• The Future of Campaign Management Software ISN'T Campaign Management Software
    As SEM has evolved, so too has the role of campaign management software. Ten years ago, tools were imperative to manage the hundreds of thousands of keywords in a typical SEM account; today, keyword lists have shrunk, and new ad units like Google Shopping and DSA may one day make keywords altogether obsolete. In the past, bid management algorithms often gave professional SEMs a huge advantage over manual bidding; today, Google offers free bid management tools (Campaign Optimizer and Display Campaign Optimizer) that in some cases may actually drive better ROI than a third-party tool. So where does this leave ...
  • The Five Biggest Buzzwords Of 2015
    For those of you who didn't know, in addition to being a rambunctious rapper, I'm a catchphrase connoisseur, an argot aficionado, a jargon junkie, and a buzzword binger. In keeping my fingers on the pulse of the industry, I've dotted my "i"s -- from "integration" to "iPhones" -- and crossed my "t"s -- from "targeting" to "transparency." Between my awesome alliteration and hyperactive hyperlinking, methinks I've established myself as a reliable resource on the business of buzzwords.
  • How To Use SEO To Boost Your Brand's YouTube Channel
    YouTube, the second most-searched site with one billion monthly unique users, delivers a massive potential impact for SEO to drive visitors to a brand's video channel. Since YouTube results are prioritized on Google, the world's largest search engine, having an SEO-optimized YouTube channel can help to drive traffic through organic search. However, unlike traditional SEO, where the goal is to drive traffic to your site, the goal here is to increase traffic to your YouTube content and channel. That means a major part of this exercise is maximizing its value. When you're optimizing your channel, here are the top three ...
  • Farewell, Search Insider -- It's Been Fun!
    476. What's significant about that number? Well, it's a Harshad number. For history buffs, it's also the year when we switched from the Julian to the Anno Domini calendar. Generally, it's when most historians say the Roman Empire fell and we went from ancient history to the Middle Ages. It also happens to be the number of Search Insider columns I've written since my first appearance here 10-and-a-half years ago.
  • The Sorry State Of Online Publishing
    Dynamic tension can be a good thing. There are plenty of examples of when this is so, but online publishing isn't one of them. Publishing's plunging transaction costs and its increasingly desperate attempts to shore up some sort of sustainable revenue model are creating a tug-of-war that's threatening to tear apart the one person this whole sorry mess is revolving around: the reader. Somebody had better get their act together soon, because I'm one reader that's getting sick of it.
  • Five SEM Lessons From The Top 10 Searches Of 2014
    Google just released its "Year In Search" review that looks at the most popular keyword queries for 2014. As always, the top charts provide good insight into what captured our hearts and minds this past year. Beyond just commentary on the state of our society, these trends can be instructive to search marketers the world over.
  • Why Our Brains Love TV
    Forrester Research analyst Shar VanBoskirk has pegged 2019 as the year when digital ad spend will surpass TV, topping the $100 billion mark. This is momentous in a number of ways, but not really surprising. If you throw all digital marketing in a single bucket, it was a question of when, not if, it would finally surpass TV. What is more surprising to me is how resilient TV has proven to be as an advertising medium. After all, we're only a little more than a decade away from the 100th anniversary of broadcast TV (which started in 1928). TV has ...
  • Increase Visibility, Downloads With App Optimization
    You should use SEO best practices when building your mobile apps, to increase visibility and generate downloads before your brand is left behind in the dust and your competitors are consuming your market share.
  • Facebook At Work: Stroke Of Genius Or Act of Desperation?
    So with the launching of Facebook at Work, Facebook wants to become your professional networking platform of choice, does it? Well, speaking as a sample of one, I don't think so. And it all comes down to one key reason that I've talked about in the past that, for some reason, Facebook doesn't seem to get: social modality.
  • Diversification Or Di-worse-ification?
    There is a school of thought in the SEM world that believes the cure for all evils is simple: Do more! More keywords, more ad text, more landing pages, more targeting! Sometimes doing "more" is necessary and valuable; often, however, the result is "diworsification," where "a business that diversifies too widely, risks destroying their original business, because management time, energy and resources are diverted from the original investment."
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