1. Arthur Koff from RetiredBrains.com
    10 minutes ago re: The Growing Financial Crisis For Single Boomer Women Over 65 by Pam Lockard (Engage:Boomers - July 30)

    What businesses can benefit and what can we do can both be answered with

    There are many opporunites for women to work from home and earn money after they have "retired" and are on Social Secuirty. While the income from most of these is not great, in additin to Social Secuirty it will increase total income to allow livability.

    We have provided information on hundreds of ways to earn money working at home.

  2. Jim Alkon from CRN
    15 minutes ago re: How Howard Stern Became 'King Of All Media' by J. Max Robins (TV Everywhere - July 29)

    The King of All Media indeed! That's why we named him last year to the radio industry's Mount Rushmore. http://bit.ly/1Jy8l69 

  3. Cynthia Amorese from JAL Enterprises NY
    18 minutes ago re: Just Like Buddy Holly & The Rain People: Road Trips From Hell? by Barbara Lippert (Mad Blog - July 29)

    Re: cars-and-love ads, nobody does it like Subaru and my hands-down favorite is the TV spot where the wife gives her husband an easel for his birthday and he sets it up everywhere -- forest, ocean bluff, desert, all places his Subaru can handle -- and creates a whole gallery of amateurish but endearing paintings. His face when he first sees his easel is priceless and the camaraderie he and his wife share is evident in every frame. I want the car they have because I want the relationship they have. 

  4. Paula Lynn from Who Else Unlimited
    38 minutes ago re: Is Viewability The Bogeyman Of Digital Advertising? by Paolo Gaudiano (Online Publishing Insider - July 28)

    Those who are responsible to buy the ads are not the same as those responsible for the sales of those things. Those who are responsible for profits are not the same people as either of those people. Major disconnects all around. 

  5. Chuck Martin from Chuck Martin
    58 minutes ago re: Mobile Payments & the October EMV Deadline by Chuck Martin (MobileShopTalk - July 29)

    We are on the same page Chris.

  6. April Mullen from StrongView
    62 minutes ago re: The New Email Trigger In Town: Geofencing by April Mullen (Email Insider - July 29)

    Paula--If the customer has opted into email and has given permission in the app for location to be tracked, it's permission-based and not stalking.  I'm all about permission-based practices and being transparent about how data is being used. If you don't honor permission, then you shouldn't be doing this type of marketing. 

  7. Chris Munz from Mocapay
    63 minutes ago re: Mobile Payments & the October EMV Deadline by Chuck Martin (MobileShopTalk - July 29)

    Chuck you are correct it will take time to climb the hill for sure, education and awareness are key to helping merchants and consumers understand this new mobile first strategy that is developing for brands.  Payments has largely been driven by IT but with mobile payments it is being recognized as a place for marketing to work closer with IT to plan out the mobile strategy. EMV seems to be a nice catlyst to get brands to realize that the investment of EMV can be offset by adding mobile payments but it will take time.  

  8. Paula Lynn from Who Else Unlimited
    68 minutes ago re: The New Email Trigger In Town: Geofencing by April Mullen (Email Insider - July 29)

    This is stalking. When someone who you do not know personally follows you and tracks everything you do and say is a stalker. This is dangerous. When the time comes...and it will...when the person in control wants you to change direction for any reason they want, you will lose your own control. We are closer than you think when you allow stalkers to follow you and tell you what to do.

  9. Chuck Martin from Chuck Martin
    84 minutes ago re: Mobile Payments & the October EMV Deadline by Chuck Martin (MobileShopTalk - July 29)

    Aggree with that, Chris. But still will take some time for that hill to be climbed.

