Free Guide: Optimize TV Ad Buys With Data Science

How to Optimize TV Ad Buys with Data Science
Don’t waste money going after demographic segments. Understand your TV audience behavior and pinpoint ad targets with CMO, the most efficient way to plan your TV ad buys. Get your free eGuide today!

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Increase Reader Time-on-site & Conversion Using Social Media Content

Social media is the single most important factor in driving readers to publisher's digital sites. 

Unleashing social's power to drive reader engagement on your website begins with creating a social-rich environment and understanding how to measure its effectiveness. The "Measuring Reader Engagement" ebook details how Crowdynews publishers are:

  • Keeping readers who arrive from social on their digital site longer.
  • Increasing on-site engagement.
  • Realizing an uptick in conversion rates.

Based on in-depth analysis of 200 worldwide customers, the eBook shares how successfully deploying a social media stream can benefit both you and your readers.

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The 2017 Yes Lifecycle Marketing Channel Report

Yes Lifecycle Marketing surveyed more than 300 brands to uncover where marketers are focusing their efforts in the year ahead. According to survey takers:

  • 40% will implement cross-channel attribution initiatives in 2017.
  • 38% are not currently using user-generated content, but would like to do so in the next year.
  • Technological innovation is the most important offering when selecting a marketing services provider.

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The Anatomy of an Auto Shopper

The auto industry has been in a state of rapid evolution over the past few years, with automakers competing for consumers' attention amidst widespread digital disruption.

In order to help marketers really understand the driver behind the wheel, the Anatomy of an Auto Shopper report provides original research from Viant's people-based advertising platform on four key auto shopper segments: luxury car drivers, non-luxury car drivers, utility (CUV/SUV) drivers, and truck drivers.

Gain Key Insights on:

  • The Impact of Mobile on Path to Purchase
  • How Ride-Sharing Services Are Impacting Auto Ownership
  • CPG Preferences
  • Retail Spending Habits
  • TV Network and Show Preferences

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New Influencer Marketing Benchmarks Report!

RhythmOne’s industry-leading report providing insights into ROI and key performance indicators across 18 industry categories including earned media value (EMV), engagement, cost-per engagement, brand lift and sentiment. Key findings include:

  • Avg. $11.69 in EMV for every $1 in spend
  • 2.01% engagement rates, on average, an increase of 33% over last year
  • Average Cost-Per-Engagement of $0.93 across all products and programs
  • 14.78% in brand lift on average as a result of Influencer programs

Want to know how our Influencer Marketing programs were so effective? Download the report.

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8 Email Marketing Trends for 2017

You’ll find what we believe are 8 of the most interesting trends that could play a bigger role in your email marketing strategy in 2017. Things are going to get contextual, your eyes are going to do a lot more talking, as are chatbots. Conversations are going to take place across various channels and there’s going to be a whole lot more machines analyzing, scoring and automating your segmentation. We hope it’ll give you some inspiration to experiment and test new approaches in your email marketing game.

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Global Email Benchmark Report

SendGrid's Global Email Benchmark Report provides benchmarks for email engagement and consumption statistics across 25 different industries from over 30 billion messages sent through SendGrid.

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5 Questions You Need to Ask Your Data Onboarding Partner

Data can make or break your marketing. So it’s critical that your data onboarding partner provides you with the best, most reliable data possible.  Learn the 5 key questions to ask your partners to improve data onboarding quality and match rates, and reduce data loss and operational costs. 

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Loco for Location: The Rise of Geo-Location Data in Mobile Advertising

The rise of mobile, and location data, has greatly contributed to advertising as we know it today. There’s plenty of data on Inneractive’s mobile ad exchange, with over 800 million unique users and at least 2.5 million ad requests processed every minute. Examining traffic from five top publishers to understand the effect of GPS information on the exchange, we found that ad requests containing this information carry a higher value on the exchange. As the industry moves forward we believe that data, insights and predictive analytics provide the key that will allow publishers to unlock their properties’ true potential.

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