• Once A TV Backwater, Summer's A Season For Award-Winning Shows
    Once upon a time, summer was a time for reruns. Now we are awash in new TV shows in summer -- and many of them are actually good.
  • 'Roots' Remake Demonstrates How TV Changed From Then To Now
    History Channel's remake of "Roots" conjures memories of a bygone era when big miniseries were a centerpiece of the TV universe. The eight episodes of the original "Roots" still rank among the highest-rated TV shows of all time.
  • Hundreds Of 'Mad Men' Props Up For Grabs In Online Auction
    More than 1,500 items from the set of "Mad Men" will be offered in an online auction starting June 1. The auction, announced Monday, runs until June 15.
  • Upfronts Were A Challenge For Big TV Companies With Many Networks
    Maybe it's because some TV companies try to cram too many of their properties into one upfront presentation that someone like Anderson Cooper ends up reciting a piece of upfront copy that seems beneath him.
  • Secrets Of A Tiny Town: AMC's 'Preacher' And The Legacy Of 'Twin Peaks'
    Tell people that a show you just watched reminded you of "Twin Peaks" and everyone will know what you're talking about.
  • Nobody Really Cared About Megyn Kelly's Sit-Down With Trump
    It was the long-awaited sit-down of the two battling media personalities -- Kelly's first interview with Trump since she angered him last summer at the first Republican debate when she raised the issue of his name-calling of women.
  • With The End Of 'Mike & Molly,' TV Loses Melissa McCarthy To The Movies
    Were you among the 8.45 million who tuned in to see what happened to Mike and Molly in the final episode of this comedy series?
  • Cranston Goes 'All The Way' With LBJ, But Will You?
    Despite some flaws, and what I assume are some historical inaccuracies, this made-for-HBO movie about the presidency of Lyndon Johnson is more than salvaged by Bryan Cranston's performance.
  • Media Should Point Finger At Itself When Explaining Trump's Rise
    For many in the portion of the electorate that has lined up behind Trump, the "media" and government are now one and the same -- two big institutions whose members are full of themselves, and to some degree, also in cahoots.
  • Reflections On Morley Safer's Retirement From '60 Minutes'
    More than any other broadcast network, CBS has a knack for keeping people around. Morley Safer -- who announced this week that he will leave "60 Minutes" after 46 years -- is just 84.
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