• Faced With Attacks, TV News Networks Defend Each Other
    Different TV news networks may be like "dogs and cats living together" (thank you, "Ghostbusters") -- naturally fierce competitors. But now in the new world order of the Trump Administration, there may be a little less competition.TV news channels may be helping each other -- as journalism colleagues.
  • Wrong! Marketing A Theatrical Movie The Fake News Way
    For the New Regency-produced theatrical thriller "A Cure for Wellness," 21st Century Fox create fake news sites as part of its overall digital marketing campaign.
  • FCC Wants To Clean Up TV
    Over the air TV still has issues over obscene language and content. And their are rules and laws. The ongoing argument was prompted this time by the Grammys.
  • Will Glitzy Upfront Presentations Lower The Lights?
    Viacom will join other networks taking the low-key approach to upfront presentations. Who will take this step next?
  • Trump Admin Supplies High TV Drama
    President Trump brings. Does that mean TV drama -- or real-life drama? The chaos is real, not a figment of the press' imagination. Consider the events surrounding national security adviser Michael Flynn.
  • Bored With Mainstream SVOD Channel, Will Amazon Produce More Premium TV?
    Amazon continues to expand as your online everyday retailer for everything -- including your everyday TV shows.

    But what about looking higher, on more “premium”-feel TV programs, shows on channels like HBO or Showtime? Reports suggest Amazon is doing just that -- wanting to start its own premium TV channel, producing its own “high-end” dramas and movies.

    Amazon has already tiptoed into this arena -- especially when it comes to winning awards. Awards are something HBO gets a lot of -- especially Emmys. It can regular pull in 100 to 125 or more trophies in a year.

    In 2016, Amazon ...

  • CBS Takes Major Ownership Stake In Kapital Entertainment
    CBS has bought a controlling 50% stake in an independent TV production company, which currently produces "Life i n Pieces" for the network.
  • Is Viacom's Talk Of 'Non-Core' Networks A Slight?
    Key networks with higher viewership yield bigger revenue and bigger brand value overall. That's what gets pushed to the top of the heap -- without necessarily tagging those networks with a particular moniker.
  • Traditional TV Touts Positive OTT Efforts
    Traditional media needs to keep the positive news coming -- not just with praise about premium TV content that everyone wants -- but with news in making deals with newfangled OTT platforms.
  • Trump Helps Deliver High TV Ratings, But Will His Business Promises Help Advertisers?
    Many will question fact and fiction in Trump's two-week's worth of tweets, executive orders and press conferences. That's what keeps the viewer honest. But does it keep TV advertisers that spend money on those networks honest?
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