Wednesday, September 28, 2016
by Wed, Sep 28, 2016

Random iPhone App of the week:Happn, a dating app that lets users interact with people they have crossed paths with in real life, launched a new feature called "See You There." This feature allows happners to share an activity within a four-hour window like going out for drinks, a movie, or exercising. People you cross paths with will see that you are available to hang out and can use this opportunity to meet up. Happn users see a chronological timeline of people they have encountered throughout the day via the app's real-time, hyper-geolocation technology. The app is available for free in the App Store.

The Onion teamed up with Quaker State motor oil to create a series of online videos that poke fun at cheesy marketing ploys used by motor oil brands. My favorite video, "The Dipstick 6s," plugs a fictional product that I secretly wish was a real thing. I would check my dipstick more often if it were.

Rather than just checking the oil levels in a person's car, the Dipstick 6s also serves as a ticker that delivers sports, weather and news. It's also equipped with a camera, making the dipstick a convenient selfie stick. "Stop the B.S." interrupts a Quaker State voiceover. "No high-tech gadgetry. Just damned good oil."

Onion Labs created the campaign.

Radio 21 in Romania wanted to draw attention to a disturbing rise in traffic accidents related to headphone use. Incidents have tripled in the last six years. Without a law, how do you encourage bicyclists to wear only one earbud so they can hear surrounding traffic?

The radio station created songs that change genre when you listen to them on just one headphone. Working with Romanian artist Claudia Pavel, the radio station launched the Go Mono Anthem. It's rock if you use the left headphone, and acoustic if you listen with the right headphone.

Numerous Top 10 artists participated in the campaign, airing exclusive remixes of their songs on Radio 21: original versions heard in the left headphone and the exclusive remix in the right headphone. McCann Bucharest created the campaign.

This campaign is an updated version of placing the pictures of missing children on milk cartons. For the first time, a missing child's face will be placed on actual currency.

Child Focus, an organization in Belgium, teamed up with Wunderman/These Days to print Liam Vandenbranden’s face — missing for 20 years in Belgium — on one million eurocoins as a symbol of hope for all missing kids. It took two years get approval from the Ministry of Finance and all European countries.

The "Coins of Hope" are real money, with initial distribution taking place via the LIDL supermarket chain in Belgium, where the coins will be distributed into the checkout system. The campaign site gives the locations of the coin changeovers and transactions to show how the currency spreads throughout Belgium and Europe. The public is encouraged to post pictures when coins change hands, using the hashtag #CoinsofHope.

Everything is political these days, even travel ads. Celebrity Cruises launched "Sail Beyond Borders," a TV and print campaign that illustrates the brand's passion for embracing new cultures and expanding one's horizons.

"Far Away" launched after Monday night's Presidential debate and essentially encourages folks to go on a nice vacation in the middle of nowhere, or as far away from election talk as possible.

The images are stunning and copy is spot-on. "Far from the rhetoric of fear is a world of differences. Differences that expand and enrich us." Rather than close yourself off from the world, travel, experience new things and open yourself up to new experiences. Where do I sign up?

"Sail Beyond Borders" closes the ad, by Venables Bell & Partners. Media Storm handled the media planning and buying.

Milka launched a sweet online video in China, its first major campaign there. "Lost & Found" is a two-minute video that takes places in the fictitious town of Lilaberg and continues under the "Tenderness is Inside" brand platform that launched in April.

A man's job as head of lost and found at a train station is in jeopardy because residents of Lilaberg apparently keep track of their belongings. The man's daughter, determined to save her father's job, hatches a brilliant plan: Stock the lost-and-found booth with items. The girl gathers all the townsfolk and explains her dilemma. When her father checks a train at the end of his shift, it's completely filled with items belonging to Lilaberg residents. There's a toupee, goose, bike wheel, soccer ball, jerseys, tuba and a blue backpack that the man knows belongs to his daughter. Inside, she left him a Milka candy bar and a note we can't see.

The next day, the lost-and-found booth is bustling with people and the conductor who wanted to get rid of the booth purposely "loses" his hat. Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam created the campaign.

Pizza Hut launched a TV and radio campaign dubbed "No One Out-Pizzas the Hut," starring a series of unique "Bragspeople" who can't get enough of the brand. The first spot features a homesick alien who toots Pizza Hut's modest horn. The adorable creature is friendly, polite, misses his home planet and loves pizza, especially Pizza Hut's grilled-cheese stuff crust pizza. He eats away his sorrows until earthlings figure out interstellar travel and send him home.

Next, there's a man in a full body cast, having survived a near-death experience, describing his love of Pizza Hut, along with other items he plans to add to his bucket list. Think learn Russian, listen to jazz, take up needlework or make dessert wine. The only thing this man needs now is someone to feed him some pizza. Droga5 created the campaign.

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month and Prostate Cancer Canada turned parking meters into a conversation starter for men to get their prostates checked. 200 parking meters in Toronto were affixed with a sticker that says: "A prostate exam is this easy" -- as easy as sticking your fingers inside the meter to retrieve your parking ticket receipt.

An accompanying video, #TalkProstate, stars Canadian Football League Hall of Fame Quarterback Damon Allen interviewing men as they wait for their parking passes. FCB Toronto created the campaign.

Netflix launched a social media component to its TV work that debuted during the Emmy's and celebrates strong, powerful women. "Rules For The Modern Woman" is part of the "She Rules" campaign and pokes fun at old-fashioned educational movies on how a lady should act in public. The 1:45 video features a prim and proper voiceover who describes the important ways for women to act while illustrating them with strong women from Netflix shows.

Serving guests fine meals is coupled with an "Orange is the New Black" scene where Piper receives a tampon sandwich. Claire Underwood pees with the bathroom stall open while conversing with a man. Jessica Jones renders a man unconscious while the voiceover urges women to give their men a gentle squeeze. "if you never forget your place and your manners, the world will always be your oyster," closes the video, created by Joan.