• Too Many Networks? Maybe We Don't Need The Nosehair Channel
    Too many networks, too much programming -- and still nothing on TV? Hope that less will be more -- and soon. In the latest Time Warner earning call, John Martin, Turner Broadcasting CEO, said there are too many U.S. networks, and that there is going to be a "rationalization" of channels going forward -- especially in light of new small digital TV services. Meaning many fewer networks.
  • Loosely Targeted TV Ads This Political Season: Your Monster... Or Shampoo?
    On CNBC, I keep seeing TV commercials for Donald Trump, coming from the something called "Great American PAC." It's worried the GOP is looking to steal a potential nomination from Trump.
  • Is True Widespread TV Cord-Cutting Here?
    Many pay TV providers have been dinged from cutting back on traditional TV cord-cutting. But it is not always a solid declining trend line.
  • TV Nets: Work Harder To Keep Viewers Engaged, Avoid More Ad Content
    Steve Burke, CEO of NBCUniversal, said during the last week's Comcast Corp. earnings: "It's tougher to get a rating in this fragmented TV market, but when you do, you get rewarded for it significantly."
  • The Reality of Reality TV: Diversity Of Shows Needed To Survive
    Reality TV shows are great for business -- producers and TV networks. But you need successful inventory to survive.
  • Movie Studio For Sale -At Discount. Welcome To 'Premium' World Of Movies, TV
    At the same time Viacom has been looking to sell a piece of its prized Paramount Pictures asset, Comcast's NBCUniversal had been mulling the idea of buying up DreamWorks Animation. Comcast bit.
  • New Promotion For Young TV Viewers: You Need A Vibe
    The phrase "If you like this, you may want to try this," may be not as specific as some would like for the TV world. New subscription video services have other approaches.
  • Patience: New TV/Digital Currency Still Not Here
    Your future TV/digital currency is still a year or two away. What will traditional media, new digital media, and marketers do until then? Cobbling together different metrics seems to be the only way.
  • Early National TV Ad Reading: Bigger Upfront Results?
    March's TV lambs and lions had their day. Standard Media Index says broadcast TV networks witnessed an eye-popping 48% increase in March's near-term scatter national TV dollars, versus the same month a year ago. During the same month, national cable TV was down 14%.
  • Distributors, Networks Still Playing Dangerous 'Blink-First' Carriage Game
    TV networks and distributors keep on playing a game of waiting for their partners to blink when re-upping carriage deals. It never happens. Deals get done. But someday soon, some company will just shut their eyes, and take the big leap, letting the TV ecosystem have its transformation moment.
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