• Was TV Upfront Worth It For Marketers?
    So for all those double-digit percentage increases in CPMs traditional TV platforms have been getting this upfront period -- as well as shifting of money from digital video areas -- marketers need to start asking questions, including: Was it worth it?
  • Political Dramas: Better Candidate Squabbles, More Advertising Money?
    The presidential debates are coming, which should bring back new levels of entertaining politics. Reports suggest cable news networks are asking for a sky-high $100,000 or more for 30-second commercial for those events. Here's why: Estimates are the first debate could easily best the all-time modern presidential debate ratings record of 67.2 million set at the first 2012 debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.
  • Will Changes At Fox News Channel Cut Into Revenue, Branding?
    Fox News Channel carries big brand and financial weight for the entire 21st Century Fox company. What will happen in the next few years with its long-time leader on the outs?
  • Viceland's Promotion Targeted To Young News Junkies Who Need A Bit More Kick
    Spice up your TV viewing: Watch someone swallowing chicken embryos or riding and crashing on a skateboard, toilet seat in tow. Shock and awe: that's what shows need now to tempt sophisticated TV viewers who have seen it all.
  • Going By The Numbers For Netflix And HBO
    In the media business world -- as virtually everywhere else in the business world -- greed is good. Even when it comes to all kinds of data. Netflix was hoping to add 2.5 million subscribers for its second quarter; it only added 1.7 million. And investors did what they usually do in response to that kind of news: they pushed down the price of the stock in a big way.
  • National TV Advertising's Strong Current Health Might Weaken. Who Will Get Hurt?
    Going into the second half of 2016, is the national TV market overheated? Analyst Doug Mitchelson of UBS Media thinks so -- and that especially means tougher news for CBS, as well as some pain for Discovery, and AMC networks. All three stocks took a hit on Friday.
  • Digital Media Keeps Evolving Ad-Blocking, TV Stays Status Quo
    Try to compare the ad-blocking issues that affect digital media to traditional TV commercial avoidance, and you won't get a clear perspective.
  • Looking For More TV Drama? Big Ad Numbers Expected For Conventions
    Many analysts expected a big political TV advertising push this season -- from politicians' campaigns, political action committees, and other interested parties. But, somewhat under the radar, there was also high interest from non-political marketers buying into TV political content.
  • New TV Math: NBC's Most Expensive Olympics -- And Most Profitable?
    Think NBC is spending too much on Olympics programming? Maybe NBC knows something we don't. Even with all the potential problems of the Rio games -- infrastructure, polluted waterways, economic instability, senior elected officials looking to be ousted, and, oh yes, the threat of the Zika virus -- NBC high-profile sports content looks to make money, and lots of it.
  • What Will Fox's Live Prime-Time Streaming Mean For Advertisers?
    For local Fox-affiliated TV stations, the Fox deal to start live streaming of its prime-time programming is a good one. But will it be enough to stir local viewers and advertisers in the near term?
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