• Thanks To Its Merciless Abuse Of Millennials, CBS Sitcom Is Fall's Best New Show
    Instead of slavishly catering to Millennials like every other sector of the media these days, this new comedy series totally hammers them -- something we can all get behind.
  • Alive And Still Kicking: Norman Lear On 'American Masters'
    A year ago, when Norman Lear published his memoir, suddenly he was turning up on talk shows and stages everywhere. Portions of this publicity tour are seen in the documentary "Norman Lear: Just Another Version Of You," which comes to PBS Tuesday night.
  • Network With A Plan: CBS Monday Sitcoms Are Nearly Identical
    CBS is hatching a new strategy to create cohesion on its Monday sitcom lineup: Lead off the night with back-to-back comedies that are almost identical.
  • Sundance Finds Clever Way To Position Five TV Classics
    The Sundance channel has come up with a novel way to promote the addition of some very old TV shows to its daytime lineup.
  • Uncivil Warriors: Final Debate Was A Frosty Face-Off
    Clearly, civility has taken a holiday -- perhaps permanently -- when it comes to political discourse in this country. What a frosty, nasty debate that thing was on Wednesday night! The fault lay more with Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton, with his disruptive, angry mutterings and ill-chosen figures of speech.
  • Had Enough? Embattled Nation Mulls Skipping Third Debate
    What's it going to be then? Huge ratings, or an electorate so turned off by now that they'll stay away from this third presidential debate in droves?
  • Despite One Critic's Pans, Three CBS Shows Are Doing Fine
    A TV critic railed against three new CBS shows, but the viewing public has taken to them anyway. That TV critic was me, and the three shows are "Kevin Can Wait," "Bull" and "MacGyver."
  • In Presidential Puppet Campaign, The Media Pulls The Strings
    The media has hijacked the presidential campaign. Which media? TV, talk-radio, the Internet, social media, Wikileaks and Putin.
  • Nolte Is First-Rate Ex-Presidential Timber In 'Graves'
    For this column I had a choice to write about "The Simpsons" or this new series starring Nick Nolte. The Nolte show won for one big reason: It's great. It's called "Graves," and it's on Epix,
  • No Room For Fun As USA Network Dreams Of Drama Glory
    "Falling Water" has nothing to do with the famous house in western Pennsylvania designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. "Eyewitness" is not connected in any way to your local TV news.
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