• Will TV Station Groups Gain Greater Coverage With A Deregulatory-Minded Trump Administration?
    Under President-elect Donald Trump, executives are hoping for a bigger promise of a large national footprint with additional TV station acquisitions.
  • Theater Owners: Looking For A Digital Share From Movie Studios?
    First-run movies coming into your home -- and this time movie studio companies mean it. Theater owners, what say you?
  • Digital's OTT Cannibals: Coming To Thieve Or Thrive?
    Thirty-five dollars for 60 channels: Is that what it takes to upset the traditional pay TV model? DirecTV Now has joined the fun, following up on the likes of the year-and-half-old Sling TV to offer a digital alternative to the monthly pay TV package of networks
  • TV Ad Needs The Quality Of Good TV: Strong Storytelling
    Once you have the empathy good story telling ensures, you'll have more "patience" in this crazy, real-time, rush of ever-changing media content to be hooked by an ad.
  • Amazon Ups Sports Options, Preps For Future
    Now Amazon is looking up the ante -- exploring live sports streaming -- expanding its digital video offerings.
  • Lying About What You Watch On TV? Heavens No!
    A recent Hulu Insights study of over 1,000 adults who have watched TV in the past six months found that close to half of those surveyed lied about watching a show in order to fit into a conversation.
  • TV/Media News Viewers Want More Facts, Less Interpretation
    If we get our news without interpretation, as Americans say they want, maybe fewer TV viewers will be living in those network "echo" chambers, the ones that give them the facts -- and opinions -- they already believe in.
  • Entertainment, Politics, Business Firings? It's All Porous
    Politics have always been entertainingly porous. Every major advertising trade magazine and advertising business columnist has always had a viewpoint of politics in a related entertainment news category: marketing.
  • Will Fake News Be Old Media's Impetus For Consumer Growth?
    Traditional TV can capitalizing on the backlash from digital media sites that run "fake news." Big digital players Facebook and Google have addressed this issue recently -- claiming such content would be eliminated.
  • Apples Slashes Pricing For Apps To Lure Trad TV
    Apple will trim pricing for subscription video streaming apps to 15% from the current 30%. For a long time, Apple's App Store, with nearly 2 million apps, has been a boon to TV-video producers -- big and small -- but carried a stiff price.
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