• Fake News? Maybe Trump's A Fake President
    Donald Trump has decided to take the phrase "fake news" and apply it to situations where it was never meant to be applied.
  • Fly-Over Country: Fading Basic Cable Is TV's Low-Rent District
    There is a vast swath of basic cable that is the TV equivalent of fly-over country -- you "fly over" these networks on the way to somewhere else.
  • CNN Prez Dismisses Trump 'Ban,' Says CNN Is Doing Fine
    Jeff Zucker may or may not have been drawing a parallel between Trump and the authoritarian regime in Venezuela when Zucker spoke out on Thursday about the Venezuelan regime's crackdown on CNN this week.
  • In New HBO Series, Stand-Up Guy Tries To Make It In Comedy's 'Smelly Gyms'
    Comedy clubs -- the dank, claustrophobic, malodorous dens of brick-wall backgrounds and squeaky chairs -- are the places Jerry Seinfeld once described as the "smelly gyms" of show business.
  • 'Today' Series Reminds Us: We Used To Talk About TV Talk Shows
    A series of interviews this week on "The Today Show" is reviving memories of the Golden Age of TV Talk Shows. If the era wasn't exactly golden for the world at large, it was certainly golden for a journalist on the television beat.
  • CBS Court Drama 'Doubt' Covers Same Old Ground
    Here we go again: Another new CBS drama series whose storytelling seems full of holes to me ...
  • Surprise Headline Of The Year: Colbert's Beating Fallon
    Late-night TV has a new king named Stephen, as in Stephen Colbert -- and for the moment at least, he sits at the top of the late-night ratings pyramid.
  • Viacom 'Flagship Six' Declaration Is Day Of Reckoning For Basic Cable
    Viacom is openly acknowledging that six of its cable networks are worth more of the company's outlays in effort and investment than all the others.
  • One's A 'Bot And One's Not: Two Shows Ask What It Means To Be Human
    Welcome to TV 2017, in which futuristic TV shows depict a future world that in many ways is already here -- or, at the very least, possible.
  • Is Trump's Press Secretary A Joke? Late-Night TV Thinks So
    If there are worse p.r. reps out there right now than Sean Spicer, I'd like to hear about them. The publicist for the president and his administration is a tough job, but so is any position at the top of the communications department at a large organization -- from the White House to corporate America.
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