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The Digital Decisions of 2016

The databases have been built, the social media war rooms designed, the ad targeting mechanisms locked and loaded. Now that both political parties have stockpiled their digital arsenals, the question is not about who has the better data or technology. Now it is about execution and understanding where, how and how much to use the channel. How much money should be apportioned to digital over other channels? How is all this new multi-channel voter profile data best used, on what segments, to which goals? Now that the ad technology can target down to narrow slices of the electorate, are there messages to address that voter’s interests? And how and where can digital channels actually move people away from the screen to perform the most important political behavior turning out to vote?

Featured Speakers

2014 Attendees Included:

Blue State Digital
CEO, Co-founder
VP, Political
SVP, Political
SVP, Media Supervisor
Live Nation
Digital Strategy Manager
Group Director, Strategy
Republican National Committee
Digital Strategy
Director, Political
Scripps Networks Interactive
Senior Manager - Political & Advocacy
Targeted Victory
The New York Times
Congressional Reporter
The Washington Post
Senior Director
EVP Research

In the 2015 edition of Mediapost’s Marketing Politics we focus on the key decision points political marketers will encounter in the coming election about how best to deploy the big data and nano-focused targeting technology that will power what may be the first digitally-powered election of our time.

We will explore:

  • How did and will digital investments prove their ROI for campaigns compared to other channels?
  • How will 2016 campaign budgets accommodate data and digital ad projects?
  • Making the data matter. Best uses for the voter profiles and prioritizing data-driven projects.
  • Bridging the messaging gap: customizing content as precisely as the data and targeting parse the voter base
  • Leveraging digital to achieve the ultimate KPI – impacting turnout
  • Thinking beyond 2016 and the challenge of activating digital native Millennials

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