This Spring, Use Voice of the Customer to Drive Brand Awareness
Spring has sprung, and for those of us who suffered through the bitterly cold winter (shout out to our readers in the North) - it's time to come out of hibernation and get moving!» 0 Comments
Workplace Apps Will Change
I recall one of the first email marketing applications I ever saw: a very basic, linear approach to creating and sending an email campaign. It was designed for the person with a hundred email addresses who had limited experience with a computer. It was simple! The industry has evolved from the days of simple applications designed to support a couple of tasks to very involved workflow solutions designed to allow many people to work on the same campaign, work on many variations of creative and parse through hundreds of segments and reports.» 0 Comments
Revisiting Email Address Churn
Recently, a reader tweeted a link to "Have You Tackled Your List Churn?" -- an Email Insider column I wrote in 2008. It was a pleasant surprise, but also a reminder that the general causes and cures for database churn have remained consistent the last six years. However, the inbox environment has changed in many ways since I wrote that column:» 2 Comments
Reengagement Campaigns: When Should You Drop Inactives?
If you don't have a reengagement strategy to keep inactive subscribers from falling out of your email program, you should. But if you're not prepared to do it right, you'll probably do more harm than good. Reengagement campaigns help you retain relationships with qualified subscribers: well-targeted people you've paid to acquire. The cost of finding them is typically many times higher than the cost of keeping them. Reengagement campaigns also help you identify deadweight in your lists -- relationships that can't be saved -- so inactive names don't drag down your inbox placement rates (IPR) for your active subscribers. It ...» 1 Comments
Great Email Marketing Starts With Great Acquisition
Great email marketing is all about performance. Working with performance in mind is what we're all doing constantly: testing, analyzing, finding new ways to improve ROI: better inbox delivery, better segmentation, better offers. And the best email marketers add one more activity to that list: better acquisition.» 0 Comments
Customer Data And The Power Of Now
If a fly on the wall of most marketing departments took notes, it would know there is a massive amount of data out there. It would also know that, of all the data that's available, not much of it is being put into action. During the past few years I've heard many of the biggest brands express the same lament: We have a lot of data we're not even using, so do we really need more? The answer is yes, with the caveat that you need it to be the right kind of data. And the right kind of data ...» 0 Comments
Super-Engagement: Increasing The Value Of Your Most Valuable Subscribers
Engagement is critical to email marketing success. It's so important that when our regularly scheduled broadcast emails fail to engage, we launch reengagement campaigns to reactivate inactive subscribers or those at risk of becoming inactive. That's smart because reengagement efforts improve deliverability and extend the time that subscribers are on your list, boosting their subscriber lifetime value. However, as much time as you invest in reengagement, you should be investing even more in "super-engagement": messaging tactics that further engage subscribers who are already highly engaged.» 1 Comments
The Glass Needs Resizing
The optimist says, "The glass is half full." The pessimist says, "The glass is half empty." The marketing consultant says, "Your glass needs resizing." This just about sums up a conversation about a distribution list late last week between a group of industry insiders. It made me think of several things. If the industry (marketing/advertising industry) is growing at the rates that groups like Winterberry reports, what is the real impact of this growth on the vendor supply chain? How is it affecting marketers and consumers?» 1 Comments
Send a Blast, Kill a Hamster
Ah, hamsters. They're cute and cuddly, even when they're running on their squeaky wheels at 3 in the morning. You feed them and keep them safe, and everything's fine until the day somebody forgets to refill the water bottle over vacation. Bye-bye, little buddy. Your email subscribers are like hamsters. They're less furry, perhaps, but they also react badly to mistreatment, like a pounding, constant stream of undifferentiated broadcast email messages.» 4 Comments
Email Marketing, Then And Now
Recently, my kids asked about what I do for a living. They decided my explanation wasn't good enough, so they did what they have grown accustomed to doing when they want a question answered: They hit up Google, and searched, well, me. (It was a surreal experience to have my children "Google" me!) During their search, they found the first post I submitted to MediaPost, on June 11, 2009, nearly five years ago. I was curious to reflect on the content and recommendations made "then" to what we are talking about "now" in the email space. What struck me as ...» 1 Comments
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