• B&G Foods Sees Green In General Mills' Frozen Brands
    The Jolly Giant is relocating to another valley as Minneapolis-based General Mills is selling its Green Giant and Le Sueur frozen and canned veggie brands to Parsippany, N.J.-based B&G Foods for $765 million in cash. General Mills will continue to operate the Green Giant business in Europe and other markets under license from B&G. The portfolio had about $585 million in sales in fiscal year 2015.
  • DreamWorks Looks For A Disney Ending
    Stephen Spielberg's DreamWorks Studios is likely to sign on with Universal Studios for distribution after its seven-year agreement with Walt Disney Co. expires next August, according to numerous reports building on a story broken by the "Hollywood Reporter"'s Kim Masters. That pact didn't exactly hue to the script but the departure is characterized as "amicable," according to the "New York Times."
  • Big Mac Going All In On All-Day Breakfast
    McDonald's says it is giving both its customers and its franchisees what they want by rolling out all-day breakfast offerings nationally in 14,300 restaurants starting Oct. 6.
  • Apple's iOS Networking With Cisco's Suits
    Apple and Cisco are working together to pave a "fast lane" for iOS devices in the corporate world - an announcement sure to be hailed by those looking to improve the integration of "seamless" video-conferencing with their bosses into the daypart formerly known as "down time."
  • Apple's iOS Content-Blocking Capabilities Causing Ad Agita
    The accommodating nature of Apple's forthcoming iOS9 to ad-blocking apps on its Safari browser is not only upsetting publishers because of what it can do, it's all the more threatening because it may make the practice of just saying no to being pitched a mainstream practice.
  • Apple Watch Sales Data May Be Better Than It Has Hinted
    Although Apple has been touting its Watch's ability to track everything from minutes of brisk activity to glucose levels, it has been vague about its own sales data for the device since it went on sale in late June. A new report, however, suggests that it burst off the blocks and trails only the much-simpler and less-expensive Fitbit in the wearable-devices race.
  • Farmers Rejoice As Monsanto Drops Pursuit Of Syngenta
    After four months of an aggressive but controversial wooing of Swiss-based agrichemicals company Syngenta, St. Louis-based Monsanto is walking away after its third and last offer - $46 billion - was summarily rejected.
  • BK To McDonald's: 'Let's Make Burgers Together'
    Burger King is proposing that arch-rival McDonald's join it in a one-day cease-fire by opening a pop-up shop in Atlanta on Sept. 21 to sell a specially concocted "McWhopper" that "gets the world talking" about Peace One Day, an annual "day of global ceasefire and nonviolence" founded in 1999.
  • Financial Advisors Trot Out The 'Stay Calm' Messaging
    The U.S. stock market rout in recent days -- call it a long-anticipated "correction," a reaction to the economic slowdown in China, or both -- has financial-services marcom types, money-beat columnists, quotable academics and a social-media sage or two working overtime to distribute the familiar scripts of "don't panic" and "buy low." In other words, we've been here before and we'll be there again.
  • Samsung Can't Please Everybody
    Samsung raised expectations with a series of earlier-than-usual product announcements last week but some tech critics are expressing frustration over everything from unavailable product to poor marketing, and at least one competitor has jumped on it for its distribution strategy.
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