• Doctor Turned Actor Plays Ill-Tempered MD Who's A Real Pill
    Ken Jeong's unusual career path from physician to stand-up comedian and comic actor was the inspiration for his new ABC sitcom "Dr. Ken," although the character he plays has no discernible interest in pursuing a comedy career in the two episodes ABC provided for preview.
  • 'Blacklist' Tries To Turn New York Into D.C., But The Attempt Fails
    Merely stating that a TV show takes place in a certain city doesn't make it so -- especially when it's so obvious that the show wasn't filmed where it is supposed to be. A case in point is "The Blacklist," which returns for its third season Thursday night on NBC.
  • 'Code Black' On CBS: Stressed-Out Docs In World's Worst ER
    Can actors playing stressed-out emergency room doctors develop real symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder? If any actors are susceptible, it would be the ones in "Code Black."
  • Noah's Arc: From Bad To Worse In 'Daily Show' Debut
    The new "Daily Show" ended with an old bit -- the show's customary "Moment of Zen" -- but it was a "Moment of Cringe" that was more startling. It came about two-thirds into Monday night's show, which marked the debut of Trevor Noah, 31, as the new host replacing Jon Stewart.
  • 'Scream Queens' Was DOA, Then Suddenly Alive, Thanks to 'Plus 3' Ratings
    The show biz trade press seem to have decided that the Live+3 ratings should now be reported with the same enthusiasm they formerly reserved for the just-plain ratings. The stories began appearing in the last few days, reflecting the first official week of the new fall television season last week.
  • September To Remember: Grading The Candidates On The Late-Night Shows
    As September draws to a close, it seems appropriate to take a look back at the gaggle of presidential candidates who flocked to the late-night shows this month.
  • 'Heroes Reborn': NBC Revives Show It Cancelled Five Years Ago
    Where have all the "Heroes" gone? Gone elsewhere, some of them. That's the key question and answer for fans of the original "Heroes" series on NBC which will be revived tonight with a sequel series called "Heroes Reborn" five years after it was last seen.
  • Snarky Tweets Greet Brian Williams As He Returns For Pope's Visit
    In the space of about eight months, MSNBC's afternoon lineup of personalities went from Ronan Farrow to Brian Williams. By almost any measure, this has to be considered a step up -- despite the uphill battle Williams faces to rehabilitate his reputation and reestablish trust in his audience (should he be so lucky to attract one).
  • New Fall Season, Night 2: ABC's 'Muppets' Is Eerily Similar To '30 Rock'
    "The Muppets" is just like "30 Rock," only with puppets. Kermit is Liz Lemon. Miss Piggy is a combination of Tracy Jordan and Jenna Maroney. The other characters in "The Muppets," premiering Tuesday night on ABC, are like the supporting players in "30 Rock" -- writers, assistants and other studio personnel who are all involved in the production of a fictional TV show.
  • Fall Season Begins With Three New Shows Monday Night
    Isn't life complicated enough already? Apparently it's not -- at least for the creators of two new fanciful dramas premiering Monday night to officially kick off the new fall season.
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