• Your Media, Voting Machines And Swamp Are Rigged. Rig Up a Funny-Looking TV New Net
    Maybe if one presidential candidate owns and design a TV news network, all kinds of rigging goes out the window. Still other parts of media world remain rigged. Apparently those iffy TV award shows, like the Emmys. Which Trump keeps losing.
  • Lying About What You Watch On TV? Heavens No!
    A recent Hulu Insights study of over 1,000 adults who have watched TV in the past six months found that close to half of those surveyed lied about watching a show in order to fit into a conversation.
  • Fast Maturing OTT Big Data -- And How To Use It
    YouTube Red wants to be "uniquely" YouTube. But what is that exactly? The $9.99 month service is competing with Netflix, Amazon and Hulu, but YouTube executives said it wasn't going after those OTT viewers in the same way.
  • Digital Video Players Up The 'Premium Video' Game
    Both Facebook and Twitter want to offer up better quality live programming -- content one might see on a TV network -- all to put live streaming content on the same quality level with one specific financial target: sharply rising digital video advertising revenues.
  • Traditional Media Investments In Digital Media Rise
    Media companies continue to seek next-generation media efforts -- not only to make a bigger bridge for their established brands, but to bet on where new digital media niches are going, separate from their traditional media businesses.
  • Are You Seeking Bargains Or Premium Play For Your TV Network?
    While consumers continue to look for cheaper pay TV packages, basic cable programming retail pricing is growing at a slower rate -- up 2.7%.
  • Cord-Cutting And Content Creation: Who Is In Survival Mode?
    Longtime veteran media and TV executive Barry Diller says traditional TV is in "survival" mode when it comes to potential harmful prospects of cord-cutting and general media disruption.
  • Media Inefficiency Is Back -- But From Social Media Friends?
    The world is moving to more personal marketing/targeting from big media marketers. Now we have social media going in somewhat the same direction -- with rising group general texting/tweeting efforts. Is everyone now an opinionated media platform, looking for the broadest audience/friends?
  • Trump Wins On Coverage, Earned Media, But What About Chia Pets?
    Donald Trump's "earned media" assets are well known -- press conferences, interviews, other news appearances. Now the presidential candidates are extending into the plant world.
  • Twitter Wants My Thoughts: How About A Consumer Media Deal?
    Twitter wants consistent users offering insight on stuff that might yield monetization -- like insights on TV shows, cars, communication services and quinoa.
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