Thursday, January 22, 2015
I Cried That I Had No Bread Bags For My Shoes -- And Then I Met A Man With No Feet

To be fair, all politics is theater, and certainly a televised occasion like the State of the Union speech, and its follow-up, is all performance. Whereas the follow-up part of the ritual - the ostensible honor ...More

  • Let's Talk About That Vox Media Super Bowl Ad

    Sometimes I see a stunt and think, "Wow, I wish we'd thought of that one first." Case in point: Vox Media's PR coup in revealing it would be running a "Super Bowl advertisement" for its news ...More

  • My First Super Bowl Ad

    In an interoffice memo to myself, I disclosed today that George H. Simpson Communications would join the 15 or so others running ads for the first time during the upcoming Super Bowl telecast. ...More