Wednesday, November 19, 2014
by Wed, Nov 19, 2014

Old Navy has launched another amusing spot starring Amy Poehler. This time around, Poehler plays a pretentious hostess at a trendy restaurant who derives pleasure from rejecting patrons who try to snag a table sans reservations. In "No Reservations (About These Coats)," a stylish couple enter the hotspot eatery without a reservation. A pink-haired Poehler laughs at them until she takes a closer look at their coats. Poehler wants the coats off their backs and is willing to throw in a reservation to the exclusive restaurant as a trade-off. The couple inform Poehler that the coats are available on the cheap at Old Navy, prompting Poehler to leave her post, but not before snapping a selfie with the couple. See it here, created by Chandelier Creative.

geicoGEICO is done with ads running under its "Did You Know" umbrella. The final installment in the campaign involves a genie who takes wish requests a bit too literally. An excited man asks his genie for a million bucks but doesn't end up with money. Instead, he's surrounded by a million male deer. That's one costly mistake. Watch it here. In addition to the spot, there's an online sitcom called "The Genie and Me" highlighting how living with a genie can be a real pain. See it here. The Martin Agency created the campaign.

skittlesThis fake video shoot looks like real fun. As part of Skittles' effort to "Make Game Day Awesomer" during the NFL season, ESPN's Trey Wingo, a huge Skittles fan, was punked by good friend and NFL Live co-host Mark Schlereth. When the time was right, mounds and mounds of Skittles pelted Trey from above. At this point, I would have been looking for the biggest Ziploc bag I could find, but Trey had a blast, staying in his seat while being pelted and throwing footballs to the crew. Watch it here, created by Olson.

fitbitI might be the only person not rocking a Fitbit nowadays. But after watching the brand's first-ever 60-second TV spot, that could change. The ad begins by following sporty men and women tracking typical running workouts. Things get extreme fast, with a man scaling a large boulder -- sans rope, but with Fitbit. This little gadget can track the movements of a lovey-dovey powerlifting couple, a paddleboarder, ping-pong players, a skydiver, or just someone aggressively running up a flight of stairs with groceries. "Find your fit" closes the ad, seen here, and created by Argonaut. Daniel and Katine Mercadante directed. And that voice in the ad is Brett Anderson, lead singer of The Donnas.


Turkish Airlines sent soccer sensations Lionel Messi and Didier Drogba on a foodie's dream vacation. Where do I sign up? "Drogba vs Messi Epic Food" is a follow-up video to "Selfie Shootout," which starred Messi and Kobe Bryant traveling the world to take selfies in exotic places.  This ad begins with Didier arriving at a faraway destination, where he discovers a picture of his rival, Lionel Messi, rramed on the wall. Not to be outdone, Drogba hops a plane to Nepal, Japan, Siberia and the Sahara to beat Messi, but he's too late: Messi has already been there and tasted that. The spot ends with Drogba taking a selfie with the chef on Turkish Airlines, not knowing that Messi's mug is plastered on the outside of the airplane. See it here. In addition to the video, Turkish Airlines is launching, where foodies can upload their own food travel photos for a chance to win a trip to the locations in the commercial. CP+B London created the video.

Most stories about the Fall of the Berlin Wall typically center around life before and after the reunification. To commemorate the 25th anniversary, 72andSunny Amsterdam, working in collaboration with the Google Germany team, took a different approach. "We worked with Google to find the best way to tell both a modern and historical story and developed a strategy and creative idea that instead of looking back, focused on what has changed in Germany the last 25 years," says Gregg Clampffer, Creative Director at 72andSunny Amsterdam. "This led us to the idea of a generation that has grown up... in an era of openness." 

The #Deutschland25 interactive platform presents 25 personalities who were born around 1989 and are making a positive impact. There are interviews of the 25 written by well-known journalists on the website, as well as full-page ads in German newspapers. Accompanying some of the stories are films produced by award-winning director Bettina Blümner.

"We weren't looking for people who used Google in their projects," says Clampffer. "Our team of German creatives and planners looked at Germany today to identify generational attitudes and social themes that did not exist 25 years ago... We were trying to find common ideals that these people share with Google."

Among the stories is that of  25-year-old Ninon from Berlin who, along with three fellow students, founded the project "cook outside the box" in which refugees and locals participate in cooking workshops. Another tells the story of Thekla and Pola, two young women from Hamburg who two years ago founded a "library for dresses" where customers can borrow clothes for a monthly fee. 

These stories are designed to serve as an entry point. To spark a conversation, the platform invites a global audience to comment on the values of a new #Deutschland25. The site will be live for one year. 

