Programmatic Video: 4 Factors for Growth in the U.S., Europe and Beyond

Programmatic advertising is flourishing around the world. Ooyala’s new article highlights how key countries are making the most of it and how you can, too.

Global programmatic video ad revenues will hit $15 billion by 2018, Socintel360 estimates. That’s nearly double the $8 billion expected this year.

Ooyala’s new article, Programmatic Video: 4 Factors for Growth in the U.S. and Europe...and Beyond takes a look at the programmatic video landscape in the U.S. and Europe, based on in-depth research done with the global strategy and research consultants at MTM. The article’s insights shed light on how programmatic may roll out through the rest of the world, with details like these:

-Why Germany is running behind countries like the U.K. and Sweden
-How privacy regulations can speed—or slow—programmatic growth
-What to expect from the convergence of TV and online video ad markets

With so much at stake, it pays to stay ahead of the curve.


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The Anatomy of a Department Store Shopper

Research: The Anatomy of a Department Store Shopper

In today’s world, consumer insight is brand power. Just in time for the holiday shopping season, Viant’s exclusive new research explores the shopping behavior and lifestyle habits of consumers across three top national department stores. With insights like where shoppers get their morning coffee, what kind of cars they drive, and what TV shows they’re watching, this new research paints a complete picture of the spending behavior and lifestyles of department store shoppers.

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Your brain on email: 11 designs people can’t resist

There’s a science to brilliant marketing – and these emails prove it. Today’s top brands are using the latest brain research to create email campaigns that are almost irresistible to open and click. We’ve compiled 11 of the best examples complete with quick tips you can apply to your own email marketing (no PhD required).

You’ll learn:

• Tips for designing emails our brains can’t get enough of.
• Content strategies that keep us engaged.
• Copy ideas that compel us to act.

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The Definitive Guide to Open Gardens eBook

Introducing Open Garden
You've heard the promise a thousand times before: "We can unite your fragmented marketing environment for true, 360°...yadda-yadda-yadda..."

It's not that the vision is wrong (in fact, it's essential). It's just that all these pitches miss one critical fact:
No vendor can solve your marketing fragmentation problem. The only one who can solve it is YOU.

That's the idea behind Open Garden, a bold new blueprint for a marketing and advertising ecosystem that's connected at the data layer.

An Open Garden foundation lets you bridge offline and digital, adtech and martech to drive the smarter, more relevant, more consistent every-channel experiences that win markets.

It's the ONLY way to achieve the omnichannel awesomeness that every vendor promises- because it's the only approach that puts all the control in your hands.

By building your own Open Garden, you can bring together all your platforms, partners, applications, and channels into an ultra-efficient, symbiotic marketing ecosystem that produces an obstructed, defined 360° view of every customer- then activates that data across all channels.

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Get To Know Native From A Programmatic Perspective

Native is one of the most powerful forces in digital advertising today. It performs spectacularly for publishers and advertisers, and consumers prefer it to “traditional” ads. By bringing the targeting, reach, and optimization powers of programmatic to native advertising, brands and marketers can take advantage of the most powerful tools available, and make their campaigns a resounding success.

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Where's your data? Get the new e-book on Walled Gardens

Where’s your data? Get the new e-book on Walled Gardens now.

Walled Gardens offer broad reach for some advertisers, there are also downsides. In this new e-book from 4INFO, you’ll see the challenges walled gardens create, including:

  • Losing sight of your data
  • Managing campaigns across closed platforms
  • Loss of control over measurement
  • Reporting that’s difficult to consolidate
And you’ll learn five key strategies that will enable you to maintain control of your digital media buying and ensure that you get the data you need to power your marketing efforts.

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Global Email Benchmark Report

SendGrid's Global Email Benchmark Report provides benchmarks for email engagement and consumption statistics across 25 different industries from over 30 billion messages sent through SendGrid.

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5 Questions You Need to Ask Your Data Onboarding Partner

Data can make or break your marketing. So it’s critical that your data onboarding partner provides you with the best, most reliable data possible.  Learn the 5 key questions to ask your partners to improve data onboarding quality and match rates, and reduce data loss and operational costs. 

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Programmatic Marketplace Roundup

eMarketer compiled the stats on programmatic ad spend, mobile growth, viewability, and more in the latest Programmatic Marketplace Roundup. Get up to speed on issues and advantages of real-time advertising.

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Air For Agencies

New Report: Advertisers Say Future Viability of Agency Model is Unclear

Nearly half of major U.S. advertisers feel somewhat to very strongly that the industry is changing so fast, it's unclear how ad agencies will be viable in the future. Adding fuel to the fire, are consultants like IBM, Deloitte and Accenture now being highly considered as alternatives to more typical digital agencies. In our new Advertiser Intelligence Report for Agencies (AFA), more than 400 big-spending advertisers have weighed-in with their plans and opinions of more than 100 leading creative, digital, media and search agencies. To find out how advertisers are thinking and feeling about their agencies please download your copy of our AFA Report Highlights.

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