• Libraries, Law Professors Back ReDigi In Fight Over 'Used' Music
    A federal judge's ruling against ReDigi effectively stripped consumers of their right to re-sell digital media, copyright experts argue.
  • GOP Senator Preps Resolution To Revoke Broadband Privacy Rules
    Republican Senator Jeff Flake, who opposes the Federal Communications Commission's broadband privacy rules, reportedly says he's readying a resolution to rescind them.
  • T-Mobile Counters Verizon, Boosts 'Unlimited' Data
    Lest there were any doubt, the events of this week have made clear that the word "unlimited" has lost its usual meaning -- at least when it comes to wireless plans.
  • Senators Criticize Yahoo For Failing To Provide Data Breach Details
    "Company officials have thus far been unable to provide answers to many basic questions about the reported breaches," two GOP lawmakers write in a letter to Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer.
  • Charter Sued Over 'Illegitimate' WiFi Activation Fee
    A former Bright House customer has sued Charter for allegedly charging her $9.99 to activate WiFi service, even though she had WiFi service for many years through Bright House.
  • Microsoft Can Proceed With Suit Over DOJ 'Gag' Orders
    In a partial victory for Microsoft, a federal judge said the company can proceed with a lawsuit challenging "gag" orders that require the company to secretly turn over users' emails.
  • Backpage Hit With Two New Lawsuits
    Backpage has won a string of courtroom victories in battles over its controversial adult ads, but that fact isn't preventing the company's critics from continuing to target it.
  • Consumer Protection Chief Jessica Rich Exits FTC
    "We weren't afraid to take some of the larger companies on," says Jessica Rich, who will depart the FTC at the end of next week.
  • Advocates Urge FCC To Leave Privacy Rules In Place
    The FCC should let stand privacy rules that require ISPs to obtain consumers' consent before drawing on their Web-surfing behavior for ad targeting, consumer advocates say.
  • Ohlhausen Outlines Privacy Approach, Focus On 'Concrete' Harms
    Acting FTC Chair Maureen Ohlhausen suggested today that companies that "misuse" Big Data may act unfairly -- even when they have notified consumers about data collection and allowed them to opt out.
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