Using TV To Market Long-Form Digital Shows
Promoting new TV shows can't be just about social media impressions and engagement. Maybe that goes double for original shows running on Internet video platforms. In a rare instance, Hulu recently advertised its new comedy "Deadbeat" on some cable channels. "Deadbeat" might be part of a growing number of modestly produced original scripted shows for digital platforms that will be taking similar approaches.» 0 Comments
TV Upfront: More C7 Time-Shifted Deals, Digital Video Makes Headway
Will the TV upfronts see more structural changes -- making marketers pay for additional time-shifted programming -- from programs viewed beyond three days via TV homes own DVR units, advertising in video on demand services or advertising on network's premium TV content on digital platforms?» 0 Comments
Check The Guest List For Talk Shows And Late-Night Entertainment
Too many talk shows and not enough good guests? It's seems to be a growing supply and demand TV content quandary. More so with cable TV shows.» 2 Comments
TV Stations Deal-Making: More To Come, Even With Hiccups?
The Federal Communications Commission believes that each TV station license continues to be unique -- and specific. With that in mind, it has established new rules are that a broadcaster will be declared owner of a station if it sells 15% or more its advertising time.» 0 Comments
Mobile TV Out Of Reach For Local TV Broadcasters
Mobile TV is still the holy grail for many local TV broadcasters -- but the pace of that important media development is barely moving.» 2 Comments
C7? Not So Fast. What Will TV Marketers Want In Return?
Thinking about C7 this upfront? Only if the price is right. And don't worry -- this isn't about an industrywide change circa 2007. TV network ad sellers continue to pursue efforts to get paid for all viewing -- no matter what platform, where or when. While digital/online/mobile advertising revenue is certainly in their plans, a bigger near-term goal means extending the C3 ratings -- average commercial ratings plus three days of time shifted viewing -- into a C7 metric.» 0 Comments
Letterman Redux: Now Getting What He Always Wanted Back In 1993
TV marketers for decades could tell you that grabbing young late-night viewers was an important part of media campaigns. David Letterman had a lot to do with that for most of his career. Where does late night go from here? Well we know it's going younger -- in terms of the hosts -- the 40-something Jimmy Kimmel and the 30-something Jimmy Fallon now at 11:35 will tell you that,» 1 Comments
More Voice Control For TV? Tell Marketers To Go Away -- If You Dare
Voice-controlled devices seem like a good idea when you need to concentrate on other things -- like driving a car. But how much talking do you need to do with your TV?» 0 Comments
Recording 12 Shows At Once? Forget About Sleep, Catch Up On TV
Verizon FiOS can now fill all your TV desires -- and then some: Its set-top-box DVR can now record 12 shows at the same time. I don't think I even LIKE 12 shows.» 0 Comments
Two Seconds Of Traditional TV Commercial Time: What's The Value Of That?
With respect to the new two-second viewability rule for online video, I have already seen many traditional two-second TV commercials. That's about the time it takes me to realize I need to start some serious commercial-skipping.» 5 Comments
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