The initiative is supported with a fully integrated campaign that includes digital media and standard online banners to drive to the online experience; 26 full page ad placements appearing in the print magazine Tagesspiegel, with BILD between October to Nov. 9; activations by international PR via agency Eology in London; and viral outreach that includes getting  football player Mesut Ozil to post about the platform. In addition, Google will link the stories to its contextual calendar.

Google is a client of 72andSunny in Los Angeles. The agency expanded its relationship to begin working with Google in the German, French and UK markets about two years ago.

Creative content agency Plus has teamed up with the brand design team at Starwood Hotels & Resorts to create a series of videosstarwood highlighting Starwood's new “Keyless Key” Bluetooth-enabled unlocking and check-in feature for smartphones. The film segments show different groups of hotel guests — including shoppers, lovers, and revelers — and the benefits of not needing keys to enter their rooms. So easy a dog can do it (as shown in one segment).  


Most companies celebrate their anniversaries by looking back over past accomplishments, but Alger, a global asset manager based in New York City, is using its 50th as an opportunity to look forward and examine what the next 50 years will look like. Developed with New York-based branding and creative agency Zambrelli + Partners, with media duties handled by Tomorro///, the “Think Further” campaign shares ideas on what life may be like in 2064 in three particular growth industries: medicine, energy, and technology. 

The "Conversations with Tomorrow" short documentary film series on the Think Further website  features a future thinker in each sector: Dr. Daniel Kraft, who explains the impact of critical developments in the future of medicine; Professor Donald R. Sadoway, who explains how to create renewable, sustainable energy solutions for the entire planet; and technologist Dr. Jennifer Healey, who looks at the future of affective technology. 

The campaign will run for three months, with a different film highlighted each month. Alger is also using an array of advertising, PR, and social media to promote the campaign. The outreach includes programmatic advertising (static and video-embedded banner ads), native advertising on sites such as Institutional Investor and Morningstar, advertising via Taboola/Outbrain video networks, mobile advertising (including geo-targeting), LinkedIn (promoted posts, email blasts), SEM (Google AdWords and paid searches on Bing), and promoted social media posts (Twitter and LinkedIn). 

Despite the initiative's heavy utilization of social media, these channels represented a key challenge for the asset management company. "Implementing a social media campaign was a first for our company," says Jeanne Sdroulas, senior vice president and head of marketing for Alger.  "The financial services industry is highly regulated. As such, many financial firms, including ours, have not done much in terms of social media. We learned that we needed to both educate and promote social media at the same time with our employees and senior management."

scooterA radio campaign launched by Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America is urging Kroger supermarkets to stop allowing consumers to carry guns in its stores. The ads feature recorded phone calls to real Kroger stores. Paid for by the Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund, the ads are running in the Cincinnati area to coincide with Kroger investor meetings. In the first 60-second ad, a woman asks if she can bring her new poodle, who has separation anxiety, in the store. The employee says no, citing safety issues. The caller counters by asking how loaded assault weapons are allowed and not considered safety issues. The Kroger employee has a tough time explaining it. See it here. In "Scooter," the same caller asks if her child's scooter is allowed inside, because the kid is attached. The Kroger employee explains liability issues -- and that's when the caller mentions the gun policy. The Kroger employee explains that it's true, but it's a state law and out of her control. Listen to it here. Grey Toronto created the campaign.

lebronjamesAfter watching Nike Basketball's two-minute ad welcoming LeBron James back to Cleveland, how can you not root for the city and its loyal fans? "Together" celebrates the pride and emotion James has for Cleveland and its fans and it also shows the love that residents have for James and his return to their beloved city. Shot in black-and-white, the ad begins with a huddle on the basketball court. James motivates his teammates by stating that everything they do on the court is for Cleveland. Pretty soon, the huddle grows to include fans inside the stadium, outside the arena and throughout the city. This is one big huddle. With hard work and teamwork, there could be a championship in Cleveland's future. Watch it here, created by Wieden + Kennedy Portland.

directtvThe latest ad for DirecTV starring Rob Lowe features the handsome actor working alongside a hairier, cable-subscribing version of himself. Hopefully, this ad won't cause a kerfuffle like Lowe's previous ad did. Quick refresher: In this ad, Lowe's painfully awkward self had trouble peeing in public, which angered folks suffering from shy bladder syndrome. I see an SNL skit in the future. The latest spot shows a hairy Rob Lowe missing out on DirecTV's offerings, along with the joys of waxing, as he settles for cable TV. Hairy Rob Lowe has a comb stuck in his back hair and, not surprisingly, has trouble meeting the right woman because his arm hair curtains get in the way. Check it out here. Grey NY created the ads.