• The Real End Goal Of SEO
    Some brands have been obsessed with the notion that rankings are the only SEO metrics that matter. While rankings can contribute to overall success, they are not a reliable measurement or predictor of success. Instead, increases in traffic and revenue, along with other conversion metrics, should be the sole metric by which SEO success is measured.
  • What 'Mobile First' Means For Search Marketers
    I'm not sure exactly when it happened (my guess is 2011, when smartphone shipments surpassed PCs) but the "Year of Mobile" has officially come and gone. We're also past the year of "Mobile Too," in which principles like responsive design dictated our approach to creating experiences that worked for consumers on desktops and mobile devices alike. We're now in an era of "Mobile-First" thinking, when all marketers must adopt this mantra or (their brands will) perish. So what does "Mobile First" mean for search marketers? Here are 10 key areas to focus on:
  • SEMs, Don't Get Left Behind!
    SEM superstars are in great demand these days, and likely will continue to be for several years to come. That said, tying your horse to SEM exclusively is a dangerous proposition these days. The market is moving toward multichannel, multi-device marketing; eventually, SEM-only experts run the risk of becoming obsolete.
  • Is A Google 'Buy Now' Button Inevitable?
    It's been two months since the Wall Street Journal reported that Google has been considering a "Buy Now" button on Google Shopping. The rumored feature would transition Google from a custom search engine to a marketplace, more directly challenging Amazon's "one-click" ordering feature and dramatically changing the customer experience on Google Shopping. The "Buy Now" button sounds great in theory -- but here are four major challenges that may delay or completely derail this new feature.
  • Battle For Search Market Share Heats Up Again
    It's been a long time coming, but the fight among Google, Yahoo and Bing is worth discussing. Yahoo is making an effort -- and a big prize, the default search engine in Safari, is up for grabs. And for the first time since 2009, a search engine besides Google might get more than 20% market share.
  • When It Comes To Search, Is Purple The New Black?
    There's been a bit of brouhaha lately about how Yahoo is stealing search share from Google, and the numbers back it up. To be sure, we're only talking about a couple of percentage points -- but they do equate to billions of ad dollars. Indeed, Yahoo is making noise on a number of fronts as the company strives for reinvention and relevance in search and beyond.
  • Top Search Trends This Year
    One more quick look back as we begin the second month of a new year: 2014 was a tumultuous year for search. While SEO didn't die, even with the loss of keyword data within Google Analytics, we did say goodbye to several other things: Google Local Carousel, Author Photos within search results, 70-character title tags, phone numbers in paid search ads, and visits in Google Analytics.
  • Retail Search Intent For 2015 And Beyond
    The term "retail search intent" is new, but the concept behind it -- consumers conducting online searches who have a distinct plan to buy something during their browsing session, as opposed to virtual window shopping -- is not. Tapping into this core search behavior is the key to selling successfully, both online and offline, but until recently has been a challenge for retailers.
  • The Future of Campaign Management Software ISN'T Campaign Management Software
    As SEM has evolved, so too has the role of campaign management software. Ten years ago, tools were imperative to manage the hundreds of thousands of keywords in a typical SEM account; today, keyword lists have shrunk, and new ad units like Google Shopping and DSA may one day make keywords altogether obsolete. In the past, bid management algorithms often gave professional SEMs a huge advantage over manual bidding; today, Google offers free bid management tools (Campaign Optimizer and Display Campaign Optimizer) that in some cases may actually drive better ROI than a third-party tool. So where does this leave ...
  • The Five Biggest Buzzwords Of 2015
    For those of you who didn't know, in addition to being a rambunctious rapper, I'm a catchphrase connoisseur, an argot aficionado, a jargon junkie, and a buzzword binger. In keeping my fingers on the pulse of the industry, I've dotted my "i"s -- from "integration" to "iPhones" -- and crossed my "t"s -- from "targeting" to "transparency." Between my awesome alliteration and hyperactive hyperlinking, methinks I've established myself as a reliable resource on the business of buzzwords.
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