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AOL's Daytime Scenario: Like NBC's In Prime Time
The working masses should have a better alternative when taking a break with new high-profile daytime entertainment courtesy of AOL or Yahoo. It should be more than just what the masses know already--prime-time programming» 0 Comments
The CW: Crazy Wishful-thinking
The launch of CW could have this equation: One part broadcasting, one part Internet, and one part headache. If CW were an athlete, this would equal a runner with a limp.» 0 Comments
CBS Promises A CW That's Profitable Right Away
all Street likes the look of black--especially from a media company that promises to stay in it from the get-go.» 0 Comments
CW's Fallout: Less Marketing For UPN And WB In Coming Months
You think there's trouble now in the new land of CW--just think about the marketing of TV shows on UPN and WB over the next 8 months.» 0 Comments
New CW Forces TV Station Executives To Behave As In Old Days
LAS VEGAS--Creating a new network just takes some Conventional Wisdom--especially if it comes out of two network wannabes who, for more than a decade, lost hundreds of millions of dollars in the process.» 0 Comments
Dish Network Offers Leftovers To Lifetime
Cue the demonic laughter. Echostar's Dish Network, the 12 million subscriber satellite distributor, now has a wicked plan for Lifetime.» 0 Comments
Syndicated TV Shows Look iPods In The Eye And Say "Boo"
LAS VEGAS--What's with syndication? Isn't it dead yet?» 0 Comments
Advertising Fattening Kids' Foods Could Give Networks Financial Pains
High-fat kids' foods now could come with one interesting side effect--financial indigestion.» 0 Comments
On-demand Programming Will Cost Consumers Plenty; Now Add Commercials
Comcast Corp. continues to believe its video-on-demand experiments work best with an advertising component. But don't think General Motors; it's more the Bun & Thigh Rocker.» 0 Comments
In A Minute, CBS Finds New Spot Of TV Programming
CBS seems to have found the sweet spot of programming for both traditional TV viewers and mobile video device users: the one-minute program.» 0 Comments
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