• 360i Creative Director Launches Company That Will Make Toys For Paralyzed Children
    One such toy, the R/C Car, is controlled by blowing into a straw to make the car go forward and sucking back through the same straw to make the car go backwards.
  • Jeff Goodby Is Not Happy About the Ad Industry's Obsession With Data

    In a humorous but all-telling piece about the ad industry's obsession with data, Jeff Goodby ponders the recent spate of data-analysis firms by agency holding companies and suggests that maybe Goodby Silverstein & Partners should go out and acquire the Waffle House. His point being that perhaps the focus of ad agencies has shifted a bit too far from its central tenet: creativity.  

    Of the data-centric acquisitions, Goodby wrote: "There was something about these announcements, though, that suggested that data would not just complement but actually take the place of the contributions of creativity in advertising. Instead of ...

  • Agencies And Brands Have Upped Digital Video Ad Spend 114 Percent
    Confirming the importance of the NewFronts, 8 out of 10 respondents said their attendance at the 2015 NewFronts resulted in increased spending on original digital video content in the 12 months that followed.
  • Ad Agency Creates Collar That Makes Your Cat Talk
    The latest innovation to emerge from an agency "lab" comes from London-based adam&eveDDB and is called the Temptations Catterbox.
  • Screenvision Media Grabs Sir John Hegarty As Creative Chair In Residence

    Sir John Hegarty has a new gig. The legendary ad man will step in as Creative Chair in Residence at Screenvision Media to help the organization make, well, better advertising for the purveyor of on-screen advertising and movie theater lobby promotions. 

    Of the teamup, Screevision Media CEO John Partilla said: "Audiences, now more than ever, must be wholly captivated by the story being presented to them, thus making imaginative storytelling of paramount importance to Screenvision Media. There is not a more powerful screen in media than cinema, and we believe wholeheartedly that the creative community aspires to have its work ...

  • Hey Agencies, Millennials Don't Give A Crap About Your Celebrity Endorsement Campaigns
    How many studies will it take to convince brands and agencies that for the most part, consumers don't give a crap about their celebrity endorsement campaigns?
  • Grey Canada Offers Americans A Way Out With 'The Trump Clause'
    Many Americans are seriously considering fleeing to Canada if Donald Trump becomes president.
  • Here's Why IPG Is Not In the McDonald's Agency Review
    Insiders note that former Leo Burnett creative director Susan Credle is now global chief creative officer for FCB, a big name in the IPG stable, which potentially, could be why McDonald's has chosen not to include IPG in the review.
  • Team Detroit Installs Electric Vehicle Charging Stations At Its Dearborn Office
    The agency has completed the installation of four GE DuraStation charging stations at its Dearborn headquarters.
  • Marketers Don't Understand the Growing Hip Hop Audience So Russell Simmons Is Here to Help

    Last week, Russell Simmons launched a new in-house creative agency, part of his All Def Digital media company, called ADHD. The new entity will help marketers reach a growing and diverse hip hip audience segment.  

    Simmons told AdWeek, "No one really understands this audience. It's multiracial, but singularly cultural. It started out 95 percent black, and now it's 45 percent non-black, and that's going to keep growing. The audience we speak to is overlooked and underserved. A lot of the content Hollywood creates doesn't serve this audience. We want to help brands frame their messaging in an honest ...

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