• With F-Words And Ads, FX Has Become HBO With Commercials
    If some advertisers are OK with the adult content in "FEUD," viewers might not be OK with the commercials.
  • Families Behaving Frantically: ABC's Comedy Formula
    ABC's new show "Imaginary Mary" contains at least two cliches so often used in shows like this: the dreaded narrator and the frantic breakfast.
  • Why I Dislike Facebook: It's The P.R. Version Of Everybody's Life
    On Facebook, everybody's lives are swell and peachy keen. In short, Facebook does not reflect reality.
  • The Game Show King
    I have long considered Chuck Barris to be one of the true titans of television. Barris was a showman, who also gave the impression that he was somewhat eccentric.
  • Free Advice For NBC Late-Night Publicists: Get Rid Of This Photo
    Jimmy Fallon's playful hair-tousling of then-presidential candidate Donald Trump on "The Tonight Show" last September may or may not be one of the reasons viewers are abandoning Fallon and flocking to Stephen Colbert on CBS.
  • Fox Now Seeks To Join 'National Conversation' On Race
    Who better than Fox to lead us into a discussion of race relations and police brutality?
  • Tim Allen's Germany-Hollywood Comparison: What He Really Said
    Instead of invoking the the n-word -- in this case, "Nazi" -- in decrying the intolerance that grips Hollywood these days, Allen made a remark comparing Hollywood to " '30s Germany."
  • The Nut And The Ninny: NBC's Maddow/Fallon Problem
    With her ridiculous non-scoop about Donald Trump's 2005 tax return this week, holier-than-thou Rachel Maddow proved she is just like everybody else in news media today -- hungry for ratings and willing to undertake any means necessary to get them.
  • With Mr. T And Charo, 'Dancing With The Stars' Can't Miss
    With Mr. T and Charo both competing in the new, upcoming "Dancing With the Stars" on ABC, this 24th edition of the show simply cannot miss.
  • Dear TV News, You're A National Joke
    TV news has finally accomplished the goal toward which it has been heading for its entire history: It is now a full-blown satire of itself.
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