Monday, April 27, 2015
by Tom Denford
Shareholders could prove more influential than advertisers in the U.S. rebate debate. As the ANA's Financial Management conference kicks off in Phoenix this week, I'm looking for signs of good will on both sides to make progress in resolving the controversy. It's becoming more urgent than ever to get answers to a number of questions and if agencies can't provide them quickly then I expect more analysts will be lining up to advise caution to investors in the sector. More »

Out To Launch
Account On The Move
People On The Move
by Stan Mack
Media Psssst
by Richard Whitman
Swedish advertising agency Dogwash is out with a new iPhone app, appropriately called Advertising Emojis. More »
by Larissa Faw
This week the agency relaunches its Web site to focus on dispelling common marketing misconceptions that agency executives have too frequently heard from clients. The site debuts with their top 24 favorite cliches, including "The big idea is dead. Give me lots of small ideas integrated over lots of media," (from a security product CMO) and "I've changed CMOs. I've changed agencies. Why's my advertising still not working?" and "I want to build a relationship with my customers through social media content"(a bank CEO). More »
by Larissa Faw
The company's Q1 revenue growth (7.4% organic upswing) was overshadowed by the disclosure of financial irregularities concerning CEO Nadal. During the quarter, MDC incurred $5.8 million in legal fees and other related expenses related to an SEC inquiry into the matter. The upshot: Nadal will return some $8.6 million to the company that had been paid to him, apparently improperly, for various expenses that the CEO claimed. More »
by Steve McClellan
Half of those selected, including Juror President Cindy Gallop, are from the U.S. The new Lion, disclosed last month and created in cooperation with, will award work that "shatters stereotypical images of men and women which remain rooted in marketing messages." More »
by Larissa Faw
The new campaign, from Marc USA features images of powerful animals in vapor form to demonstrate the products ability to keep cars and engines powerful, speedy and enduring. It's designed to both to introduce Sta-Bil 360 Performance and reposition the Sta-Bil brand as a performance player in the market. More »
by Laurie Sullivan
The Apple Watch began shipping this week and arriving in some stores Friday -- just not its own. Voice search features in Siri and those built into apps for Apple Watch provide marketers with new opportunities. More »
by Larissa Faw
Nearly two in three people age 18-65 (62%) say they have no interest in owning the Apple Watch, according to Horizon Media's Finger on the Pulse survey. Although price is cited as the top reason for this disinterest, the biggest challenge may be consumers' lack of interest in owning another connected device. When asked for the top five reasons they aren't interested in Apple Watch, more than half of detractors (53%) say they simply don't want another connected device. More »
by Joe Mandese
The Association of National Advertisers and the 4A's Friday afternoon announced a new task force comprised of senior marketer and agency executives to take "decisive action to address concerns about media transparency." The task force will be co-chaired by the 4A's chief Nancy Hill and ANA chief Bob Liodice and will include top executives from their organizations' members. More »
by Larissa Faw
The new office underscores the heightened importance the Publicis-owned agency is placing on this region. Level Studios SF will be led by industry veteran Michael Phillips, joining as SVP of Technology and Innovation. He is tasked with developing new, innovative technology solutions while providing strategic oversight to the technology practice. He will report to Level's CEO Dan Connolly. More »
by Steve McClellan
IPG's Q1 organic revenue growth bested both WPP and Omnicom (5.2% and 5.1%, respectively) and was well ahead of Publicis Groupe (1.9%). IPG Michael Roth stated: "We saw solid contributions to our performance from across our agency portfolio, with particular strength in the U.S. as well as significant growth in Asia and the UK." More »