Friday, October 21, 2016
    3 Ad-Buying Fundamentals That Never Change

    In the rush to use data to automate and ease ad planning and buying, it's easy to think that our entire ecosystem needs to be reinvented. Actually, there are three industry practices that have stood the ...More

    • Many TV Networks Growing -- Just Not The Big Ones

      Headlines about TV viewership have not been particularly positive. Common themes lately have been: "TV ratings plummeting," "NFL viewership in decline,""Millennials unplug from TV," or "Cord-cutting, cord-shaving growing." Then there's a big favorite lately: "TV can't ...More

    • What The 'NYT' Gave Up When They Forced Me To Digital

      Politico this week reported on a fascinating study by a couple of University of Texas profs that pretty much says that, in the rush to repurpose and extend editorial content onto the Web, editors and publishers ...More