  10. Chris Munz from Mocapay
    91 minutes ago re: Mobile Payments & the October EMV Deadline by Chuck Martin (MobileShopTalk - July 29)

    I do agree the change in payment behavior will thrust mobile payments to the forefront more so then what we are seeing today.  I also believe that once merchants realize that the EMV investment can be offset by incorporating mobile payments they can leverage the customer insight and drive incremental.  Mobile payments should not be just thought of as another way to pay but rather as a way to create a deeper conversation with their consumers.  The more merchants know about how customers interact with them the easier it is to have an open dialog in any channel the consumer chooses.  Consumers win with ease and timly rewards and merchants win in knowing more about who and what their customers are purchasing to help make better business decisions.

    Being able to close the loop without discounting has always been something that merchants have wanted to do but was only possiable online.  Mobile payments bridges the online instore experience.  To find out more follow me @cmunzproject or check out www.mocapay.com

  11. Lubin Bisson from Qzedia Media Inc
    94 minutes ago re: Electricity Poised To Be Biggest Ad Medium In 2016 by Dave Morgan (Online Spin - July 23)

    Bravo...John, too.  (TV or not TV...)

  12. Randall Tinfow from IMAGE PLANT
    95 minutes ago re: Please, Like, Don't Say 'I Think' Anymore -- Ya Know? by Cory Treffiletti (Online Spin - July 28)

    Pauses are essential for drama.  What are good presenters if not users of the pregnant pause, which embues its antecedents with significance? 

    Not long ago I was casting the part "Valley Boy" from students at an Ivy League university.  When I asked a dean if he knew anyone who whose speech patterns were heavy with lazy words, a classroom door opened and he said, "Here they come now!"

  13. Henry Blaufox from DragonSearch
    98 minutes ago re: CMOs Want Better Data Expertise by Aaron Baar (Marketing Daily - July 29)

    Ed, first of all let me state I am honored that someone of your experience and stature in the industry says, "absolutely right." Thank you. Perhaps the holding companies will step up to the challenge, and opportunity, by adding consulting boutiques to their rosters via acquisition. The existing research firms may have the company culture to hire the right people or develop the expertise in house as well. As for the long range matter you mentioned, it is common for corporate organizations to start by working with consultancies, then hiring staff over time as the processes become an integral part of the business operations. That has been the way with technology for years. This data analysis and application is very much reliant on technology. The pain on the part of the client management just has to be great enough to make the spending worthwhile, and that seems to be a threshold marketing has reached.

  14. Ed Papazian from Media Dynamics Inc
    over 1 hour ago re: Ya Gotta Get Digital Right For Effective Marketing by Jack Loechner (Research Brief - July 30)

    As with all of these surveys, even if we take them with a few grains of salt, it would be so much more informative if there was distinction between digital and "traditional" media. For example, only 61% of the reswpondents use audience measurement in making their decisions. Obviously the figure would be far higher for TV or magazines but much lower for digital. The same applies for "creative testing". This is a prerequisite for many national TV ad campaigns, but not for digital.

  15. ARTURO NAVA from Logra Tu Dream
    over 1 hour ago re: The Mediapreneur Path by Arturo Nava (Engage:Hispanics - July 30)

    I am excited to share with you this article which is a very small excerpt of my upcoming book "Logra Tu Dream: How 50 Succesful Latinos & Latinas Turned Their Dreams Into Reality" which will be out on 8/9/15 on Amazon. The book shares the stories of 50 inspirational Latinos/as who share their stories providing us insight into the mindset, actions and habits that allowed them to overcome barriers and conquer fears, to achieve what they once thought impossible.

  16. Ed Papazian from Media Dynamics Inc
    2 hours ago re: CMOs Want Better Data Expertise by Aaron Baar (Marketing Daily - July 29)

    Absolutely right, Henry. Also, how many advertisers are willing to fund such long ranging activities----including expert staffing and research----at their agencies?It's so easy to blame the agencies----but, then, that's a big reason why advertisers have agencies, isn't it?

