Congratulations to the Finalists!!

2014 OMMA Awards

The OMMA Awards celebrate the year's most innovative and brilliant online advertising creative, campaigns and web sites across 66 categories within three disciplines. In 2006, the OMMA Awards were created to honor agencies and advertisers that push the potential of online creative. As we enter our eight year we are proud to have recognized the best campaigns in the business.

Congratulations to the finalists! View the complete list here

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OMMA Awards
Awards Are Divided Into Three Main Sections
  • Online Advertising Creativity

    Online Advertising Creativity Awards go to advertisers and/or agencies that demonstrate outstanding strategic and creative execution for a single client/brand.

  • Integrated Online Campaign

    Integrated Online Campaign Awards go to online marketing campaigns of multiple elements that show outstanding usage of online media in promotion of brands, products and services.

  • Web Site Excellence

    Web Site Excellence Awards go to Web publishers and/or Web developers whose outstanding content, visual design and user interface create recurring value for users.