• 4As Study Finds 74% of Agencies Think They Suck At Diversity
    When asked how the ad industry is doing when it comes to hiring diverse professionals, nearly half of respondents said the industry is terrible.
  • Advertising Women Of New York Rebrands Following New Research On Women In Leadership
    The new name, She Runs It, aims to signal a pivot in the organization's mission, shifting from winning more seats at the table for women, to a sharper focus on paving the way for women to lead at every level of marketing and media.
  • Study: Branded Content Doubles Recall Compared to Display Ads
    According to this new study conducted by IPG Media Lab, Forbes and the Newhouse School at Syracuse, branded content just kills it when compared to display advertising in terms of recall, brand perception and intent/consideration.
  • Mediavest | Spark CEO Chris Boothe Awarded Chicago Ad Federation 2016 Silver Medal Award
    The award recognizes a distinguished member of the Chicago advertising community for his or her career contributions and accomplishments.
  • WTF? New Study Claims Young People Love Their Mobile Devices! Shocker!
    Sort of like trying to make Fetch happen, mobile ad firm Verve is out with a new study that now wants us to refer to mobile-using Millennials and GenZ as Mobile Prodigies.
  • Boston Agency Launches 'Brand Experience' Division For Healthcare Market
    It's really not enough to call yourself an agency with vertical experience in the healthcare space. Because fancy buzzwords are always better than plain English, right?
  • Agency Launches Scholarship to Promote Interest In Digital Marketing
    The Scholarship totals $3,000 -- what tiny percentage of college tuition that covers is kind of a chuckle -- and will be awarded bi-annually beginning in December 2016.
  • How Many Agencies Named Cake Do We Need?
    OK so we have Cake, the SaaS platform that manages digital marketing; we have Cake, the "storytelling" ad agency and we have Cake, the UK-based design group which may or may not be part of Cake, the "storytelling" ad agency.
  • A Trump Win Could Cause Agency Profits To Plummet
    According to "Business Insider," it would appear ad agencies will be in "real trouble" and experience a shocking drop in profits in Q4 if Trump wins the Presidential election.
  • Study: Agency Concern Over Client Spend Soars 82% As Half of Clients Cut Budgets
    Things do not appear to be looking good on the agency client budget front. Budgets and hiring remain flat amid worries about business in the second half if the year.
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