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Editorial Contacts and Guidelines
Joe Mandese
Editor in Chief, MediaPost
joe@mediapost.com, 347-687-2077
Media Daily News
Fern Siegel
Editor, Media Daily News
MDN covers all aspects of media -- TV, radio, print, digital, online, mobile, interactive video, advertising, programming, out-of-home, entertainment marketing, media buying/planning, finance and research
fern@mediapost.com, 212-204-2031
Wayne Friedman
West Coast Editor, Media Daily News, TV Watch
TV advertising/programming, entertainment and sports TV marketing, Internet video, children's television, interactive TV, cable, syndication
David Goetzl
Senior Writer, Media Daily News
TV, ad agencies, online video, sports media, mobile, entertainment marketing, media finance and research
Erik Sass
Reporter, Media Daily News, Digital Outsider
Newspapers, magazines, radio, mobile, out-of-home, minority/multicultural marketing and media
Marketing Daily
Nina Lentini
Editor, Marketing Daily, Marketing and Engage columns
MD covers the leading national advertisers of consumer goods and services
860-705-1737, nina@mediapost.com
Karl Greenberg
Reporter, Marketing Daily
Automotive and packaged goods
Aaron Baar
Writer, Marketing Daily
technology, telecom and entertainment
Tanya Irwin
Writer, Marketing Daily
Financial services, travel/tourism and pharmaceutical
Karlene Lukovitz
Writer, Marketing Daily
Restaurant and food and beverage
Sarah Mahoney
Writer, Marketing Daily
Covers the retail industry and reviews books
Online Media Daily
Fern Siegel
Editor, Online Media Daily
OMD covers all aspects of online media, marketing and advertising
fern@mediapost.com, 212-204-2031
Wendy Davis
Senior Writer, Online Media Daily, Daily Online Examiner
Legal and regulatory matters, privacy, behavioral targeting
Gavin O'Malley
Reporter, Online Media Daily
Digital media, social networks, ad networks, agency news
Laurie Sullivan
Reporter, Online Media Daily, Data and Targeting Insider, SearchBlog
Analytics, behavioral, gaming, Google, search
Mark Walsh
Reporter, Online Media Daily, Mobile Intelligencer
Mobile, Facebook, social media, online video, metrics


Additional Publications
Phyllis Fine
Editor, Magazine Rack & Columns Editor
Performance Insider (focusing on lead generation), TV Board and Video Insider are open to outside contributors. Very occasional spots are possible in Email Insider, Metrics Insider, Online Publishing Insider and Search Insider. pfine@mediapost.com, 212-204-2005
Amy Corr
Managing Editor, Out To Launch, Media Creativity, Accounts on the Move, People on the Move, Events Calendar
Covers creative, both traditional and non-traditional, personnel changes and account moves amyc@mediapost.com, 212-204-2007
Steve Smith
Editor, Mobile Marketing Daily
Ross Fadner
Editor, Online Video Daily
Media & OMMA magazines
Carrie Cummings, Managing Editor
carrie@mediapost.com, 212-204-2026
Embargoes: MediaPost publications may or may not agree to honor unsolicited embargoes about news we receive from our sources.

Guidelines for Contributed Insider Pieces and Op-Ed Commentary
Columns must be original submissions that have not appeared in other print/online publications.
  • Op Eds reflect thought leadership, and should not be focused on the business model of the author’s company.
  • Copy must be non-promotional, with no direct references to the author’s company or its products, services, or campaigns. References to clients should be made in third-party terms.
  • Please provide attribution for any content drawn from another source (for example, studies cited should be linked to the source).
  • Style: Insight, analysis, report, perspective, advice, etc. Avoid personal narratives.
  • Target wordcount is 500-700 words, with rare flexibility.
  • Send completed copy in a Microsoft Word document (no docx, please), in 12 pt. Times New Roman font.
  • Send a current photo (headshot) of the author.
  • The author bio contains the author's name and present affiliation, and a link to the registration profile.
  • Contributors must register with MediaPost and have a profile page.
  • If the author does not have a registration profile, register here: https://www.mediapost.com/register/
  • Registration profiles are a resource for authors and readers, with full biographical and contact information.
Out To Launch:  Creative Submissions
  • Creative can be sent via email to Amy Corr (amyc@mediapost.com).
  • Print, outdoor and online ads must be in .jpg or PDF format.
  • TV ads must be in .mov or .mpg format.
  • Any files larger than 9mb can NOT be sent via email.
  • Files larger than 9mb must be placed on an agency FTP site. Then send FTP credentials via email to Amy Corr (amyc@mediapost.com).