• Are Local Affiliates Being Left Behind?
    One of the findings within BrandMuscle's third annual "State of Local Marketing Report" is that that very few local affiliates - only 19% - are using search advertising.
  • It's The Most Search Time Of The Year
    The time for finding the perfect holiday gift has begun, which means that search is probably the most important tool in a marketer's toolbox.
  • Q&A: Promise Phelon, TapInfluence CEO
    Promise Phelon, CEO of influencer marketing company TapInfluence, speaks about the intersection of influencers and search.
  • The Importance of Reviews, Redux
    In its annual Local Consumer Review Survey, BrightLocal finds the number of people who said they "regularly" read reviews is up 17% over 2015.
  • Q&A: Collokia's Pablo Brenner
    CEO Pablo Brenner answers our questions about Collokia, a startup that looks to provide employee and task-matching services for large businesses across a variety of vertical platforms.
  • Reminder: Mobile Devices Can Call, Too
    While search marketers are justifiably focused on getting search traffic to their Web site, e-commerce shops and, through mobile, to physical locations, we shouldn't overlook the simple customer-service phone call.
  • Information Is Critical For Consumer Decisions
    "The Why Before The Buy" study explores the reasons consumers choose one business over another when looking for products and services, and many of the findings have search marketing implications.
  • The Importance Of Imagery
    It's well-known that humans are visual creatures; indeed, visual cues are the next frontier in search.
  • Lessons You Can Learn From The Auto Industry
    Search, and its ability to help people find what they want, when they want it, has been revolutionary for the auto industry, providing lessons for businesses in other sectors
  • Q&A: Michael Klein, Adobe's Head Of Industry Strategy
    Q&A with Adobe's head of industry strategy Michael Klein about search's role - and the changes it may undergo - during this holiday season.
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