  17. Ed Papazian from Media Dynamics Inc
    2 hours ago re: Madison Avenue Shifts $2 Billion Out Of 'Traditional' Media In 9 Months by Joe Mandese (MediaDailyNews - July 30)

    This is all inferential and does not neccessarily enable us to determine exactly what budgets the various gains and losses can be attributed to. In fact, most advertisers don't have "budgets" for any particular medium, their media mix as well as total ad spending is decided on a year by year basis. Still, there is no denying that some dollars that would have been spent in "traditional" media are flowing to digital and this trend will, no doubt increase, though at a declining rate.

  18. Jane Farrell from Freelance
    2 hours ago re: Just Like Buddy Holly & The Rain People: Road Trips From Hell? by Barbara Lippert (Mad Blog - July 29)

    Agree completely, Barbara. Speaking as an ad civilian (consumer, not creator) I found the wet-wedding ad much more creative and interesting - a brief story that draws you in within seconds. The family, on the other hand, is too good to be true - and very annoying at the same time. Excellent column, as always!

  19. Henry Blaufox from DragonSearch
    3 hours ago re: CMOs Want Better Data Expertise by Aaron Baar (Marketing Daily - July 29)

    This is about long term consulting assignments working in tandem with a business unit, rather than about discrete ad campaigns. Do traditional agencies have the technical and consultative problem solving skills to get and hold their clients' trust? As for the client side, who chooses the marketing data partner and monitors performance against goals? Is it the CMO? While CMO tenure has gotten lengthier lately, it is still shorter than most other C level positions. So what happens to this increasingly important relationship if (when) the CMO leaves?

  20. Lisa DePaulo from self employed
    4 hours ago re: Just Like Buddy Holly & The Rain People: Road Trips From Hell? by Barbara Lippert (Mad Blog - July 29)

    As much as I usually loathe perfect-ending wedding-spot commercials, the first one was pure art compared to the icky kid-singing/couple grossness thing in the second one. ("And you know I'm yours.") Vomit, indeed! As always, Ms. Lippert is spot on. 

  21. Don Perman from self
    4 hours ago re: Just Like Buddy Holly & The Rain People: Road Trips From Hell? by Barbara Lippert (Mad Blog - July 29)

    An excellent commentary about past and present ads, culture and media.  Especially for me, as I'm a jazz fan who never followed pop music this way.  It also reminded me of the ancient past when I actually watched shows on TV with other human beings around me and we discussed the shows and the commercials.  The column also gives (usual from Barbara) a great deep dive into subtle messages embedded in the ads.  All I need now is a Land Rover, a free parking space, and a country home to drive to in the Rover. Perhaps the next ads in the campaign will provide that.

  22. Ari Rosenberg from Performance Pricing Holdings, LLC
    4 hours ago re: More Meaningless Advice For Premium Publishers by Ari Rosenberg (Online Publishing Insider - July 23)

    Eliana, thank you for such an insightful response -- I am sure all of those reading it just got smarter and I appreciate you being upfront about the fact you work for a verification solution company and yet your words don't sound jaded -- you should submit a guest column on the topic as a whole -- reach out to Phyllis Fine at Mediapost  (you can email me difectly at Ari@ipcpricing.com and I will give you more details).  That said, "black lists" have been around since the advent of ad networks and they don't work as promised but more than that Eliana, open RTB and even Private Market Places deliver lower prices for ad impressions which allow lower quality advertisers who do not invest in creative to buy and run ads -- so the fundamental problem remains -- when you sell off unsold inventory to those channels, your value as a site will continue to go down -- not in the short terms so quarter by quarter execs will see revenue from RTB and think things are great when it fact everything is going in the wrong direction and time will play that out.  Thanks again I really enjoyed reading you.

  23. Jonathan Hutter from Garrand
    5 hours ago re: Hey Creatives, Six Out of Ten People Say Your Twitter Ads Are Irrelevant by Richard Whitman (Mediapsssst - July 29)

    You're at a cocktail party talking to someone about something, and a complete stranger comes along and changes the subject to talk about something you have no interest in. That's what Twitter ads are like.