• Survey To Determine Extent of Sexism In Advertising Agencies
    The 3% Movement, the organization that produces the annual 3% Conference, has partnered with researcher Michele Medansky who examined sexism in Silicon Valley with a study called Elephant in the Valley.
  • Karen Kaplan Was Hill Holliday's CEO of Reception And Urges College Graduates to Be CEO of Every Position They Hold
    It's probably the simplest, most eloquently succinct piece of advice I've heard given.
  • RAPP Global CEO Alexei Orlov Accused of Calling Women 'Fat Cows'
    A lawsuit claims behavior by Orlov that included ""sexual and racial harassment, gender and age discrimination, and retaliation for trying to put an end to such injustices."
  • In Really Stupid Move, DDB New Zealand Spams Twitter Users With 'Game Of Thrones' Promotion

    I mean, you really have to wonder what goes through a person's mind when they come up with a marketing promotion that calls for the spamming of individual Twitter users with thousands of repetitive messages. Apparently, no one at DDB New Zealand pondered this before they created a Twitter campaign that did exactly that. 

    In an effort to promote the airing of Game of Thrones on Sky TV, the agency came up with a Twitter campaign that would send an "army of tweets" to anyone who used the hashtag #ComandTheUnsullied. The promotion is an ode to the show's character, Daenerys Targaryen, ...

  • Yet Another Study Claims Ad Blockers Will Decimate Ad Revenue; This Time It's $12 Billion by 2020
    The study, from Optimal and Wells Fargo, claims that usage of ad blockers hit 12% last year and will hit 16% this year. By 2020 that figure will be 37%.
  • Millennials Will Share Your Ad 112% More Than Everyone Else, But Only If It's Good

    A new study from Unruly found that Millennials are 112% more likely to share ads online than any other demo. That is, of course, awesome -- but it comes with a caveat; they are also most likely to install ad-blocking software, with 63% currently using ad blockers and 93% considering the installation of one. 

    Upwards of 74% of Millennials will also lose trust in your brand if that ad does not come off as authentic and honest. And they'll block your ads if they see too many (58.9%), see the same ad over and over again (49.4%) or if ...

  • Agency Invents Plate That Will Remove 30 Calories From Your Meal
    BBDO Bangkok, in partnership with Thai Health Promotion Foundation, has developed a plate aimed at putting a dent in Thailand's obesity problem.
  • JWT Launches Effort to Stem White Boy Bro Culture In Advertising
    The agency, under the tutelage of new CEO Tamara Ingram, is launching a diversity and inclusion council in partnership with consulting firm inQUEST.
  • People Hate Your Ads But 85% Would Rather Watch Your Ads Than Pay For Content
    A new study found that 85% of respondents said they supported an ad-supported internet model.
  • Content Marketers Rejoice: Ad Blocking To Cost Publishers $27 Billion by 2020
    And so out comes yet another study stating the obvious: ad blocking is killing the traditional online advertising model.
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