• New TruTV Tagline Tells Simple Truth About Its Programming
    Finally, a cable network has come up with a promotional tagline that makes sense. The network is TruTV, and the tagline the network announced Thursday is: "Funny because it's tru."
  • Fly-Over Country: Fading Basic Cable Is TV's Low-Rent District
    There is a vast swath of basic cable that is the TV equivalent of fly-over country -- you "fly over" these networks on the way to somewhere else.
  • Good Golly, Miss Dolly! What Was Christmas Before She Came Along?
    Dolly Parton is now TV's Christmas queen. Her official crowning comes Wednesday night (Nov. 30) with her second annual TV movie on NBC.
  • Syfy Series Predicts: In Future, Corporations Will Control The Planet
    The new Syfy drama series "Incorporated," premiering Wednesday, Nov. 30, is straight out of the "it's only going to get worse" school of futuristic science fiction.
  • Trump To News Media: You're No Fun At All!
    The news networks lived well and prospered off of Trump's wild presidential campaign. Still, their slavish attendance at this command performance "summit" meeting felt uncomfortably like kowtowing.
  • TV Without Commercials? That Reality Is Already Here
    Imagine a world where all of television is commercial-free. According to one panelist at a session during the January NATPE conference, that reality is already here for an entire generation of younger viewers.
  • Much Of TV Might Be Trash, But There Is Plenty Of Treasure Too
    I love television so much that it's inevitable that I would place high standards on it. Although the majority of TV shows do not live up to those standards, the fact that some do makes for a situation in which the majority of TV reviews are going to be negative or, at the very least, somewhere south of positive.
  • Who Is Your Favorite TV Character?
    The questions a TV columnist is asked most frequently include: What is your favorite show? Do you like [insert show title]? And sometimes: Who have you met?
  • Comparing The '70s To Today After Stumbling On 'Sonny & Cher'
    What were we thinking?This question occurred to me recently when I came across an old episode of "The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour" on one of those TV oldies channels.
  • How Have The Media Times Changed? The 'AP Stylebook' Knows
    In 1977, according to the AP style guide I still occasionally refer to, using the acronym "TV" as a noun when writing about television was not advised.
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