Friday, June 24, 2016
by Maria Garrido
Fortunately for us judges, the first weekend of Cannes Lions saw the sun go into hiding and the rarity of rain fall on the Cote d'Azur. As a result, being confined to our bunker for ten hours a day pouring over the Media category submissions didn't seem so bad at first. Now however, it's not just the weather that's hotting up. I personally have already voted on around 500 entries across 30 Media categories and we're finally getting close to awarding those coveted golden Lions. In my first confession, I made some predictions about what ... More »

by Kathy Ring, Op-Ed Contributor
The millennial workforce is looking to curate their career-gaining these rich, diverse experiences across multiple companies and sometimes even multiple industries. The newest generation of employees is motivated by opportunities to sharpen their skills and grow both professionally and personally. More »
Media Psssst
by Richard Whitman, Columnist
This year the Showreel features 20 directors, including one Artificial Intelligence director. The audience will be challenged to ... More »
by Steve McClellan
The firm won for a story it produced for the New York Times VR app about the Middle East refugee crisis called, The Displaced. More »
by Steve McClellan
The Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeted more than 600 points (over 3%) on Friday -- dragging the major holding company stocks with it -- in the wake of news that UK voters passed a referendum to leave the European Union. WPP CEO Martin Sorrell and Omnicom Group respond. More »
by Larissa Faw
CANNES, FRANCE -- Thursday's vote by UK voters to leave the European Union has important implications for the advertising industry and was the hot-button issue for attendees at Cannes Friday. There are several likely outcomes from this referendum, said ad execs gathered here during the Lions Festival of Creativity. More »
by Larissa Faw
"We want to deliver fresh campaigns that are more relevant to today's consumer," said Unilever's Aline Santos, EVP global marketing, Unilever, at a Thursday session in Cannes. More »
by Larissa Faw
Under Armour launched its first national campaign in December 1999 by spending $25,000 on a half-page ad in ESPN magazine. This push was a result of landing a product placement deal in Oliver Stone's Any Given Sunday and Plank wanted to make sure people knew that UA was a real and not fictional brand. More »
by Gavin O'Malley
Sadly, "there's no algorithm in the world that can actually tell you what people are going to like." So Michael Kassan, founder and CEO of MediaLink, told Cannes Lion TV on Thursday. More »
by Wayne Friedman
Estimates are that networks are getting anywhere from 8.5% to 12% to 13% price increases on the cost per thousand viewers. It hasn't been determined where the overall broadcast TV upfront dollar volume will land. More »
by Jess Nelson
Hillary Clinton will soon leverage President Barack Obama's expansive email network for her presidential campaign, according to party insiders and as first reported by "The Hill." More »