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Worried TV Advertisers Look to Start Over
National TV advertisers who have been considering self mutilation due to new digital TV recording technologies may have something to calm the sting: a new system from Time Warner will allow viewers to get a second chance to see TV commercials.» 0 Comments
Cablevision's Voom Goes Boom
Cablevision Systems has taken its head out of the high-definition TV clouds; it is looking to sell or stop its money pit high-def programming enterprise Voom after barely one year in existence.» 0 Comments
What If God Was One of Us?
God is a big player on network television these days. His name is brought up more now than in the mid-1990s, according to a study by the TV pressure group, the Parents Television Council (PTC).» 0 Comments
A Conflict of Interest
William Morris Agency (WMA) restructured last week because a number of older talent agents weren't aggressive enough in cross-pollinating TV and film clients into new business areas of the agency.» 0 Comments
Selling TV and Music -- Playing the Emotion Card
All of a sudden it seems like the hip way to market TV and music entertainment has nothing to do with ratings, radio airplay, cable subscribers, or a music video; the key is having your own birthday card store.» 0 Comments
New Reality Show: Bickering TV Producers Get Kicked Out
Future growth in the TV industry may be with entertainment lawyers who specialize in suing over reality show copyright.» 0 Comments
Indecency Undressed
The real indecency fines are ready to be imposed.» 0 Comments
Mid-Season Remedies: Racy Housewives, Lying Daddies, and Big Globes
On the same day "Desperate Housewives" outguns "The Sopranos" with more Golden Globe nominations, the makers of "Girls Gone Wild" plan to offer a few golden globes of their own during the Super Bowl.» 0 Comments
B.C. or A.D., the FCC Investigates Indecency
Now even ancient warriors and artists are included in the FCC's current moral crusade.» 0 Comments
Gemstar, TV Guide And The Murdoch Family Jewels
Gemstar TV Guide International appears poised to morph once again. And this time, it may be into a business that most people - especially those on Madison Avenue - actually understand: TV programming. Sure, Gemstar already is a "programmer" of sorts. Its TV Guide Channel is among the best-distributed cable networks, and over the past couple of years Gemstar has continued to reinvest in its content. But it would be a stretch to call its content - still mainly scrolling TV listings, interstitials, ads and TV promos - programming in the sense that most media buyers think of it. That ...» 0 Comments
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