Wednesday, May 20, 2015
by Wed, May 20, 2015

deltaIt's safe to assume that more people would watch airline in-flight safety videos if they weren't bland, boring and never-ending. In an effort to remedy this issue, Delta's latest video plays on society's obsession with Internet memes and YouTube videos. Entertainment must be fast, funny and come in small clips. So the double-rainbow guy is still wowed by such an occurrence; Charlie is still biting his brother's finger; the evolution of dance continues to evolve; and the overly attached girlfriend has found a new man. Animals are also well-represented: Look for keyboard cat, Roomba cat, dramatic chipmunk and the screaming goat. And don't forget animation: the annoying orange and peanut butter jelly time make cameos in the 5-minute video, launching May 25. See it here. Fans can view outtakes online that include content from the Will it Blend Guy. Wieden+Kennedy New York created the campaign.

Gatorade has created a 60-second spot dedicated to a specific kind of sweat: earned sweat. "We Love Sweat" is perfectly voiced by Michael Jordan, a man who knows a thing or two about the topic. Athletes push themselves hard and pick themselves up when they fall. The more they sweat, the more they will achieve in the long run. "That's the sweat that comes out when greatness goes in," closes the ad, seen here. Look out for cameos from JJ Watt, Serena Williams, April Ross and Usain Bolt. TBWA\Chiat\Day LA created the campaign.

realtorCalifornia Realtors has launched a "Long Story" ad campaign that takes typically short stories and drags them out. In "Biker," two women ask a man where he bought his adorable bulldog. The guy goes on a tangent involving a realtor, garage space, Mexican food and his puppy. The spot ends with the women asking for the realtor's contact info. See it here. The second ad features a guy wearing a snazzy shirt. The origin of the shirt starts with buying a house, eating oysters, marrying the cousin of his waitress and crafting cool shirts with is new wife. Phew. Watch it here. Red Tettemer O'Connell + Partners created the campaign.

samsungHere's a great example of technology bringing families together when they are miles apart. An Australian couple were separated by 4,000 km -- Mom is in Perth while Dad is working in a remote part of Queensland -- just as mom is about to deliver the couple's third child. Enter Samsung Gear VR. The virtual reality technology allowed dad to don a pair or glasses and headphones and see everything in the delivery room, most importantly his son's birth in real-time. One week later, the family is reunited in an airport, where dad holds his son for the first time. The "LifeLIVE" video, created by Leo Burnett Sydney, is 6:18 and worth watching. See it here.

pgaRandom iPad app of the week: The PGA TOUR updated its iPad app with a bevy of features any golf lover will enjoy. The app uses real-time predictive statistics, both for players and the field. Stats, which are updated after each stroke, include driving accuracy and distance, distance to hole and the percentage of putts made from current distance. Fans also have a bird's-eye 18-hole view of tournament courses, allowing them to see in real time where the leaders and their favorite players are on the course. Other app features include current news and highlights from the TOUR and player and group scorecards. Download the free app here, created by Omnigon and POSSIBLE Mobile.

Volkswagen Golf TDI launched an adorable social media campaign dispelling myths about diesel. The clean diesel campaign stars the "Golden Sisters," a sassy group of older women with a sense of adventure. To debunk the notion that diesel cars are sluggish, the sisters are treated to a fast ride from a young stunt driver. The ladies ask the driver important questions, like whether he likes cougars and giving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. See it here. Another video quells the rumor that diesel cars are loud. The only thing loud in a VW diesel is three arguing sisters. Watch it here. Are diesel stations hard to find? Not so. Good thing, because one sister's biggest fear is dying on an empty stomach. See it here. More amusing videos can be found on VW's Tumblr page. Deutsch LA created the campaign.

Should I be impressed or depressed that an octopus can take pictures comparable to my own photo gallery? And what do you call an octopus photographer? An octographer? The octographer in question is a female octopus named Rambo who lives at Kelly Tarlton's SEA LIFE Aquarium in Auckland, New Zealand. Animal trainer Mark Vette taught Rambo to take pictures using a Sony TX30 underwater camera. Rambo learned the process after three tries. Visitors to the aquarium can have their picture taken by Rambo for $2. Proceeds go to the SEA LIFE Conservation Fund, an organization dedicated to the protection of marine wildlife and conservation. Watch Rambo in action here, created by FCB New Zealand.

Canada can keep this campaign. In a campaign for the movie "Mad Max: Fury Road," a section of downtown Toronto turned post-apocalyptic, with scrap metal, pyrotechnics and colored smoke grenades. The best part of the campaign was the dusty car wash, as in: people were encouraged to bring clean cars in and make them dirty. On purpose. Cars were sprayed with dust and artists would create images from the movie on each vehicle. Think skulls, gears, flames and the movie release date. The jury's still out on whether the words "wash me" were written on any part of the vehicles. See a video of clean cars getting dirty here, created by Lowe Roche.

bindiSimple, yet life-changing. Millions of women living in rural India suffer from diseases that are linked to an iodine deficiency. To ensure that women get their required dosage of iodine, Grey Group Singapore's philanthropic arm, Grey for Good, partnered with the NGO, Neelvasant Medical Foundation and Research Center, to produce iodine patches, or the Life-Saving Dot. The Life-Saving Dot  is worn as a bindi: forehead art that adorns almost all Indian women. Since mid-March, the Life-Saving Dot has been distributed to Badli village (near New Delhi), Niphad-rural (Maharastra), Peth-tribal (Maharastra) and Kopergaon/Sinner (Maharastra). See a video about the life-saving dot here.

lowesLowe's recently added HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams to store shelves, marking the first time Sherwin-Williams will be sold outside of its own stores in more than 40 years. To celebrate, Lowe's informed some of history's greatest dead painters that there's stiff competition in town. When Andy Warhol learns of a "legendary name in paint" available at Lowe's, he assumes it's himself. Told that it's Sherwin-Williams, Warhol says "I must paint him." See it here. Van Gogh, already missing an ear, believes a random pigeon is behind the voice telling him about great paint at Lowe's. Watch it here. The next video resurrected Bob Ross and my fond childhood memories of watching him paint. See it here. The final ad interrupts Da Vinci while he paints the Mona Lisa. Watch it here. The ads will run online and on Lowe's social media sites through September. BBDO New York created the campaign, directed by Joachim Back.

realtorWhen I first heard that actress Elizabeth Banks stars in's latest ad campaign, I immediately developed an imaginary ad where Banks' character Sal on "Modern Family" partnered with the show's patriarch and competitive realtor, Phil Dunphy. You're welcome, Pereira & O'Dell New York. Actually, in the TV and long-form videos, Banks plays a woman obsessed with real estate whose mission is to educate home buyers on the ease of use and real-time updates on In the first spot, "Jim," Banks is so impressed by how one man uses the site, she insists on living with him in the dream house he finds. See it here. The next ad compares the app to the real estate market: constantly changing. Watch it here. Each ads closes with the tagline: "Real estate in real time." The TV ads debut May 18 and will run run CBS, HGTV, Bravo, TBS, Comedy Central and Spike, among others.