics and Insights Celine Matthiessen said, “Franchisees are not only testing the waters with these new formats, they are reporting good returns on their investments.

    When ...

  • This Hot Dog Lover Is Really Miffed That Heinz Put Ketchup Bottles In That Cute Super Bowl Dachshund Ad
    Hot Dog Diaries blogger Mark Andel writes: "Some Super Bowl copywriter and creative director and big-time ad agency apparently don't know Chicagoans -- or they don't care."
  • New ANA Study Reveals 50% Of Brands Turn To Startups For Social Media And Content
    In yet another indication of ad agencies' waning dominance as providers of a brand's marketing needs, a new study from the Association of National Advertisers found a hefty percentage of brands turn to startups for social media and content development and management.
  • OMG! Chicago Agency Launches Something Totally New! A Freelance Network. Yawn.
    It comes without surprise that a trio of Chicago ad professionals has launched a new agency that, OMG, promises to be totally different.
  • What #WomenNotObjects Can Teach That 'Ghetto Day' Creative And His CEO
    #WomenNotObjects was created by agency founder Madonna Badger in reaction to the rampant objectification of women in advertising that has been the norm for years.
  • Boosting Its Digital Capabilities, IBM Has Acquired Resource/Ammirati
    IBM, that old school, not-so-cool, computing juggernaut that once ruled the technology landscape, is upping its digital game of late.
  • Partners + Simons Launches Healthcare Trust Measurement Tool

    Partners + Simons has launched a new trust measurement model that it is rolling out to healthcare clients. The model is based on the agency's National Healthcare Trust Index that launched earlier this year. The Trust Index, which analyzes consumer trust levels and drivers for health plan and hospital selection, found that while trust in many institutions is at an all-time low, it is still a deciding factor to those consumers making healthcare decisions.

    Of the new measurement model, Partners + Simons CEO Rich Levy said: “You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Today’s consumers are empowered with information that ...

  • Creative Freelancer Gives Away 16 Years of Ideas And Concepts

    Perhaps you've heard of Floyd Hayes. He helped found Cunning London and Cunning NYC. Now he freelances and consults and has, over the years, come up with numerous crazy stunts to either promote himself or his clients.

    This week, Hayes announced FreeIdeas. Hayes recently moved into a new apartment and, in the process, noticed he had hundreds of notebooks and several hard drives filled with ideas and concepts. He now plans to give them away; one each week for free.

    He's encouraging entrepreneurs, investors, brand owners, good causes or business people to take the ideas and do what they ...

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