Wednesday, February 10, 2016
by Wed, Feb 10, 2016

Random App of the week: MINDBODY Connect is a free app that connects users with a worldwide wellness network. Users can book yoga, Pilates, group fitness, martial arts, personal training, salon and spa sessions through the app. Recommended deals appear right on the app's home screen. After someone makes an appointment with a particular company through the app, that business is automatically saved as a Favorite, making it easy to book future sessions. Users can also connect their Fitbit activity tracker with the app to see their progress achieved during a workout. Download the app in the App Store or Google Play.

No pressure here. Ever wonder how well Web conferencing tools work? Citrix launched an amusing spot for its GoToMeeting product that puts it in a head-to-head race with a competing product. Two women are tasked with connecting with their co-workers in 10 seconds or less. Each woman is inside an airplane, hatch opened, and the loser will be ejected from the plane and forced to parachute to safety. The Citrix gal connects with ease, while the competitor is thankful that her chute deployed. See it here, created by Pitch and directed by Shawn Z of Tool.

"Company Is Coming" in a TV spot for Tylenol Canada, running throughout cold and flu season. Promoting Tylenol Complete Liquid Gels, the ad begins with a man preparing for company, but feeling crummy. He vacuums the house, cooks dinner and takes Tylenol, so he'll be ready to entertain the woman in his life: his young daughter, being dropped off by his ex. Watch it here, created by J. Walter Thompson Canada.

CP+B Miami created two additional ads for mobile classifieds app LetGo. The ads continue to sell items during extreme situations when people have a hard time letting go of a beloved item. In "Space," an international space station becomes heavily damaged during an asteroid storm. One astronaut refuses to discard his guitar amplifier, so his partner puts it on LetGo. Seconds later, a Russian astronaut appears, ready to buy the amp. See it here. In "Escape," two men escaping rapid gunfire are held back by one's man's grill. With the enemy close by, the grill is posted to LetGo -- and an interested party, in a search helicopter above, purchases the grill. Watch it here. Craig Gillespie directed the ads.

Everyone has challenges in life, even Coors Light . The brand launched a new campaign platform, "Climb On," encouraging consumers to tackle their obstacles head-on. A 60-second ad, "Whatever Your Mountain," shows people tackling physical obstacles in their lives, from boxing, bull-riding, white-water rafting, running a marathon and completing a Tough Mudder race. None of these activities are easy, yet it doesn't stop people from pushing themselves past what they thought was their best effort, to complete the challenges at hand. Coors Light even reveals its proverbial mountain: brewing the world's most refreshing beer."Whatever your mountain, climb on," closes the ad, seen here and created by 72andSunny.

Necco's Sweethearts Candies launched a sweet ad campaign for Valentine's Day, asking fans to share how they met their sweetheart for a chance to win a cash prize. Promoting the microsite and contest is the love story between Jack Evans, 85 and George Harris, 82. The men met in 1961, and 2016 will be their 55th Valentine's Day together, and their first as a legally married couple. They were the first of 170 same-sex couples married in Dallas County last year. Visit the microsite to read other people's love stories or submit your own. Hill Holliday created the campaign.