Today, Spend Some Time In Quadrant Two
Last week, I ranted, and it was therapeutic -- for me, at least. Some of you agreed that the social media landscape was littered with meaningless crap. Others urged me to "loosen up and take a chill pill," intimating that I had slipped across the threshold of "grumpy old man-itis." Guilty, I guess, but there was a point to my rant. We need to spend more time with important stuff, and less time with content that may be popular but trivial.» 0 Comments
Working With Google? You've Got to Embrace Co-opetition
Last week my 3Q Digital colleague Susan Waldes wrote a blog post exploring all the ways that Google is steadily encroaching on the turf of third-party campaign management companies like Marin Software and Kenshoo. I have a slightly different take on this theory. First off, I don't think Google is particularly focused on killing off third-party platforms - I think Google is generally focused on competing with anyone and anything online.» 4 Comments
Search's Role In New Era Of Publishing
Without a doubt, every business is a publisher. We've grown beyond websites as brochures, where we simply list our products, services and hours of operations. In order to drive organic traffic, we need to consistently create content that is timely and relevant. This can be a stretch for many organizations, as this wasn't even an expectation just five years ago when the website was pronounced dead, soon-to-be replaced by Facebook and other digital properties. So what's an organization to do? And how does this relate to search? Let's focus on three areas where search can be a boon to organizations ...» 1 Comments
#Meaningless #Crap
Let's stop hashtagging everything! First of all, it only belongs on Twitter. It's not a universal punctuation mark. And it doesn't belong in front of every word of your post! If you're writing about something that falls under a topic category that people actually care about, slip a hashtag in.» 6 Comments
10 Ways To Apply Jugaad Innovation To Your SEM Practice
In February, Navi Radjou, author of Jugaad Innovation, delivered a keynote presentation at the Kenshoo K2 Summit, focusing on the idea that businesses must unleash their "MacGyver Instinct" -- also known as "frugal tinkering" -- to innovate and drive business results.» 0 Comments
Cutting Through The Complexity Of Search Marketing
The first search advertisement I placed was on in the late '90s. Back then, it was pretty simple. The highest bidder for a keyword landed at the top of the search results. For that keyword, you paid your bid price for each click. Done.» 0 Comments
Letting the Foxes into Journalism's Hen(Hedgehog)house
I am rooting for Nate Silver and, his latest attempt to introduce a little data-driven veracity into the murky and anecdotal world of journalism. But I may be one of the few, at least if we take the current backlash as a non-scientific, non-quantitative sample:» 0 Comments
The Bug In Google's Flu Trend Data
Last year, Google Flu Trends blew it. Even Google admitted this. It over-predicted the occurrence of flu by a factor of almost 2:1. Which is a good thing for the health care system, because if Google's predictions had been right, we would have had the worst flu season in 10 years.» 1 Comments
Dear Marissa: I Have $100 Million I Want to Give You
Dear Marissa: All of us in the digital marketing space are rooting for you and Yahoo. We love Google and Facebook, don't get me wrong, but we would also love to spend more money with companies other than Google and Facebook, and Yahoo seems the most likely candidate for this portfolio diversification strategy. I've been thinking about how I could give you more of my money.» 3 Comments
Can Facebook Maintain High Ground?
As I said in my last column, Facebook's recent acquisition spree seems to indicate that its strategists are trying to evolve from being our social landmark to being a virtual map that guides us through our social activity. But as Facebook rolls out new features or acquires one-time competitors in order to complete this map of the social landscape, will we still use it? Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel apparently doesn't think so. That's part of the reason he turned down $3 billion from Facebook.» 1 Comments
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