Wednesday, November 26, 2014
by Barbara Lippert
With the big gobble-gobble weekend approaching, it's probably a great time for Weight Watchers to debut this new 60-second spot, timed for prime family viewing on our first Post-Turkey Sunday. (AKA, when the stuffing hits the fan.) More »

Out To Launch
Account On The Move
People On The Move
by Shane Atchison
I was thrilled this summer when a whole new category of razor companies came out. The basic concept was perfect. You sign up for a service, and they regularly send you razors and shaving cream so you never have to torture yourself again. This is a great business model. You acquire a customer once and have him or her on an installment plan forever. It was convenient, solved a real problem, and got rid of an expensive middleman. But these companies also had to deliver on the promise. Many didn't. More »
by Bill Bergman
Today's students are scared to voice an opinion in class because one of their peers might broadcast a goofy answer on Instagram or Twitter, attach a shaming hashtag, and ruin their fake, digital reputation.These are students who have never known life before school shootings. They are also products of large suburban high schools that manage student conduct with policies that ensure one breach in behavior will forever be present on a permanent record. Along with fears of violence, they bring a "one mistake and you're done" misconception with them into the college classroom. By the time students ... More »
Media Psssst
by Richard Whitman
So GSD&M got in on the whole Movember thing by...launching a Spanish telenovela. Yeah, I know. Read about that here. Not to be left out, RPA was inspired by some 80s-themed nostalgia and decided to go that route for their own agency's participation in the ... More »
by Larissa Faw
Wells will be responsible for driving digital integration across Rapp's entire creative, media and data client base to further increase the reach and effectiveness of digital engagement. His oversight runs across global and UK clients, and he will supervise a team working on big digital infrastructure projects. More »
by Steve McClellan
The decision by the board came after reviewing the report of an independent advisor who concluded the tender offer is "fair," and is urging shareholders to tender their stakes. Bollore owns about 36% of the company and intends to acquire a majority stake but not 100%. More »
by Larissa Faw
This year, however, in addition to its annual potluck lunch, the agency introduced the 'Bring a Can, Take a Plate' initiative to benefit the NYC charity City Harvest, which provides food for the less fortunate. All Horizon employees attending the luncheon were asked to donate canned goods or money in exchange for a plate. More »
by Steve McClellan
The New York-based holding company acquired 50% of the Calgary-headquartered agency in 1999 for a reported $20 million. Now, Omnicom has bought up the remaining shares in Critical Mass that it didn't already own. The agency has taken steps this year to bolster some of its key offices in the U.S. and UK. More »
by Wendy Davis
Deutsch L.A. deceived consumers with an ad campaign that involved asking employees to promote Sony's PlayStation Vita on Twitter, the Federal Trade Commission alleged in a complaint unveiled on Tuesday. The FTC's astroturfing charges stemmed from a January 2012 email sent by Deutsch L.A. to employees, requesting that they tweet about the $250 gaming console. More »
by Larissa Faw
Red Door Interactive will provide strategic planning to assist OneRoof Energy's online marketing programs focused on attracting and acquiring customers via education. The outreach will run across various digital marketing channels targeting homeowners in California and Massachusetts. The first campaign will debut early next year. More »
by Larissa Faw
Foregoing the typical interview process. TDA_Boulder is inviting a candidate for an open art director slot to party hearty with the agency team at its upcoming holiday get-together in Las Vegas. "There's only so much you can learn about an applicant over the course of an hour-long interview," the agency wrote in an invitation to select candidates. More »
by Steve McClellan
Meredith Corp., which had a minority stake in iris has been bought out. Cheil said the initial investment in iris will kick off "a new partnership that will enable the two companies to extend and deepen their global capabilities in creativity, strategy, retail, digital, data, analytics, B2B and CRM, while offering clients the most progressive work available in the world today." More »