• Why Is Proving Search ROI So Difficult?
    A recent survey that suggested 90% of enterprise businesses were undervaluing search marketing as practice. Another found that while 75% of local businesses invest in local search marketing efforts, fewer than half (44%) track the ROI of those efforts.
  • Search Marketing Is Becoming A Visual Medium
    As smartphones have become the dominant platform for all things Internet, visual or image search is becoming more and more important.
  • Is Your Web Site Working Against You?
    In an audit evaluating data from 100,000 Web sites, SEMrush found half had duplicate content and nearly as many (45%) had image optimization issues. That can, over time damage the way search engines view your site.
  • Using Location Data To Inform Search
    Once seen as a threat to traditional business (remember "showrooming"?), smartphones are becoming an asset, particularly when it comes to evaluating local marketing - and search marketing - efforts.
  • Pizza-Symbol, Dollar-Sign: Time To Think About Emoji Search
    Emoji have come to search with Cheapflights giving mobile users the ability to use symbols instead of words.
  • Q&A With Accenture Interactive Content Studio's Donna Tuths
    A conversation with Accenture Interactive's Donna Tuths about its Digital Content Studio, content marketing in general and how search fits in with all of it.
  • The Beacons Are Coming. The Beacons Are Coming.
    With search becoming increasingly mobile and location-specific, it's time to be sure you're looking at how beacon technology will affect your search marketing practices.
  • Using Search To Make The Last Mile Count
    Both Google and Facebook have updated their platforms to include better targeting and attribution to their mapping feature, making local search advertising even more effective and attributable, according to Netsertive's Bill Nagel.
  • Search Marketing Trust Is Built On Accurate Information
    A search's value is worth nothing if the information isn't trustworthy. But there are ways to fix discrepancies.
  • Be The Master Of Your Domain
    A recent survey of small businesses found that only 9% of small business owners are satisfied with their Web sites; nearly half (47%) said their biggest issue was that they weren't getting the search traffic they desired.
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