April 15, 2015


2014 Attendees Included
Blue State Digital
CEO, Co-founder
VP, Political
SVP, Political
SVP, Media Supervisor
Live Nation
Digital Strategy Manager
Group Director, Strategy
Republican National Committee
Digital Strategy
Director, Political
Scripps Networks Interactive
Senior Manager - Political & Advocacy
Targeted Victory
The New York Times
Congressional Reporter
The Washington Post
Senior Director
EVP Research
MediaPost’s Marketing Politics brings to this arena a decade of experience exploring the hot button issues of digital marketing and fact checking empty ad tech promises.

The voters of 2014 and 2016 will be digitized. But how well wired will their candidates be?

Your Questions Answered

  • What is a DSP and a DMP, and how can political campaigns use these emerging tools wisely? 
  • Who is the new political consumer, and how does a fragmented media landscape rewrite the rules of voter decision-making? How can digital data and targeting tools be used (and over-used) to give the right message to the right voter at the right time?
  • What is a campaign to do in the wild west of social media? 
  • How can you get the most bang for your marketing buck with the right mix among paid, owned and earned media? 
  • How can the many data inputs be integrated across channels to both synchronize and measure marketing success?
What people are saying about MediaPost's Marketing Politics conference...

"By far one of the best conferences I have ever attended.  It was a no nonsense forum, quality people, great conversation and incredible content"
- Ari Zoldan, Talk Radio News Service, Washington, DC

“This was a comprehensive view of the changing political landscape. A must attend event.”
- Daniel Hodges, Managing Director, Consumers In Motion, LLC

"Above all other conferences, MediaPost events provide the most comprehensive insight into the state and future of interactive media, marketing and advertising.  The content is top-notch, and the individuals I have the opportunity to meet, are the ones leading the charge to make interactive a premier medium for advertisers.  These are top-quality events for anyone involved in the digital media space"
- Kevin Klein, Head of Marketing, Global Display Advertising, Amazon.com

"MediaPost's events are a fabulous way to meet industry experts, learn about industry solutions, interact with peer groups and learn about specific channels of interactive media. The contacts I have made at these events will be valuable for years to come."
- Gary Milner, Director, Global Digital Marketing, Lenovo

"I wanted to drop a note and let you know that I thought MediaPost's OMMA content was some of the best I've seen in the past two years at SXSW.  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your day and conference.  Good luck with the balance of SXSW!"
- Dan Clifford, Vice President, Marketing, Victoria's Secret