Tuesday, July 28, 2015
by Michelle Cardinal
Just the opposite-in many cases size is at the root of several industry issues like lack of trust and transparency between agency and client. Times have changed and client attitudes have too as some leading brands are starting to engage smaller agencies and/or taking traditional agency functions in-house. More »

People On The Move
Out To Launch
Account On The Move
by Bob Garfield
As the late Sen. Everett Dirksen famously observed, "a billion here, a billion there and pretty soon you're talking about real money." And to show for it, what? Merely the knowledge that if you give away something useful for free, lots and lots of people will take you up on the offer. More »
Media Psssst
by Richard Whitman
Way back in 2004, University of Central Florida graduate and Woo Creative Founder Ryan Boylston has been hosting ... More »
by Larissa Faw
The shoe brand and its agency, mono, sent the rock band Hunter Hunted on a trip to a sea cave to play where no one has ever recorded music before. More »
by Steve McClellan
BIScience offers media analytics for display, mobile, video, and programmatic media covering more than 500,000 publishers worldwide. The firms said they would collaborate on enhanced cross-media and digital measurement products. More »
by Steve McClellan
Consumer packaged goods and retail marketers are seeing a direct correlation between revenue growth and Hispanic media investment, according to a new study released by AHAA: The Voice of Hispanic Marketing, based on Nielsen Monitor Plus data. The analysis was done by Santiago Solutions Group. More »
by Steve McClellan
The platform is from startup Wrapify which has commenced operations in hometown San Diego and San Francisco. It plans to roll out in other markets later this summer. More »
by Larissa Faw
Initially, she will partner with existing staffers across analytics, strategy, and media to build out a new Customer Value Management practice. A stand-alone CVM team will develop over time. More »
by Larissa Faw
Selling condoms to 18- to-24-year-old males tends to rely on humor or hot women. Now, Japanese-based Okamoto and its ad agency Marcus Thomas Cleveland are combining these two themes for its newest campaign. More »
by Ben Frederick
While most marketers are using location-based advertising, the top strategy they employ is audience targeting. Marketers are starting to capitalize on the wealth of data flooding in from mobile devices and using more nuanced approaches to understand the intent and interests of consumers in a specific location. More »
by Larissa Faw
Belk and digital agency HelloWorld are targeting college kids as the department chain launches its new Young Contemporary department. It offers popular style trends, such as the '70s hippie look. More »